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  1. Nah. Saying this as a Transit Student myself, the trains are barely used and are just for Show for the most Part. Even the RTS that we acquired back in December. So I wouldn’t bother replacing the R42’s until they start being utilized more. Damn right. It’s kinda annoying to deal with but I don’t mind it. Sounds like you weren’t able to make the best of your time there.
  2. Now that you mention it, I was able to ride this set on Monday between Euclid and West 4th
  3. @rick1032, I don't have permission to view the maps. Can you change that please so I can get a better understanding of what you're proposing?
  4. I got to share our a few of my ideas at an Open House for the Queens Bus Redesign today. It was quite interesting too. Some people were writing ideas on post it notes. Some people were advocating for extended hours on the Q30/31. others asked for better bus stop placements and Better Queens-Brooklyn Connections. One person asked for a bus route that covers the service roads near the BQE. Another person wrote that the should take the Q23 off Austin Street and reroute it down Yellowstone Blvd to speed up runtimes. I threw in My fair Share of ideas too like the Q38 split and Simplying the Q59 in Brooklyn. Overall, it was fun.
  5. disgusting. If only people knew how to clean after themselves
  6. The and are going to Dyre while the and go to Pelham Bay Park. Rogers is not Deinterlined. There’s no Second Avenue Subway. Culver has both Express and Local Service coming from Manhattan. The is rerouted via the Liberty Avenue EL to Lefferts. Interesting. I assume there will be a and Diamond <J> type Service? The and are all running under Atlantic Avenue instead of Fulton Street Up until Hillside where, they’ll replace the ? The and I’m guessing, are running via Montague with the pne running to Bay Ridge and the other via Myrtle Avenue. Cranberry now has 4 tracks instead of 2 and there is a Branch at Woodhaven for trains to run via RBB. Howard Beach, JFK is set up as a terminal with relay tracks. The and run via Astoria to Ditmars and the and run via what appears to be a Flushing Trunk with a Branch to WhiteStone. I’m also going to make the assumption that Astoria has a Yard and that Queensboro Plaza is kinda set up with a complex Junction system similar to Broadway Junction. The 63rd Street Tunnel does not exist and in its place is a 4 track 53rd Street tunnel. The and (Or ). I’m assuming that west of 5th Avenue/53rd Street is a Flying Junction similar to Columbus Circle. Mind if I ask if The Archer Avenue Lines are dull bi level or single level? The train is rerouted via The BQE and Bedford Avenue to match its original proposal up until Prospect Park?!? Then rerouted via Fort Hamilton Parkway?!?!?! And 36th Street/4th Avenue I assume will have more platforms/levels and an even bigger Flying Junction?!?! That’s crazy, but also genuis! Also. Triboro is built differently from its current priposal. Would this affect Amtrak (and soon Metro North) in this scenario?
  7. A friend of mine who lives in the Rockaways caught it running in service on the Rockaway
  8. We're in week 3 of the Train Fiasco. I'm suspecting that things were just as shitty as the previous two weeks.
  9. All of that is true. The main reason Skip-Skip ended (why the was eliminated) was because Skip-Stop wasn't that popular on the IRT Broadway/7th Avenue Line. if you want to talk about the IRT, lets continue the discussion here.
  10. I get that we all need to practice forum etiquette, but can we get back on topic? I hope the 211 will allow the feature to make manual announcements. They’re usually better to hear in my opinion. Also, I assume that, by the time they reach completion, assignments would look like this: - Shared Fleet - Shared Fleet (with occasional pop ups on the and )
  11. This article has addressed some serious points that have been plaguing for sure. Despite the fact that Cuomo has pushed for the Second Avenue Subway to open on time, along with getting the city back up and running again, I don’t really trust his leadership that much. He’s done a lot more harm for the than good. For example, we’re stuck with this shitshow of an train plan that will inevitably fail. Therefore, I think it’s a wise decision to “depoliticize” the and remove direct affiliation of Cuomo from any involvement with the in general. As for management themselves. Misinformation and Miscommunication (from within the Board and the Riding Public) from what I can tell, seems to be one of the lead causes of mismanagement. It’s no wonder why we have all of these other problems such as farebeating, delays, etc.. There’s really not much else to say other than that. I don’t even want to talk about inflated Construction Costs and G.O.’s.
  12. I’m intrigued by how much potential subway expansion has in coralation with Redesigning the Queens Bus Network. I’m currently working on a project to redesign the Queens Bus Netwrok without Subway expansions but I’ll definitely work on a Fantasy Map soon with the Subway, Rail Service, and the Queens Bus Network All being redesigned all at once.
  13. Congratulations @Via Garibaldi 8!! Keep up the good work.
  14. Lucky charms Honey Nut Cheerios cinamon toast crunch
  15. The B39 as a bus route has more potential. I personally agree with all route extensions proposed here, but since we’re dealing with the train “fiasco” right now, it’d be wise to extended it to Grand Street High School Or Montrose Avenue on its Brooklyn End To help deter crowds from Loimer and Bedford. And on its Manhattan end, I agree with any proposal that involves the B39 joining the M14A/D+ on the 14th Street “Busway”, also with the intention of alleviating crowds. Articulated Buses would necessary for the B39 under this scenario to help displaced riders get between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Coming to think of it, why didn’t consider this option, and will anyone bring it up in the next board meeting?
  16. Yeah, I used to pass by there all the time. So I’m aware of the congestion that happens there daily, Even before the 53 became SBS, Broadway was like that. I felt like experimenting with a new Idea though by using elements of some used ideas (the Broadway Crosstown idea). The delays at Elmhurst part, I agree with you. I personally believe that the Q59 should go to Rego Park (maybe this is a bias I have cause I live in Rego Park) but Queens Center works as a Terminal, given if Q59 buses were rerouted on the Main Road on Queens Blvd. As for the Delays and the Bus Bunching on Grand Avenue And Broadway, then the only solutions I see to that are Better Dispatching, TSP along Grand Avenue and Broadway (Which I think is already in Place, I don’t know), and Bus Zones Which would be implemented on the Bus Stop where ever Bus Lanes aren’t Feasible.
  17. New Proposal. In earlier pages, we all discussed that Broadway could use a crosstown route. So I decided to reroute the Q59, along with making some changes to it in Brooklyn. *Buses will now start by WilliamsBurg Bridge Plaza and go up via the Q54 route before returning to its normal route at Union Avenue. * Once the buses reach Queens Blvd, ALL Q59 buses will continue up Broadway until reaching Vernon Blvd. Beyond this point, buses will Terminate at Astoria, 2nd Street. Riders wishing to continue to Rego Park will have to transfer to the Q60 or the .
  18. I'm a little Confused. So what you're saying is that Buses should go via Broadway and 61st. Then they get to 74th Street up Roosevelt or some other street. Then LGA bound buses do WHAT!?!

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