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  1. On 11/19/2018 at 6:13 PM, JayJay said:

    Since the B103 heads out of the Spring Creek depot near Flatlands/Fountain Aves why not begin there for FedEx and USPS workers to use instead of Flatlands/Williams Ave? 

    I'm not too sure myself. :D



    That makes some sense tho. Start the B103 in the Mail Facility (via Flatlands, Fountain, Stanley) to Brooklyn College/Downtown Brooklyn

  2. 1 hour ago, BreeddekalbL said:

    I want to ask to all members, on the bus today from Walmart I get on and after I board there is a spot where people place their stuff, groceries boxes strollers etc.(on your left when you walk in the front door) I place my big grocery bag nothing else was there at the time  there we get to the bus station it gets crowded then some dude comes and brings a kid and the stroller on(small plastic stroller) is shouting WHOSE BAG IS THIS 3X. I say it's mine and tell him to place it behind my bag. It's like he was mad he couldn't place his stroller in that spot, also what was he gonna do if I had another big bag in this spot or someone placed all their groceries there force em to move it?

    Nothing new here. There are morons all over the place :D

  3. 9 hours ago, darrianQ60 said:

    @Future ENY OP u said the b84 dont need to go to brooklyn college because you have the b6 and b103 but niether of those bus go to gateway mall if you live in east  flatbush you have to pay 2fares just to go there thats 3 bus instead of just 2 but i do agree with you when you say the bus routes in east new york and cypress hills end at some odd places.

    @Q43LTD how is the b14 going to casino far it is literally 7 block after crossbay blvd im not sending the b14 to the rockaway blvd ozone park A train station i am making the b14 continue on pitkin crossing over crossbay blvd  and run  with the Q11 on pitkin ave and go to the  aqueduct racetrack A train  station  and casino that is actually less time than going to rockaway blvd ozone park station.

    @Yankees4life sendin the b84 to broadway junction is pointless there is the b83 already that  goes there you are goin to  have 2 buses that begin at the same place and end at the same place and if you are  planing on putting the b84 to run on  pennsylvania ave that is going to be 3 buses going the same place the b20 and b84 and b83. Sendin it to brooklyn college would at least serve underserved street  that no bus runs on like foster ave after kingshwy and ave D after remsen ave and east flatbush would not have a 2 fare zone to go to gateway.

    @B35 via Church i agree with you on having the b20 go to lefferts blvd air train station because the b20 end point is  no where significant and it can also do the stops that the b15 doesnt do like crossbay blvd and A train station on the north conduit ave 


    Don't have to tell you again. AVE H is full along with ALL of the Junction. We have too many routes ending there. B11, Q35, B103 end there already. That part of junction is filled with buses deadheading/ending-beginning routes.


    No need for the B84 to go all the way there. The current B84 for the B6 will take you to Junction with ease.



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