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  1. Best way check if the transmission was updated Allison is looking at the transmission selector keypad. Also it sounds like normal brake release from a dead stop.(This XD60 may have the brake hold feature when coming to a stop)
  2. FB 7639 at Grand Ave CMF for local wrap.. Safe say majority or all of them will be wrapped in local scheme..
  3. FB 7622 at Grand CMF being wrapped with local scheme and yes the base scheme was SBS....
  4. There's parts, I.E all the LFS 40' being overhauled at GA.. Its the spacing design of the shop that limits this.. Theres space for engine and brake overhaul.. Zerega design accommodates the 60 footers...
  5. Just saw 4712 at EC yard with bunch of other KB LFS-As and MC 1200s LFS-A.. Does when anyone have some insight on what's taking place ?
  6. 007 has been to Grand CMF for a lot of underbody repairs due to rust..
  7. The 6V92 is still in there but I'm not sure about the air starter because that distinctive sound was present during start up..
  8. 0010 RTS "Phoenix" was converted and painted to the Metrocard bus at Grand CMF..
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