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  1. Really? I see. Linda told me that I was going to be placed in the January class, but she never sent me to get my medical yet.
  2. Congrats!! When are you starting your training?
  3. for those of you who are attending the august or september training, when does linda send you to go get your medical? what is the time length before your training?
  4. have two questions... 1. when do they send you to go get your medical? i got my conditional offer letter along with the criminal background question thing that i've sent to linda. 2. any updates from people that took the s&d test on june 7th or june 12th?
  5. gotcha. when you sent it to linda, did you get a response back? they are not the best communicators.
  6. no way are you serious? did you receive the criminal background questionnaire?
  7. my background check is completed and clear!!
  8. i created one and i was able to check on the progress.
  9. sorry guys ive been busy ever since. congrats to all that have passed the S&D. ive started my sterling background and had to submit some w-2. i talked to linda and she had put me in for the january class. but i got a conditional offer letter from michelle along with a criminal background questionaire. did anyone get this?
  10. Exactly 2 weeks left for me. Got my invitation email for the 12th. Stupid question, its 25 questions for definitions and 25 questions for signals, right? I talked to a conductor and he said that he got tested for all definitions and signals.
  11. You are invited to attend the Assistant Conductor Signal and Definition (S & D) Overview on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 @ 8:00 AM SHARP at our Hillside Support Facility. I have attached an invitation letter, an AC PRE-EMPLOYMENT WHISTLES BUZZERS HANDSIGNS PACKET (please start reviewing it. You will get the entire packet when you come to the overview), and a train schedule for your convenience. Once you attend the Overview and receive the material you must sit for the exam on July 12, 2017. If you decide not to come to the exam you must re-apply after 1 year and start the process over if you are called again. Please be prepared to stay about 5-6 hours and keep in mind that sneakers are not appropriate footwear for the Overview.
  12. I just checked my email and it says Wednesday, July 12th, 2017. I definitely was not sleeping at the overview lol but thanks for the tip.
  13. Hello everyone. Im new here. Taking the S&D test on July 12th at Hillside. Anyone else? Also, do we have to memorize the signals for Zone A?
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