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  1. that lady said there won't be anymore class after next Monday, i will call to HR to find out on Monday.
  2. I declined the training for Monday, but will they put me back to the pool for the next available training class? the lady told me this will considered i declined this position. do anyone know anything about this?
  3. how long did you stay in there today?
  4. do you think the class will be too hard for people with no truck or bus experiences?
  5. lol this is exactly what i think, i can still find some excuse to attend the medical test, but if for training class start on next Monday??? how.......... i hope i will find someone to discuss about this on Friday......
  6. just received a call and email saying medical test on Friday, and considered for the class start on next Monday??? is it something wrong ???
  7. i took the drug test on December, they said they will contact me within 90 days, i know still have 30 days to go, but i am start worry now because some of you said they mess up the paper work, should i call HR ask for this?
  8. congrats, how long it takes you from submit pre-employment to the class.
  9. i just want to know whats that "homework" for, the pouch that given by them when you attend the pre-employment. why we need to fill out all the info again?
  10. Hi all, i have another question, do i need to check one of the box on the pre-employment under Motor Vehicle License info. PERMANENT PROMOTION, PROVISIONAL PROMOTION, TEMPORARY PROMOTION, PERMANENT APPOINTMENT, PROVISIONAL APPOINTMENT, NON-COMPETITIVE
  11. Thank you Young and SoSpectacular.
  12. i have the same problem, can anyone advise?
  13. I received a pre-employment letter today. i thought i will receive a call for email first before i get this letter...... may be i were wrong? list # 6xx

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