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  1. Smh. This is a big problem nowadays. Many people are so heavily distracted to the point that they lose their devices on the trackbed, sewers, trains, etc...
  2. It's currently unknown at the moment. You'll just have to wait until everything is delivered and sorted out first, before anything.
  3. Yesterday I was on the going downtown into Manhattan. At 149 St-Grand Concourse some teen was getting on the train and his phone fell right in between the gap between the train and the platform.
  4. Guys... Just wondering here. Are there any routes that you feel should be at a certain depot as opposed to where they are currently at right now?
  5. Looks like the effect of losing the XD40's is being felt in these last few days of the Summer Pick. Good thing that once everything is fully settled in the Fall Pick, everything should be well.
  6. Well read above, from post #32 and down. You have been living under a big rock with this.
  7. That is version 2, Bus Number 508. @Snorunts you can record that onto the list.
  8. 259-351 all have the screens. So that'd be... 233-234, 236, 238, 242, 249, 256, 259-352, 355, 357, 359, 362, 364-366, 370-400, 403-404, 406-407, 409, 411-412, 415, 417, 428, 432-433, 437, 439, 441, 445, 456 so far were reported to have the screens.
  9. The problem with those Ads extend far beyond context, and it has turned into more of a societal issue where you have immature people, perverts, sexual predators, or some areas of the city where the population in General uses things like these with the intention of trying to Sexually Harass Operators, or make them extremely uncomfortable, as the Female Operators are concerned, should've learned from the last time they advertised those ads, and should have had them Advertised on the rear of Buses, or consult with the Female workforce, etc over these Ads.
  10. Agreed. People these days want to be so censored over everything, I don't mind the Ads, and there is no reason for to prohibit The Museum of Sex to advertise on a spot they've paid for 5800+ Buses, the problem is people these days forget about Freedom of Speech, and if they are so triggered over those Ads, why don't they also do something about their passports too? Cuz if you look at your Passport it says "Sex" not Gender. Just these entitled snowflakes complaining over free speech.
  11. Link to Article: https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/transit/2019/08/03/museum-of-sex-ads-front-and-center-on-buses-again-new-york-city-mta BY DAN RIVOLI NEW YORK CITY PUBLISHED 9:37 PM ET AUG. 02, 2019 What goes on behind closed doors is again front and center on New York City buses. Advertisements for the Museum of Sex on buses, which drew complaints last year, are causing a new stir. To Joann Marrone, a mother of two in Middle Village, Queens, the ads, plastered on bus after bus rolling down Metropolitan Avenue, are inappropriate for a neighborhood with many families. "I was just shocked. I couldn't believe that the MTA actually agreed to this to make money. Honestly," she said. "I'm a mom and I have kids to worry about." "Tired of my 9 year old and her friends pointing it out and asking me what kind of 'museum' is this exactly."She wrote on Facebook, "Tired of my 9 year old and her friends pointing it out and asking me what kind of 'museum' is this exactly." "Most moms agreed with me, that the MTA can find better things to advertise on their buses, and the museum could actually find better places to put it," Marrone said. This mother agrees: "It is a family-orientated neighborhood. And some things are a little too expressive," she said. "I agree with those that say they shouldn't be on the bus." Last year, some women bus drivers for the MTA complained that passengers were making lewd comments to them because of ads promoting the Museum of Sex. The MTA said it was sympathetic to the drivers and would move the museum's ads to the back of buses. But the museum's latest round of ads is sitting in the front again, though MTA officials say there is a key difference: the new ads contain an address for the museum, so riders know it's a real place to visit. MTA officials said they haven't received any complaints about the new ads. One city councilman from south Brooklyn, Chaim Deutsch, wants them gone, tweeting on Thursday, "MTA — these ads must be removed immediately. Any ad that provokes harassment should be denied." A spokesperson from the Museum of Sex did not return a request for comment. We found many New Yorkers happy to ride along with the Museum of Sex's ads. "The MTA has a source of revenue," a dad said. "I mean, it's just a museum. You have a choice to either go, or not to go." "I don't think the word 'sex' is a danger for my kids," one mother said. "I'm rather afraid of people who are around me, not about the word 'sex.'""I don't think the word 'sex' is a danger for my kids," one mother said. "I'm rather afraid of people who are around me, not about the word 'sex.'" The MTA has the right to censor ads that are indecent, but officials we spoke to said it would be difficult to consider these ads that way.
  12. Just wait next year for the 2020-2024 Capital Plan, and take a look at Bus Procurements for the following 5 years...
  13. Actually NY is the biggest boaster when it comes to renewable Energy, they wouldn't give 2 shits about what happens to them CNG Stations...
  14. Oh Christ Almighty give me strength. I cannot believe this is the 2nd time I have to deal with this. It's so bad enough I didn't even have plans of logging into the forums today, but when I received a message from someone here, I had to forcefully come in and clear this mess. @East New York Must be sitting back and relaxing somewhere by now. Cannot believe that Ignorance is a 1st world problem.
  15. You may want to scroll up and read from page 166. Not only is "Mr. Man" putting words in our mouths' but insistently keeps foaming over the B46 SBS Articulation.
  16. ^ There I put it back for you. I never stated the B46 SBS Articulation would start before the fall. Now if you mind to re-read correctly this time without jumping and whirling like a Disney Princess on crack-cocaine, in post #4140 and you can scroll up and re-read that. I stated, "Yeah, I'll believe it when I see a document where Byford signs off on it. As of now, I didn't see anything but the Bx35, Q12, and B38 in the Documents signed off. So B46 SBS Articulation this Fall seems like a clear No." Nothing in there said that this Articulation would happen before the Fall. Also there is another thing called Labor Picks. The doesn't shrivel up and spit plans out of nowhere. Articulation requires schedule changes, and it has to happen during a Labor Pick. Now as for the B46 SBS, IT IS NOT BEING ARTICULATED THIS FALL. Super Glue that into your Brain. There are no Board Meetings in August sir, and until there isn't a document signed by NYCT President Andrew Byford, it is not official, and it is just all talk for now. Another thing is that 16 LFSA's, and 19 XD60's is NOT ENOUGH to Articulate both routes, so I don't know in which dimension of the Lego Movie you lost yourself in, but stop trying to say things that are not true, nor backed up by vetted information, another thing is to STOP PUTTING WORDS IN PEOPLES' MOUTHS. Also do us a favor while at it, "WAIT AND SEE!"
  17. That's what I was also thinking, but lets see how Quill and MCH get along with the XD60 Order, and see if they're going to let FB Breathe as well.
  18. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see a document where Byford signs off on it. As of now, I didn't see anything but the Bx35, Q12, and B38 in the Documents signed off. So B46 SBS Articulation this Fall seems like a clear No.
  19. Good to receive clarification, cuz I am aware the Operator has to visually Inspect the exterior of the Bus and note any of those things on their OVCR Card, to get it signed afterwards, and I wondered if any of this got addressed over time since the bus repaint cycle was every 4 years until now with this ordeal which will push it to 6, so I was trying to figure out if there's anything in place to address that temporarily until a bus is repainted.
  20. By the way out of curiosity, I don't know if you have also noticed from your own experience at Transit, but the newer Buses like the Buses delivered between 2015-2017, if you inspect them closely sometimes you may find scratches or dents that occur to them over the tough tenure in NYCT, are these things that happen en-route during an Operator's shift, or are these factored into something else, because Accidents can't really be it, and I've seen insane scratches and dents which do make me wonder.
  21. Have you ever reached out to them? lol But hey when CBS is too lazy to send out Camera Men to catch footage, Google Images and YouTube is the one stop shop for all of this.
  22. ...and then you got those who are completely foaming, and sub-bot the hell out of their channels.
  23. The most he probably got to an Apprentice was his own TV Screen of Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice"
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