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  1. Try and know all those things I mention, the test is about those things, and you gonna be just fine . Thanks
  2. No that is not true, you just need a gov issue I D. to be able to take the test, after that you need your permit or CDL license for pre-employment processing.
  3. Hi leaniel, you need to read section 2, that is road safety, passenger endorsement, school bus endorsement , Air break endorsement, from NY DMV CDL manual. Readings:, you need the tricks in readings and you will be fine with that. Customer service: you need to know about customer service, school bus endorsement will help you with that a little bit , good luck .
  4. Yes, it says both the test and the boss survey will take about 3 hours to complete, but allow 4-6 hours for the entire process. Test date 12/16/2018
  5. Hi guys, I just got my admission letter to take the exam next month, it looks like we gonna take the exam and the boss exam at the same time
  6. Hi guys, I received an admission letter to come to Livingston on December 4, 2018 for BOSS exam 9100, but didn't I get any list# in that admission letter, is it normal? I also took boss exam for 7105 on December 20th 2017, two weeks to be exactly one year.
  7. hi guys, my blood pressure is back to normal, by using a blend of beets, banana and protein powder, tomorrow I will be heading to Livingston for my pre-employment process. thanks. beets is really good.
  8. hi guys, yesterday I call Livingston and ask them if I can get appointment to come for pre-employment process, the letter says September 24th, but I got the letter 25th, and they told me to come to Livingston any day this week at 7;30 am for pre-employment process, but yesterday I went to a clinic to make sure am ok to start the process, but the doctor said my blood pressure is high, 155/96, is it too high to fail? I don't know anything about blood pressure, am a little nervous to go Livingston, I can not afford to loos this opportunity.
  9. Hi guys, I got my pre-employment letter late, I suppose to go to 180 livinston on Monday 24th but I got the letter 25th, can I just go to Livinston on Tuesday on the 9th?. my next Q; what are they checking in the medical exam? thanks. list #6**
  10. hi guys, on Monday the 16th, I got my congrats letter as well, soo happy. thanks guys,
  11. Hi, bimmer4me, I took the exam yesterday 04/22/2018, am very excited, its like a piece of cake, this is my second MTA exam. good luck to everybody.
  12. hi guys I took my boss exam today, and I found it easier than I thought, and I believe I will be ok, I told them what they want to hear, good luck to anybody who is taking this boss exam. thank you family, thank you my forum.
  13. I got the problem fixed, I call the phone number on the admission letter and the customer service rep connected me to the right person after I explain what happen, and the right person said I will call you back in five, after ten minute she call back and said its a mistake, your 6** # is the right one, cancel the # on the admission letter and put the random list # you got on the first letter. call them have them fix.
  14. mine says 6** in the first letter and 4** in the admission letter. maybe we should contact Livingstone.
  15. guys I received my admission letter with different list #, is this normal ?
  16. congrat, its just a numbers you might be surprise you got the job earlier than some who are in 100s, good luck.
  17. with just one accident you gonna be ok.
  18. Thank you very much. Now my CDL license is clean, my medical condition is ok no BP and no diabetes, am only nervous of the boss exam but I believe I will make it. Thanks again DueceDrive.
  19. Hi guys. I just received my random list # for this exam today, #6** is there anyone else.
  20. Hi guys, I just spoke with a customer service at Livingstone, they said the list #s are ready to be send out at anytime from now, so guys! Stay calm and check your mailbox’s.
  21. the pre-trip inspection is nothing, easy, the driving is hard, just memorize it and that is all, I got mind 4 days ago.
  22. Hello guys ! I just pass my DMV CLASS B road test, now am waiting for my list # in the mail, I hope having a cdl license will speed up your chances fast. anybody got a list # already?

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