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  1. R68OnBroadway

    Worst MTA/NICE/BEE-LINE Bus Route?

    57th street crosstowns are slow as hell. Took 20 mins to go from York/61st to 3rd/57th on the M31. Another time the 31 was bunched and bustime didn't know it so I had to take the subway since I didn't know how much longer it would take for the bus to show up.
  2. R68OnBroadway

    De-interlining: Problem or Solution?

    As a long-term plan deinterlining Rodgers would occur once Nostrand is extended to Av X (stops at Av J, Av N- Kings Highway, Av S, Av U and Av X). This terminal would be designed like 168th and Broad, but fumigation would only be used if the train was to be taken out of service, given that a second operator boarded at the back when the train arrived. Once it is deinterlined, work on Utica can begin (if it has not started yet). As for the yard access issue, you could replace the x-crossover by Brooklyn Museum with a pocket track accessible from both ends (like the one at Crescent) to turn the trains from the yard without blocking others in service. While yard access is an issue, having trains turn around would be much more preferable to having the inefficient and capacity-crunching layout at Rogers now with all the lines crossing over each other. Just a reminder, deinterling Rogers also would involve building a track from the SB local track to the SB Nostrand track.
  3. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I know Whitehall is a rather poor terminal, but if City Hall lower is built out, what would its turning capacity be?
  4. R68OnBroadway

    Queens Women is the new voice of the subway

    I always pronounced it House-ton. Didn't know why some people got Hew-stuhn considering it's mentioned so often... do that many people pronounce it wrong?
  5. R68OnBroadway

    What are the best MTA Bus route

    I don't have any favorite routes- most of them suck, but the 57th crosstowns are awful. They come infrequently and are slow and bunched.
  6. R68OnBroadway

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    Would making 59th and express stop and 72nd local make more sense?
  7. R68OnBroadway

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    I would just extend both lines to 179- sure ridership may be lower but 179th is built better to be a terminal.
  8. R68OnBroadway

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Dang. I used to ride those on the M79 all the time-when the Novas came I disliked them as they had much darker lighting and looked uglier. Now I understand they must go, but it still sucks that they and the RTSs will be gone soon... the Orion VIIs on the M7/10/104 will be the only buses I regularly rode still in service.
  9. R68OnBroadway

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Would 2-tracked lower level terminal for the work better?
  10. R68OnBroadway

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Outer tracks would be adjacent to the current tracks, but you could build a lower level if that is better.
  11. R68OnBroadway

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    How feasible is it to add express tracks to 2nd (or side tracks) but on the outer ends on the platforms (the express-local setup seen on the red line on the Chicago L near Howard)? Doing this allows for greater capacity and increased service along the line, and could permit the to run to 125th and then run crosstown while the and could operate to the Bronx and have an express-local setup there along Third or Webster. You could also eliminate the express service addition but still have outer tracks at 72nd so you could send the there and still have 2 terminating tracks for it.
  12. R68OnBroadway

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    That would probably not work as it could further clog up the area. Another thing: Why won't the MTA suggest some people take the B39? Traffic on the bridge would be low enough for it to operate faster, and if you could extend the line to the Broadway lines you could attract some people if they wanted to transfer.
  13. What parts of the yard did they think about decking over? Anyways though, if they are to deck over the yard, build a park and if space allows, build some rent-controlled or rent-stabilized housing.
  14. R68OnBroadway

    Light Rail in NYC?

    No way it will work considering that the M42 is the slowest bus route in the city.
  15. R68OnBroadway

    MNRR & LIRR Planned/Unplanned Service Changes

    Probably none of them


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