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  1. If any station needs a renovation for AC, it’s West 4th Street. On a similar note, have they ever considered a turnstyle- like complex at any other stations? West 4th seems highly trafficked enough that it could sustain commercial businesses in its empty mezzanine.
  2. Did it get stuck at the bottom because it was unable to climb back up the tube?
  3. However, unlike Fulton Center this would be an immense improvement as navigating the very narrow side platforms is far more difficult and dangerous than the wide platform. That being said, they might look to build a mezzanine (or at least widen the platforms) to make the complex ADA compliant.
  4. Did the MTA ever consider a Bowery- Grand Street transfer? Also to add on, getting rid of the will also make Canal also overburdened- the need to navigate the bridge platforms there make the complex a pain in the ass to traverse. The MTA should have a built a direct mezzanine a while ago with direct access to the , , and .
  5. Has there ever been a proposal to do this full time? (Running to Rockaway Blvd that is.)
  6. As far as I am aware most mainstream politicians didn't take secession after 2008/2012 seriously. The current Republican party may be a disaster but their antics shouldn't be an excuse to dissolve the union. I wouldn't seriously consider it unless they started to crack down on most civil liberties (ex. banning abortion) or undertook some foreign policy disaster. The country is far stronger united on a global scale and I fear splitting it will leave a global power vacuum that an authoritarian regime such as China will be more than happy to occupy. Trump and his type, like the Nixon crew, will be out sooner or later and the younger generations are much more level headed in terms of policy and objectives. People like to act as if actions such as seceding are small but don't understand the implications and how much can change as a result of it.
  7. Yeah, let's break apart the union and massively shift global politics for some $. Senate Republicans may not have great foresight, but I'm sure they are somewhat aware of how much money their states get from NY and are also aware of the ramifications of the nation's most financially prominent state declaring bankruptcy.
  8. Doubt it. Skip stop kills frequency on Jamaica and most riders would probably prefer a more frequent all stop service to today.
  9. Where do the expresses and super expresses stop?
  10. Given that Prince Andrew will likely only step in to save what brings him nice ribbon cuttings, here's how I see projects going: Most likely saved: ESA Elevator installations already in progress R211s 50/50 chance: Service cuts - elimination? CBTC delays (excluding places where work is underway already) R262 delivery pushed back further Elimination or trimming down of late night service Most likely DOA: Bus network - Borough redesigns will be a trojan horse for service cuts Station renovations - Most will be cut and projects like the Nostrand exit reopening will probably be quietly terminated Replacements for R68s - those cars will probably be around much longer and reach their late 40s/early 50s
  11. Do you remember the approximate time when he posted it?
  12. Has there ever been a comparison to see which train to Coney Island is the fastest (depending on weekend/weekdays, where there is work. etc.)?
  13. I recall seeing a photo of R44s at Fresh Pond Road from the 1970s when they were testing the cars.
  14. Can we please stop with the double and triple-posting
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