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  1. Yes you are right but they put me on medical hold for this exam and I wanted to finish what I started. Thanks I will give them a call.
  2. Hi guys, is this exam still active? Thanks
  3. me too, yes this morning, but am on medical hold on exam 7105, I will go to my doctor on Monday for my report, then strait to Livingston. wish me luck.
  4. Try and know all those things I mention, the test is about those things, and you gonna be just fine . Thanks
  5. No that is not true, you just need a gov issue I D. to be able to take the test, after that you need your permit or CDL license for pre-employment processing.
  6. Hi leaniel, you need to read section 2, that is road safety, passenger endorsement, school bus endorsement , Air break endorsement, from NY DMV CDL manual. Readings:, you need the tricks in readings and you will be fine with that. Customer service: you need to know about customer service, school bus endorsement will help you with that a little bit , good luck .
  7. Yes, it says both the test and the boss survey will take about 3 hours to complete, but allow 4-6 hours for the entire process. Test date 12/16/2018
  8. Hi guys, I just got my admission letter to take the exam next month, it looks like we gonna take the exam and the boss exam at the same time
  9. Hi guys, I received an admission letter to come to Livingston on December 4, 2018 for BOSS exam 9100, but didn't I get any list# in that admission letter, is it normal? I also took boss exam for 7105 on December 20th 2017, two weeks to be exactly one year.
  10. hi guys, my blood pressure is back to normal, by using a blend of beets, banana and protein powder, tomorrow I will be heading to Livingston for my pre-employment process. thanks. beets is really good.
  11. hi guys, yesterday I call Livingston and ask them if I can get appointment to come for pre-employment process, the letter says September 24th, but I got the letter 25th, and they told me to come to Livingston any day this week at 7;30 am for pre-employment process, but yesterday I went to a clinic to make sure am ok to start the process, but the doctor said my blood pressure is high, 155/96, is it too high to fail? I don't know anything about blood pressure, am a little nervous to go Livingston, I can not afford to loos this opportunity.
  12. Hi guys, I got my pre-employment letter late, I suppose to go to 180 livinston on Monday 24th but I got the letter 25th, can I just go to Livinston on Tuesday on the 9th?. my next Q; what are they checking in the medical exam? thanks. list #6**
  13. hi guys, on Monday the 16th, I got my congrats letter as well, soo happy. thanks guys,
  14. Hi, bimmer4me, I took the exam yesterday 04/22/2018, am very excited, its like a piece of cake, this is my second MTA exam. good luck to everybody.

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