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  1. Any updates on what list number they are currently at for exam 7104?
  2. Does anyone know what number they are at on the list now?
  3. Does anyone know what number they are at now?
  4. Couldn't they just hire anyone waiting on the list for car or station cleaner?
  5. What list number are they at now? The last time I checked they were at 186 and that was in February.
  6. I took the Traffic Checker Exam last year and my list number is 758 but idk how long i'll have to wait until i get called
  7. I probably have to take the exam again since my list number is 27,408
  8. idk where i can apply for station cleaner at
  9. since my list number is in the 27,000 range i feel that i should probably give up on my dream of working for MTA NYCT and i will just take other city agency exams
  10. i herd from some people who took the last test that they sued the MTA for not calling their number and they actually got the job.
  11. does anyone know how many people are they taking in each class?
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