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  1. Apprentice? You've got to be Joking right? 😂 Does he know that a Dispatcher's exam has to be taken for such thing? and if he claims he is an Apprentice, I wonder what he's dispatching, because for sure it ain't Buses to begin with... 🤣
  2. Listen I could not hold back of laughter reading that. I just burst out laughing at how Ignorant such can be. Real estate in this city is scarce, and if anything never to the light of day would I see the building a facility that can support 700 Buses Honestly. Many of these people are in denial that they contributed to @East New York leaving, but I felt for him each time he had to go vocal and address all of these people constantly. It is a stressing matter, and if this forum wants to preserve its status of being the source of accurate, and vetted information, these people have to take the advice of the Moderators for their own good, and not take it as an insult, or a way to shut them up. Honestly these people who work collectively within the Agency know what's going on, have more Information than what they actually give out. I am in deep understanding of why you guys only share a quarter of what you know, and that quarter of Info you share proves in itself as to how much ignorance and carelessness there is in handling this information responsibly. It's okay to ask innocent questions, but do the damn research, but in the work, use statistics, use multiple sources from where this information came from, before you shove it down everyone's throats as something factual. It is sickening to see and hear how these peoples' hard work is massacred in these obliterated reviews which honestly give me little to no information, rather than seeing public lip service. Like they make politicians Intelligent on the transportation talk, if you compare the two. This is why you make sure your information is vetted, and listen to a Moderator when they say "wait and see" because they are actually HELPING YOU learn something KNOWLEDGEABLE and RESOURCEFUL that you can explain and confirm to other people.
  3. Well God Bless you on that. It's a really tough situation to be in, and I get you. It's just hilarious when they expect us to find their statements believable. Especially when it comes from the one who says they want to build a West Indies Depot with a capacity of 650-700 Buses, holding nothing but XE40's, and wants to pay for it with their "Celebrity Money," now if that sounds like something that would roll you laughing on the floor, yes you read what he stated. 🤣
  4. Yeah, you guys really go through a lot as Bus Operators, and I have seen by experience the things you guys have to put up with, and the stress of having to do multiple runs, interlines, sometimes cover the Extra list, but the shenanigans brought by these Immature kids is just unbelievable how they try and sell this to others. Like I think @Cait Sith saw a review that "The Man" boasted all of us to watch here in the Forums, the review was by a user Sonic57053, that is just a clear example of how pitiful and inaccurate Information can be taken as a fact by people who don't have the common sense or knowledge of the Inner-workings of the Itself. Rather should I suggest they'd be crying right now if someone told them the truth of how credible they are in being completely false on almost everything they post. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see them say something extremely ridiculous at this point.
  5. It's good you called him out, but I will state this in a Generalized sense. It sucks to see how many of these peoples' hard work gets used by some shitter full of flaws and Inaccuracy, especially when its bloated with people who are just wannabe's and have little to no transit experience, rather than foaming whenever they are riding the bus with their mommy. They think is about the stories, looks, and fun. But this Agency is an Integrity which you have to dedicate your time to, and craft your best. @Cait Sith @SevenEleven @Flatbush SBS Duece @East New York @The Real @EastFlatbushLarry @Lance and others are people that have to be thanked and credited for their work, and honestly people here have to comprehend their lives and how busy they are day in and day out. These people gift us with their knowledge and Information, and unfortunately people here take it as a demand. This foaming, speculation, and distortion of Information is really damaging, especially to the credibility of the source. Like I understand where some people come from when they feel restricted to make their speculations, but the problem is we have people here of all different ages and walks of life, and there are people who may take the speculation unfortunately as a fact, and when that speculation is taken as a fact, it is spread around the Internet like wildfire, you could say the most exclusive thing ever, and in less than 30 seconds, you'll see someone from here go to a YouTube video and blurt all of this out to more eyes. Like I understand, but the Moderators here know as to why they always say, "Wait and see." It is not because they don't like what people speculate here, but it is because of others who may take that unproven speculation as a factual statement and try to make everyone believe it as something truthful, and in the age of social media this is highly unavoidable. I feel everyone has to do their part, and try to minimize this speculation, because it creates a tough environment for everyone here, and when you have more people joining here, adding on to that speculation, it makes the Mods job worse because now a big influx of people convey into the unconfirmed speculations of a person, and it becomes hard to correct and contain. As for the mods here, they do a great Job, they work hard, and sacrifice their time in order to maintain an Informed environment whenever they are able to, and to help this place be what it is truly supposed to be.
  6. If it were the case, this shouldn't have even been a Question in the first place. Just go and find out, and try to speak about something Productive that would invite people to join in on the conversation, but unfortunately it feels like if he's just giving us Homework for us to Investigate in these Depot's somehow to try and find out.
  7. Trust me, you don't want to see the classroom experience with 'em. 🤣
  8. Another thing is that this was all an NYCDOT plan. NYCT Simply agreed, and set the standards for what they wanted in terms of Bus Stop signage. For 's case its different since the stops are maintained and owned by the DOT, not the . If you look at Long Island Bus's signage had a metal sign for LIB, so this is more Jurisdictional and orchestrated by the DOT if you research closely. Unlike some other transit agencies who probably outright own the Bus Stop Infrastructure. In this city when it comes to the Bus Stop, the sign, shelter, etc under the Bus Stop's grounds, it's owned by the city. The only thing MTA can do is request to close the stop or negotiate with DOT a relocation.
  9. #1 Calm Down, you're hitting the curb too fast. #2 The Depot is not Artic ready yet, It has been stated that next Summer if there are no delays, the B82-SBS will be Articulated.
  10. In 2018 Clearview was actually reinstated. https://www.equipmentworld.com/font-designed-for-easier-readability-on-roadway-signs-is-reinstated-two-years-after-fhwa-prohibited-it/
  11. Agreed. I usually Inquire if the Bus A/C is off or whatever the reason may be. It is highly inexcusable to ride a Bus with Air Conditioning off.
  12. The thing is that Cubic Employees do the Installation, not the directly. Most of the times these buses go into service to move other buses outside of SI to reitre the buses in the Mainland. OMNY is in a testing phase right now, there is no such priority to shove down every depot's throats. New Buses could even be put into service overnight, we're talking about an un-controlled environment, readers are delivered in bulk, and the work is done by Cubic Employees during their availability. There is a lot of Ethernet, and fiber optics that are installed on a bus before simply receiving a reader, this is a pilot phase so there is no such priority at the moment, and as @SevenEleventhe bus is flagged, and Buses without OMNY the ride is free. People would rather have a bus than nothing, just because it does not have a reader. Transit is not a controlled environment when it comes to pilots and tests, so just take down the notch, these buses will get their OMNY readers installed when they are scheduled to. In the future it will have top priority once it becomes the Main Mode of Fare Payment.
  13. That's good to see. I guess just needs to toughen up on the WIFI and make sure it is ALWAYS WORKING and work out with Verizon to Iron out the kinks and make it faster.
  14. Not really, cuz instead of these comapnies having their routes and runtimes laid out, they can do whatever the hell they want.
  15. That would only happen if gave zero f**ks, and wanted to find a way to easily Incinerate their fleet with minimal effort.
  16. I tell you, this is just hilarious. thought no one was watching, til Cuomo got the earful about it.
  17. Is there any implications for NYCT Bus to take over the service instead? is such an expansive agency that if they allocate money properly, and coordinate within their subdivisions accordingly, the MTA can do this themselves as opposed to contracting some other company.
  18. That is absurd for you to be accused of "Inciting fear" because you are just doing what a concerned citizen has every right to do, and that is have their voices heard. I will look into the Interview though, and hopefully with the pressure from elected officials, things can be done.
  19. You should see their other cuts. So they are getting rid of Bus WIFI, cutting back on bus repaints by 75%, reducing Cleaning positions, reduction in flagging, reduction in the IT Department, and most likely more other cuts coming from left field. Hudson link isn't the only thing right now about to be sabotaged. I recommend you get your elected officials feet above the fire and get them to take action ASAP on all of this, because it is highly unacceptable how this plan is disgracing everyone. Cuomo is such a political hack and a disgrace, if only we had term limits... Smh
  20. Its already been stated, anything using Metrocard today, will transition to OMNY in the period of 2020-2022.
  21. Its great to see an Xcelsior without a Front Ad, those tiny square things looked painfully horrendous.
  22. Does anyone have an update on 5477, ever since it had that accident in November, the bus has been out of service and 8 months later the bus still is not back.
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