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  1. Andy Byford would've done a lot more under a different governor. Unfortunately it had to be Fredo f*cking the in all types of different ways with his cynical politics and disgusting obsession for having his name plastered anywhere possible.
  2. Yeah. Fuhrer Cuomo did an excellent job at running a dedicated man with the intentions of sticking around for 5-10 years, but look at the a**hole that had to ruin this.
  3. Do you have Flickr? Usually I would copy the link of the image and post it here and it automatically renders it as an image.
  4. W 181 St is closed from Amsterdam Av to Broadway due to a movie shoot and St. Nicholas Av is closed because of a parade from W 190 St to W 180 St.
  5. Verrazano Narrows Bridge is destroyed in a Terrorist Attack, all SI Buses to/from Brooklyn no longer have access to Brooklyn via the bridge.
  6. I'll give it a go and create a scenario... Washington Bridge is structurally unstable, and the bridge is closed for stabilization and inspection for possibly more than a week, 207 St Bridge is closed Manhattan Bound, and Broadway Bridge is closed Bronx Bound. While at the same time Cannot run past 215 St due to the Bridge, and thus Shuttle Buses have to go from 215 St to 242 St. Go ahead and have fun! P.S. 155 St Bridge is closed for Bridge repainting.
  7. Sure it'd be great assistance. So far the roll out has been expeditiously quick, let's see if they can implement this on Express Buses quickly. Especially since coins are no longer accepted.
  8. Yeah it's true. Especially since he was an Agency President, he always had people above his shoulder, besides Cuomo himself trying to limit his abilities, and it would never be possible for Byford to make all problems go away.
  9. Trottenberg. To sum it all up... https://nyc.streetsblog.org/2019/06/06/anatomy-of-a-resignation-why-polly-trottenberg-quit-the-mta-board/
  10. I'm not reaching. Under the reorganization there was a clause which stated that Board Members would be replaced once the term of the Elected Official who recommended them to serve on the Board ended. So basically once DeBlasio's term is over, the people that he appointed to the MTA Board will leave as well and it will be up to the next mayor to recommend people to serve in the Board. It was also part of the law passed by the legislature in April in order to approve congestion pricing.
  11. The reorganization plan took the cake. In his initial resignation letter around October or November, it did state one of the reasons was that he'd lose oversight of Fast Forward and many of the construction projects he had planned, let alone he was CONVINCED to stay under the agreement that Byford would retain oversight and control of Fast Forward. Now let's not get started with the lack of city representation on the Board. Notice how rules were changed which caused Moerdler, Weisbrod, and another one which I don't remember by name, to leave the board. Each Board Member has to get confirmed through the legislature which is heavily Establishment Democrats (Cuomo's one too) and those City seats that have to be filled are MIA. Polly Trottenberg left because of Cuomo's corruption by literally stripping the board even further of its rights, and making the Board look and think like Cuomo himself. It shows how inept, corrupt and toxic that the work environment at the is and honestly this is not something that would get fixed quickly. It's unknown what the future is at this agency...
  12. Listen, at this moment I still can't cope with myself. His resignation is like if a Family Member had passed away. This guy turned around the system, made a big blueprint for success within 100 days of his leadership, and has stabilized the system and made it a success in the 2 years as NYCT President, and I thank him so much for his service which will be missed.
  13. If only I could say this was not real, but it is... 😭
  14. Yeah, there are times that I report Buses that are Extremely dirty (spills, and stuff of that nature) and the reply I get is them simply stating how that is so odd and how the Buses are cleaned daily. Honestly there is no way in living Hell that 200+ Buses can be cleaned daily, consider the time it takes cleaning one. I think the only depot that can pull that off is Yonkers Depot, as for the others? Hell No. It takes WEEKS for a depot to update labels on their entire fleet, you're blatantly lying to customers about Buses being cleaned daily? Like they must have the Incredibles' doing the cleaning apparently..
  15. Gun Hill may have its Maintenance flaws, but they've always been on point with service, I can give them credit on that. They've never played themselves when it comes to Bus Service and running their Routes. Gun Hill does an excellent Job at providing and maintaining service, plus in the case of Gun Hill I notice they have problems maintaining their Artics, because as for their 40 Footers they are in decent shape. @Via Garibaldi 8@Future ENY OP
  16. Agreed. Bx1 to 246th would be a good alleviation. The problem is that it's not worth the hassle if the route is originating from a depot that doesn't give a flying f*ck about Service. Many of the planners and Officials talk about redesigning the network for a "world class bus system" but in reality, how is missing buses, severe bunching, and buses with open Engine Compartments, duct tape holding heavy panels, and Buses full of roaches and rumors of Bed Bugs supposed to be all worth $2.75. Enough is paid by us Taxpayers and the Transit Rider that at this point these things are inexcusable. It won't be too long until someone makes a Local Bus Advocacy Group with the way things are going...
  17. I recall once back in 2014 they were testing Artics out on the Bx3, and Bx7 for a possibility of Articulation, I think they never met the guidelines to warrant them, but I'm not surprised if those two routes end up being future contenders for Articulation, seeing the pace that DOB has been going with Articulation. Also the Dispatchers at Kingsbridge simply suck. Honestly I don't even think the Bx39 has seen a dispatcher, save for rarities when shit really goes bad on the route, but yeah forget about it.
  18. Kingsbridge was terrible at running the Bx39. The route was so unreliable I was late almost every day to wherever I needed to go and honestly it wasn't a viable option anymore. I don't even recall Gun Hill having those problems when they had the Bx39, You had missing runs, extremely late buses, and per occasion severe Bus Bunching. Just recently on Sunday West Farms Depot took over the Bx39 - West Farms surrendered the Bx15 LTD, Weekend/Overnight to Kingsbridge, and I've been riding the Bx39 since Sunday and the route is much more frequent now and reliable, besides the extra put-ins they've added from Parkchester.
  19. @Via Garibaldi 8 Speaking of Kingsbridge... Honestly, if these remaining 4700's end up going to Ulmer or Flatbush. I wonder if those Bus Cleaners, Mechanics, Maintainers, etc even know what in Hell is coming towards them... 😆 I've also documented much more with panels of some XD60's nearly falling off, oil leakages by the Equipment Cabinet, Missing lights, Torn up and ripped up floors, Extremely dirty and disgusting buses, vandalized buses, and you can simply imagine the list at this point...
  20. 5858 Kingsbridge to West Farms. Currently on the Bx6 Local Toward Hunts Point. Run 12.
  21. XN60's on the Bx39 look really nice. I also noticed a few more PM Trips have been added as put-ins from Parkchester. It's nice to see a slight increase in service.
  22. Bx36 also has school trippers. One of them begins at West Farms Square and goes to Soundview. Run 4 used to do that specific one on the Bx36 during the Fall Pick, there's also a couple of more along the route.
  23. Now, a new chapter begins on the Bx39...
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