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  1. I’m a little confused at this part right here. What is this track map supposed to represent and could it work for stations like Rockaway Blvd on the ? Heck, could a similar method even be used to fix the design flaw at 72nd Street/2nd Avenue? Speaks of the SAS, I posted something above that relates to the poor Decisions of how Phase 1 was planned and the consequences it has on Phase 3. I also tried to point out all of the options that were discussed to help Phase 3 operate at its full potential.
  2. The only bell mouths at 63rd Street are for SAS. @Union Tpke Too bad that wasn’t the case with 57th Street.
  3. Due to the poor Design of Phase 1 of the Second Avenue Subway, I’m very conflicted as to which idea I agree with. 1. Building a New Lower Level at 72nd Street/2nd Avenue. 1A) would be to have the terminate there while the continue North. I don’t see the feasibility of making a Junction North of 72nd Street for trains to Transverse. 1B) The same, but in reverse. The Upper Level Being repurposed yo terminate Trains and have trains continue North. 2. Building Phase 3 Under Neath 3rd Avenue instead of 2nd Avenue. (Reference to Alon Levy’s Plan) 3. Building a Diverging set of Tracks near 48th or 57th Street to allow for trains to run Express along 3rd Avenue until 125 and continue into the Bronx. 4. 57th or Canal Street Flip. The worst option of the bunch but it’s better than nothing.
  4. That’s an interesting concept for the Rockaway Beach branch. I would back this up if there was a more geographical explanation for this. I’m assuming the following would have to happen: The AirTrain’s Terminal would be rebuilt to allow for an extension and would run either via 164th Street or Kissena/Parsons Blvd. Lefferts Blvd would also have to be rebuilt to allow for an extension to the Van Wyck. One thing that I’m confused about is how does this RBB LightRail Train, get to LaGuardia from Woodhaven Blvd? I’m assuming Junction Blvd is not an option cause it’s to the East of what you’re proposing to run your line on. Will this version of the RBB still have any physical track connections to the subway or no? One last note is that I like how you’re using the AirTrain to better serve the communities in Queens.
  5. I have, but that game has its limitations (Which kind of bothers me)
  6. I see the notions that both of you guys have upon Northern Blvd and why it is a bad idea to extend the to points east of Queens Plaza/LIC. I agree with these notions, But if we had to build Northern Blvd RIGHT NOW, then I’ll have to say that the would be our Best Bet. The way that @JeremiahC99 explained is one way to extend it. Another way (and this option is slightly more preferable) is to rebuild 36 with 2 outer tracks that lead to Northern Blvd. The S/B Tracks could be built in a DeKalb and Chambers style of Platforms. Then the tracks could run under Sunnyside for a brief moment and then up Northern Blvd. Later on, you could then extend the up Northern via 50th or 57th Street and using the 11th Street Cut to replace the . However, this idea would force you to deinterline QBL 100% Which wouldn’t sell well with commuters in Jamaica. I personally don’t agree with this setup, but it’s just fun to think about how certain things can be built in different ways.
  7. Well, I could do that. But then I’d be forced to make changes such as Permanently Deinterlining QBL in order for it to work.
  8. I guess that’s fair enough. The only reason why I have SAS Trains moved over to 3rd Avenue between 47th Street and Points North is in provision of a nonstop Express between Lexington 63rd and 125th for the . As for not adding any additional stops along the super Express between Queens Plaza and Forest Hills is because it would defeat the purpose of this line being , well, A Super-Express. What could happen is that this Super Express idea could start off as a line reroute. Later on, connections to a new SAS tunnel under 57th Street can come to fruition. I also want to incorporate a Northern Blvd Subway line in some way.
  9. Then we’ll rebuild it with a better design.
  10. Super Sentai. Its the Japanese counterpart to Power Rangers, but more enjoyable and in some cases a bit more mature.
  11. Maybe, but you’d have to Deinterline Queens Blvd () and create an interlocking north of Court Square on the so that it can turn at Queens Plaza.
  12. First off. No one from Queens Blvd is trying to go ALL THE WAY to Coney Island. If the did, they’d likely stick to the . As for the being on Queens Blvd, while I don’t agree with it, I can only see it work between Western Queens and points of Brooklyn. Now yes, the transfer at Court Square does exist but it’s a pain in the ass sometimes. But for now, let’s just leave the at Court Square until we have no other choice but to extend it (Which seems like a long way off)
  13. Not to mention the congestion caused by motorists on that street. Which usually occurs between 9AM to 8:30 or 9 PM from my observation’s on a GOOD day.
  14. I remember visiting Montasy Comics once with one of my old friends in Middle School. It was nice, but i didn’t buy anything. I’m going to agree with you on the 70th Road Stop Almost never being Used. I pass by Austin Street all the time cause my dad teaches a Brazillian Martial Arts called “Capoeria” in the Forest Hills Area. Back on topic though. You suggest that the Q23 has its stop removed by 70th Road? That wouldn’t be too bad considering the high foot traffic on Austin Street.
  15. It’s really nice that you put time and effort into this map and your intentions are well for the subway system!! But here’s my Feedback: I agree with the notion that you want to improve customer satisfaction. However, some of your proposals accomplish the exact opposite of that. Take the and the Elimination of the for example. As far as I learned on this site, ridership Demographics north of East 180th Street call for Lexington Service. While those south of East 180th call for more 7th Avenue Service. Eliminating the doesn’t help these riders and Makes conditions worse at 149th Street-Grand Concourse. Now you might argue “But the and have increased TPH”. Well, unless you plan to Upgrade 149th Street-Grand Concourse for better Passenger flow, then that contradicts the notion that your proposal uses only existing infrastructure. In fact, this isn’t the only instance where your proposal requires an Infrastructure upgrade. Your Broadway Service around Canal Street also require an Infrastructure Upgrade, called the “Canal Flip”. Such a proposal in my eyes would’ve benefited riders during the 2010-2016 era, But no where else. If you want to simplify Broadway, would’ve been better to do Broadway/4th Express and Broadway/4th Local. Now on to Utica, the reason the terminates there instead of the is because of how the tracks are designed. If you want the to terminate there, that’s ANOTHER Infrastructure Upgrade that will be required. Express Local on 8th Avenue requires an Infrastructure Upgrade at 50th to not overcrowded 42nd. Also, I don’t get what’s up with the Brooklyn swap. It’d be nice to have, but I’m not sure if Culver Riders are seeking 8th Avenue. Also. Making the the only Express in Queens and the Local to Forest Hills with your Blue and will hurt more Queens Blvd more than it helps. (But I personally wont mind the boost in local service) the is a Supplemental Route and should only be treated as Such. I’d keep the Designation mainly cause it’s. full time route. Thats all of the feedback that I have to provide for now. I’d suggest to review a track map and the previous pages of the Proposals thread to get a better understanding of the system.
  16. New Propsoal: Queens Super-Express As part of my Queens Transit Redesign Proposal that I'm working on, I included the Queens Bypass on it which I labeled as . My Bypass train will run from Jamaica-179th Street to Houston Street/2nd Avenue. (Phase 3 Terminal). Now due to the fact that my Bypass Train Merges/Diverges with my Northern Blvd Proposal (Which I explained in a Previous Post in this Thread), it's overall capacity might be limited to 15TPH or a little less depending on Demand between Queens Blvd and Northern Blvd. Stops will go as Follows: Jamaica-179th Street - (Q3 to JFK) 169th Street - (Q3 to JFK) Parsons Blvd - Sutphin Blvd Briarwood-Van Wyck Kew Gardens-Union Tpke - (Q10 to JFK) 75th Avenue Forest Hills-71st Avenue - ( if Queens is deinterlined); Obviously the will utilize a Lower Level at Forest Hills. I Think this will either some GIANT Island Platform or 2 Side Platforms for Super Express Trains. (From this Point Forward, my version of the Super Express will NOT make nor have any Stops until Queens Plaza. I don't see any space for there to be a stops at Woodside for Super Express Trains) I Remember finding a Thread from this Very Site from 2014 regarding the Queens Bypass. I read it, and @Lance, your comment intrigued me when I first read it, and I gotta say that the part in bold, I'm with you on that notion: Back to the proposal: (Super Express Trains will come across this Junction that I proposed near 39th Street in Sunnyside. This is where they will merge with Northern Blvd Trains. Both Lines will do the following:) Queens Plaza - ; Super Express Trains and Northern Blvd Trains will share the same platform and Tracks Underneath Queens Plaza South. This station will be used as a Way to Connect the 2 Existing Queens Plaza Stations. Tunnels will continue out to 57th Street where trains will Turn under 3rd Avenue instead of Second for more effective connections with the and after this connection, trains will head back to 2nd Avenue near 48th Street. Tunnel Provisions will be left for a possible Trunk Line under Northern Blvd. Any Feedback on what I can improve to this proposal?
  17. I see that. But wouldn't it be better to extend the Instead?
  18. Speaking of Northern Blvd, this proposal is alright. (Ignoring everything south of 72nd Street.) The one thing i don't agree with is running your northern Blvd under Broadway and 36th Street. I don't see how that is feasible. Personally what I would do is Have a Northern Blvd Line that connects via Second Avenue. I labeled my Northern Blvd Line as (H). Here's how it will be run: Whitestone-Francis Lewis Blvd 149th Street Parsons Blvd/14th Avenue (Turns via the Whitestone Expressway) 20th Avenue 25th Avenue College Point Blvd (Enters a portal near Willets Point Blvd then turns under Northern Blvd) 108th Street Junction Blvd 81st Street 70th Street Broadway 48th Street/Sunnnyside (West of this Station, there will be a junction for a Queens Bypass Branch) (Runs Under Sunnyside Yards and turns under Queens Plaza South) Queens Plaza. This station will serve as a connection point for the 2 existing Queens Plaza Stations Trains will run under a tunnel to 57th Street. In my map I have it turning under 3rd Avenue to provide better connections to the and Trains at 53rd Street. After this, Trains will turn to Second Avenue around 48th Street. The Benefits of this proposal is the ability to have a more Flexible Bus Network and more Service into Queens.
  19. Maybe. I'm going to the Parade of Trains this year. I'm trying to go on both days this time stay on the look out
  20. That's cool. I pass by Northern Blvd/Broadway on a Semi-Regular basis and I don't see how the curve is too sharp, but that's just me. As for adding a Commuter Rail Stop at Astoria, I like the idea in theory, but in practice I simply can not agree with it. Like it says in your map, Eminent domain would be needed in order to make room for the platform, station house, and other Utilities. I don't see how that's going to be feasible and if that requires an extended closure of the Astoria Line , that won't fly well with Commuters from Astoria (despite the fact that you'll get away with improving the interlocking's in that area)
  21. Speaking of Flickr, I haven’t uploaded anything on there in a while. Might as well go on a Posting Spree
  22. @Union Tpke I was looking over your Transit Oriented Development map and I noticed a few new things like new overpasses for an LIRR Station on Queens Blvd and Whatnot. I was wondering on what your opinion is about a Commuter Rail Station Located near the Corner of Broadway and Northern Boulevard? There is a Store near that area that has been Shutdown for a while and would make a great space for new development. In addition, that area could have a bus to take Potential Amtrak and MNRR Customers to LGA, which in turn would decongest Jackson Heights a little bit. Also, apologies for bumping this thread.

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