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  1. does anyone know is transit freeze the hire so far?
  2. even though they said 3 - 90 days, but i guess you should receive their call on next week.
  3. did anyone know about CASEY STENGEL depot? and instructor Mr. Mejia? and what is the difference between TWU and ATU?
  4. class start next Monday, hope everything go smoothly.
  5. my list # is 6XX, i was been there at April but i decline them first
  6. they just called me to do the med test tomorrow, and the class will start at 7/8
  7. actually, this is my forth time went to 180 lol
  8. Thanks you both for info. i went there today and do the drug test, hopefully they will call me for med test next week.
  9. same here, i restore my name last week and luckily they call me go tomorrow already, but i just have a question, do i need to fill out the form pre-employment form again? since i went there on April, will they keep the record???
  10. does anyone know when is the next class?
  11. I already decline 15th and 29th class for personal reason, how many times i can decline for the training, i know they don't hold the position... last time i spoke to them and they advise call them again when ready, but the phone number they provide is always busy..
  12. Hi all, did anyone knows beside class 4/29, which day else will have another class?
  13. that lady said there won't be anymore class after next Monday, i will call to HR to find out on Monday.
  14. I declined the training for Monday, but will they put me back to the pool for the next available training class? the lady told me this will considered i declined this position. do anyone know anything about this?
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