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  1. Thanks for asking, Bridges - Brooklyn, Verrazano and Marine P. bridges, I dunno about Tappan Zee Tunnels - Queens Midtown and Steinway (not amazing, but I find both somewhat rustic and bustling) Roads/streets - Liberty Av. and Lefferts Blvd. (I with family visit many shops and the Q10 along there). And the Stillwell Av. area, I also like some of the scenic streets of Inwood and Riverdale, many I can list off the top of my head. What are yours?
  2. The should really prioritize opening these 50 elevators between 2020-2024. All these elevator opening delays and investments on cosmetic transit art/rehabs should be nothing but noise.
  3. What worries me is how long this process is taking, par for the course with NY yes, but I still really don't see any rock solid progress in what could be a potent boost for outer NYC (metro region). This isn't even mentioning all the possible mistakes/further delays they'll make along the way come that time.
  4. The newer buses are on the way since the older buses have long outdone their live expectancy. I dont know if this “bus preference system” is just a Brooklyn thing or not, since we in Queens have had XD60s on the Guy Brewer and Lefferts routes ever since launching, in relatively lower income regions. I for one however would love to still keep RTS’s on bus lines, absolute workhorses .
  5. We all know Hudson Yards will be nothing more than a gleaming icon symbolizing the growing wealth disparity in the city. Good luck advertising this hegemony to everybody...
  6. Non SBS XD60 showed up on the Woodhaven Route, coming out of JFK. How often does this happen? Its likely a bus shortage.
  7. Nahhhhhh, we should always blame the MTA for everything! Its clearly not like the kids havent had developed brains yet. Lets let them complain and farebeat our system with Airpods stuck in their ears!
  8. Yup, that's correct, I don't know if it was scrapped but it is presumed so for now.
  9. I'd say we should already focus on phase 2, 3, 4 more at this point considering how limited funds are to begin with. We could try fixing out of city lines/problems without these costly expansions.
  10. Today is definitely not the last day for testing IIRC
  11. Don't wanna come off as cruel (who does?), but crayoning routes all over a bus map for the sake of doing it solves nearly nothing. I don't see how these ideas are needed at all. Put effort into your plans if you actually want something meaningful to happen. We might as well starve the troll I guess...
  12. My point is that RBB shouldn't be reactivated into a subway on the purpose of a specific sob story of a commute where a subway must exist between two major urban points. I totally believe that forcing people onto buses is a bad idea and that this subway helps to solve that problem. But in this case, this person is begging for a better commute when there are many options right in front of them (all of which 5x better than control route above). None of them are perfect, but at least attempt to adapt before you complain...
  13. Progress will get done when management gets better, until then, this.
  14. Absolutley not, he could just take the Q52 before transferring to QBL then the or another bus to get to his destination. Even taking the to to to works better here. Will cost much less even if it may take more time. Supporting any subway expansion or revival shouldnt be hinged on improving 2 guys commutes realistically.
  15. True, but considering the R179’s are running on lines that have been operating at least some age old equipment for years prior. It may make sense to lightly advertise the new features the train has over all the older others.
  16. More likely a mistake since I have seen with the LED ring there before as well. I don't see why they'd get rid of it unless for testing purposes, which I cannot confirm.
  17. It's slowly been like this for almost a year or so. Most Q22's now go to 116 due to service changes likely to save money.
  18. Cuomo considering president?! Jesus Christ this nightmare only gets worse.
  19. Does the really need to go all the way to Astoria though? I'm gonna get some criticism for this, but I'd rather send the to 21st as a terminus, or make it a 21st line so you can have an transfer. More subway service as backup to nearby lines, and also be a cheaper and more long-term alternative to BQX.
  20. I don't recall that being announced as of now, do you have a resource by chance where you got this? Maybe you got it mixed up with SmartLink Grey... Indeed, OMNY is the new payment form. The existing SmartLink could remain alongside or integrated with OMNY, but for now I think we'll have to wait and see.
  21. I'd be more likely running from Rock Bvld. to B116 since that trip has higher ridership to justify using a 10 car set.
  22. The South Ferry portion was phased out on the map since service didn't run to South Ferry, the is on the map. Other than that, not much to say, really sloppily made. I usually use the custom Vignelli inspired or historic maps on nycsubway.org which span much more years than this.
  23. That's exactly what happened when a window was cracked on the 10 car set the first day it was in service. And when a bag hit the 8 car set on it's first few days of service

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