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  1. I am all set for July 9 class and cannot wait to begin my transit journey. Can anyone from the May 29 class give an update on their progress? Do we get to pick the division or are we being hired into one for now?
  2. Yes ID, birth certificate or passport, diploma, ss card, and $87 money order for finger print
  3. What time did you call? its nearly impossible to catch her..
  4. I want to say they're in the 200-300 range based off the stuff I see on here. *as far as medicals not sure about preemployment though
  5. Good luck 🙏 Yeah I went to preemployment. Just haven't gotten the email for medical yet.
  6. They gave me a 98 for 1 incorrect answer. But I compared my answer key to the one online and had all the answers correct.
  7. Awesome I'm part of that session. I had no wrong answers so I also sent an appeal. Thanks for the info!
  8. That's true. And from what I have been seeing a couple people in the 100s already got the email.
  9. With there being 60 per class it might be a while before we start getting these medical emails.
  10. Thanks I must have read wrong somewhere
  11. Is there not a June 4th class?
  12. 5/16 still waiting too. Let's see with there being a 6/4 class 🤞
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