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  1. Other replies are in bold. My definition of a bottleneck is an area in the system that slows things down for everyone and has a negative impact on our subways Capacity such as reducing the number of trains that we can run on a subway line. So bottlenecks in my eyes would include: • Grade Level Merges. • Flying Junctions (Which becomes even worse bottlenecks with Poorly Scheduled trains) • Poor Terminal Operational Practice’s • Poor Signaling (excessive GT’s at Areas where they don’t need to be) • Sharp Curves. • Dwell Times. (Even worse if the Station has a poor Design) Can these bottlenecks be fixed? Not all of them, that’s for sure. But for the ones that can be fixed, what would it take to fix them? It’ll require are a few upgrades and Reroutes if necessary. Anyways, thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks. I rated each bottleneck by how impactful each one is. Green stands for minor bottlenecks, while red is vice versa. Yellow is sorta in the middle.
  3. I though three times before posting this here: Here’s an NYC Subway map that lists all bottlenecks throughout the System. Some bottlenecks include sharp curves, Poor Terminal Operations, or Service’s using interlocking’s at Grade Level. Let me know what you all think of it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zW5OcTK4Zkc1_vlH-8LQ73k6UdrhA8hV&usp=sharing
  4. I updated my map of subway bottlenecks, and this should be the complete result. @RR503 @Union Tpke and everyone else, let me know which bottlenecks I missed or need to change so that the information is accurate: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zW5OcTK4Zkc1_vlH-8LQ73k6UdrhA8hV&usp=sharing
  5. @Union Tpke I updated my map of NYC Subway Bottlenecks, but it's still a work in Progress.
  6. thank you for pointing those bottlenecks out but I recommend reading my last post a little more carefully.
  7. Since this is a thread about subway capacity, I am working on a new map that lists out all bottlenecks that exist in the subway system. Feel free to inform me of any bottlenecks that I might've missed.
  8. In that case, there would have to be a project to expand/rearrange Jamaica and Myrtle stations to accommodate 10 car trains. What can be done is a to Metro since that’s 8 cars anyways. WTC and via 8th Express and Fulton. Even though that creates a bottleneck, it’s still doable.
  9. Yet they can’t enforce any fare evasion laws....
  10. Has anyone noticed a change in the 14th Street announcement on the and trains with the new transfer (M14A/D+) and whatnot?
  11. I’ve seen a lot of R46’s on the recently. Also, I haven’t really noticed the minor change with the designation on the , though I have seen pictures on Facebook about it. Well. I’ll see for myself tomorrow morning
  12. I agree, but with all the construction around LGA, that won’t be the case for some time.
  13. I read this article earlier and I highly doubt that this reorganization plan will help any New Yorkers. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! It's disgusting that our Governor only wants to associate himself with the when things are going well for them just to make himself look good, Especially when the true credit for NYCT Improvements goes to Byford himself. And when Byford gets credit for improvements, Cuomo wants to get all mad at him for not getting the credit that truly belongs to Byford and HIS team. Not to mention that most of the people that Cuomo hires or appoints to the have little to no knowledge of how the organization works, which is not a good mix with the incompetence that happens over at 2 Broadway. Anyways, I'll see what I can do to help!

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