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  1. Makes sense, I guess. s rarely run through the night
  2. It's like NASCAR it seems with these things
  3. I'm not too sure myself. That makes some sense tho. Start the B103 in the Mail Facility (via Flatlands, Fountain, Stanley) to Brooklyn College/Downtown Brooklyn
  4. Yep and expect them to be on the and maybe the soon
  5. Nothing new here. There are morons all over the place
  6. Don't have to tell you again. AVE H is full along with ALL of the Junction. We have too many routes ending there. B11, Q35, B103 end there already. That part of junction is filled with buses deadheading/ending-beginning routes. No need for the B84 to go all the way there. The current B84 for the B6 will take you to Junction with ease.
  7. B84 to Brooklyn College? No thanks. We have enough routes ending there. I think I'll stick to my B84 to Broadway Junction proposal although I do like the idea of sending it to Rockaway Parkway Station. Easy connection to the and a multitude of other routes
  8. The B84 is such a short route. I think it can extend to at least Broadway Junction Station...
  9. Now, that is hilarious. Just get someone to drag the branch out of the rails
  10. Whoops. I mixed up my trains. Saying that tho, the R68s take me back to old Brighton and trains and also the current Brighton Trains. Always taking those to Coney Island...
  11. Meh. I don't mind the R68s. They bring back a lot of memories seeing them all the time on the and . Only on occasion I can see them on the , tho...
  12. The maps have them using the portion. I imagine they head into the station and drive out left to Rockaway Parkway?
  13. Why were the running via the ? Rush Hour relief?
  14. Are the shuttle buses running in their place or...?
  15. Didn't know that YouTuber turned herself into a Bus Tracker app Yeah, that route needs help. Maybe get Limited service over there...
  16. You went all around the boroughs it seems
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