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  1. Just too follow up with what kmf said, I was there this past Thursday for medical and final processing. The computer portion is the first thing you do, it ask you a lot of questions, from do you have diabetes, to do you snore. A guy I met admitted that he snored, and after he went through the whole process, they put him on hold because they were worried he might have sleep apena. My advice, don't admit to anything you don't have to or you will be put on hold. After the computer questions, you are taken inside and have to pee in a cup, they test it right after you finish, ear, eye (bring glasses if you wear contacts or you will be put on hold), ekg ( bare chest, no belt, don't have coffee), and lung ( blowing into the instrument is weird, there is no resistance, so you run out of breath fast, if you don't do it right, you might be put on hold), also they have you sit in a chair as you do it so you don't pass out. After that, back outside until your name is called. I waited 15 minutes, was called in by one of the doctors, remember the 200 questions you did first on the computer, the doctor goes over it with you, and if you admitted to something, surgery, broken bones, sleep apena, diabetes, you'll have to explain yourself and if the answers don't add up, medical hold. The doctor will ask you questions, " what do you think this job entails", " do you feel your physically fit", he then had me sit on the bench, listened to my heart and then he asked me to lift up my shirt, he was looking for scares or any indication that I had surgery, or was trying to hide something that would only be seen if I had my shirt off. Once he cleared me, back outside to the front, where you'll have to fill out the third set of paper work, also go over the 21 page book, someone will call you from the left side of the office, there are 4 or 5 rooms on the left side of the main counter, they bring you in there and go over all your paper work. I can't say it enough, if the information doesn't match, if the dates are wrong, they are going to put you on hold or send you back out to fix it (P.S. the office closes at 3:30). After the paper work has been reviewed, in that office they will have you fill out more paper work stating that you got the job, give you 4 books, and dates for orientation and training (orientation is in another building in downtown Brooklyn, training is in Coney Island, 7 am). Back outside to take i.d pictures. Back to the front desk, to send me to the very first desk you stopped at in the morning when you showed your i.d to get another ticket to then go get your finger prints. I got there at 6:30 AM, was called up at 7 AM, I left about 1:30-1:45. Just for point of reference, a class went in last month, they called up to list #1031 for that class, that will give you and idea where they are now. Next class is the July 17th, I'll be there. The process was long, tedious, the workers there can be rude, and last Thursday was a ZOO, there were so many people there for the initial pre employment paper work, they line wrapped around the bathroom in the back, it was packed. I'm here now. It was worth it. Wish you guys the best. Don't give up.
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