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  1. As long as i get in eventually ill be happy. I'm just thankful to have even made it this far out of the thousands of people that apply for this job.
  2. I got an email from sterling talent solutions to start the backgroud investigation, that has to mean something right?
  3. I did ask when the next classes will be held, she said there is one in august but there was only 1 or 2 spots left, one in September, they are trying for September 6th and another one some time in January.
  4. Oh yea sorry about that, i totally forgot to mention that.
  5. Good luck to everyone taking the test today!! Let us know how it goes.
  6. Yea I couldn't believe it. I guess they weren't as prepared as they thought they were.
  7. No problem! Get as much last minute studying in as you can and kill it tomorrow. Good luck!
  8. The panel interview was pretty weird. They read out a scenario and ask you how you would handle it. Like you are in a train and two rowdy passengers start arguing and threatening eachother, how would you handle it. Just be sure to keep mentioning passenger safety. The people doing the interview will hint at what they want you to say until you actually say it.
  9. Hey everyone, I've been following for some time now. I actually just took the s&d last Wednesday with newyorkgrom, we both past. For you guys that are taking the test tomorrow, if you put in the hours to study you will pass with no problem. we had a 22 people show up for the test and about 5 or 6 people got up in the middle of the test and walked out, 11 of us passed. The best advice I can give is try and remember which words are plural and which aren't and try and remember which definitions say from which, at which, in which, upon which. It sounds crazy but that was the trickiest part of the test.
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