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  1. Already had one classmate leave the qualifying process (didn't show up to class today) One less person on the seniority list! Strange considering his test scores on the quizzes so far were in the 85-90 range (sat next to me in class)...but I'll take it!
  2. 10 guys? What class are you referencing? AC?
  3. Happy New Year everyone. Anyone else attending class this month?
  4. Been a bit quiet in here. How is everyone doing in the process so far? Any new hires already on the field? How was the first day/weeks?
  5. Quick physical test: 1) First simulation was climbing up and down a ladder off the ground to a platform and vice versa which duplicates a train climb 2) Second simulation was pulling a weight pulley (cant remember how heavy it was but nothing to worry about) towards you with both hands to simulate being able to opening car doors 3) Third simulation was walking over a mat which had rocks underneath with beams to duplicate walking over a track/uneven surface. Also have you step over a obstacle to show you can step over the third rail. Vision test, urine test, hearing test, blood pressure....thats all there is to it. Dont think im forgetting anything.
  6. Background check. If any paperwork or verifications need to be made for anything on your resume you will be contacted. Basically your resume will be checked to make sure it is all authentic. After that once that clears, you will be sent an email for medical. After medical, class begins baby! And they took 2-3 weeks.
  7. Hey Ironhorse! What was medical like by the way? I hear it was the usualy urine test, vision, and some sort of physical test?
  8. Doing my medical on 12/12 and starting the AC class on January 10th 2018!! Lets get it! Now to study the Horns/Whistles packet.
  9. Same here man. I guess theres nothing else left to do but just wait. I'm looking forward to a January class since it seems September is filled
  10. newyorkgrom, did you already have an account with Sterling or did you have to make a new account? keeps telling me my email is already registered but i have not received an email after requesting a forgotten password.
  11. Anyone who took the 7/17 S&D exam receive the Sterling background check e-mail? It keeps telling me I have an account already but I have requested a 'Forgot Password' email and have not received it yet. I dont remember ever making an account here.
  12. Awesome, more time to over-study again and make the exams easier like the S&D was.
  13. DUDE I was one of the ones who got 100. This test was easy as shit. Did anyone else notice how there were 2 exact Clear/Proceed signals? I had asked the instructor if I was seeing things and she just said whatever lol Free points. I could have sworn I made a mistake or two on the Definitions but NOPE....I was done in 45 minutes...I busted my ass studying for this thing. Ironhorse did we by chance speak in the lobby? I remembered the individuals who got 100. Linda was so happy to see the high scores lol
  14. I am pumped and ready to go. 10 hours away. Off to bed, good luck to you guys.gals tomorrow!
  15. Damn people walked out? Looks like they underestimated how much hours you had to put in to study
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