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  1. Does anyone know the last number called ? I am 32XX. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know the last number to be called or contacted, I passed the OPA and am number 35XX
  3. does anyone know what was the last number called for medical ? I i took OPA last year and I am 35XX
  4. I was also looking to see if any one from 6/3 open house was contacted. Do you know if everyone who passed the open house test and was interviewed will be invited to the S&D overview or do they use a selection process from that pool of candidates. Also, I was curious , did you or anyone you know write a thank you or follow up email to the person you interviewed with? I am just trying to figure out how to be successful and make it through the process
  5. Has anyone from the June 3rd open house been contacted for S&D overview yet?
  6. Did anyone from the June 3rd open house receive any additional info or an invite to the S&D overview?
  7. I will post if I get any contact regarding the S&D overview after the Open House . I don't remember if they gave us any timetable at the Open House. it would be good to keep each other informed.
  8. I was just invited to the June Open House. Is the exam a written/oral/ computer exam? if you pass the cognitive and vocabulary exam does anyone know what type of interview it is? do you need to be prepared to answer any mechanical questions in regard to operation and movement of train? Any insight as to what the interview is like? (1 on 1 or panel?). Thanks
  9. Is the May 16th open house for Engineer or for the Asst Conductor position posted in April of this year?
  10. Just to clarify my post, The position was just posted yesterday 3/19/2019. I am aware this forum is going back to the posting from 2018 to 2016. I would not expect a response in one day (although that would be great). I am just trying to get an idea of what the people in this forum did differently to get an invite to the open house. 

  11. Can anyone offer some advice on applying for the position being that most of you on this forum have had success. I see they just posted a new opening LIRR Assistant Cond. on the MTA career website. I have applied for this position before but have not had success. Did you include an cover letter with your resume or just the resume. Does it help at all if you are a current MTA employee (currently I am with MTA NYCT and looking to get into the LIRR). I am trying to see if there is anything I can do to increase the chance of getting a call. Thanks any advice or help is appreciated. !
  12. Can someone please explain " late clear " how much additional money this actually is. Also, anyone recently on the job give me an idea on how much OT is available during your first and/or second year. I am trying to determine with OT, late clear, night or weekend diff, how much you can reasonably expect to make in the first few years on an annual basis. Obviously the pay rate increased in steps but I am really concerned with what you can expect in year 1 or 2?,,, Thanks!
  13. If anyone is able to post a name or number to get a statis number it would be appreciated
  14. Does anyone know the best way to find out when you might be called. Is there a phone number or person to call. I’m am concerned since I took the OPA in April and have not heard anything . Anyone else on this board take the Opa in April s s get your results?
  15. Yes I’m generally hoping that OT is available if I want it ..Since you mentioned it, what is the max overtime allowed per pay period?
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