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  1. R68OnBroadway

    MTA chief: I made turnstile jumper buy a MetroCard

    People are always going to fare evade. There is nothing you can do about. Making fare evasion a felony has to be the most ridiculous and draconian punishment for it. Legalism sounds good on paper but does not work well in practice. Should I be discriminated against and even potentially have rights stripped if I had to jump the turnstile once or twice when I didn't have enough for the fare?
  2. R68OnBroadway

    MTA chief: I made turnstile jumper buy a MetroCard

    A felony? Are you nuts? It should be just a fineable offense.
  3. R68OnBroadway

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    How bad is the weather in terms of walking? The buses are at a standstill but the subway seems to be relatively fine, wondering if more people are staying at work or taking the subway and walking home instead.
  4. R68OnBroadway

    MTA chief: I made turnstile jumper buy a MetroCard

    What I was saying was that while I do not support fare evasion, enforcement of it is more expensive than its effect, and it's often used more as a political excuse than a genuine one. It's also less prevalent than people think. You also have to think how little a dent this is in the MTA's finances. Remember that most of their $ is needed for salaries, so anything like what Byford mentioned is more of a publicity stunt or PR gimmick than an actual solution to the MTA's woes.
  5. R68OnBroadway

    MTA chief: I made turnstile jumper buy a MetroCard

    This whole fare evasion thing is just a distractor from the fact that ridership is dropping due to unreliable service. While the buses are a different story, I personally think people going nuts over subway fare evasion is rather ridiculous. In most cases it happens because of people can't pay, and this upcoming budget crisis isn't going to help. Also, fare evasion enforcement costs more $ than the amount lost, so it would really be just another expense to add the MTA's financial woes, which means more fare hikes, which means more turnstile jumpers.
  6. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    The wouldn't be there anyways as it would operate to Bay Ridge instead. If capacity is a problem, cut the and run the Essex-Bay Ridge instead.
  7. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    How about we do this then: unchanged now express in Brooklyn and south of 59th; extended to Lefferts unchanged WTC- somewhere on Union Tpk via Union Tpk local, QBL local, 53rd and so on now operates to Metropolitan now operates as Jamaica El express now express on Hillside and on Culver with Bergen lower reopened operates 179th-Church via QBL local, 63rd, 6th local and Culver local extended to Kings Highway Fordham Plaza-CI via 3rd, 2nd and so on 125th-St.Nicholas- CI via 125th, 2nd and so on. Astoria/LGA- Euclid unchanged now operates Bowery or Canal-Bay Ridge somewhere on Union Tpk-CI via Union Tpk express, bypass, 2nd express and so on 72nd lower-Brighton beach via 2nd local and so on eliminated
  8. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Sorry for doubling-posting (this is a result of the edit time expiring), but how far do the tail tracks past Norwood go, and does anything preclude them from traveling under the Bronx River to run under Burke?
  9. Forgot the brown stains, but at least the maps get them after a little time on display.
  10. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    What if we de-interlined using this method: RPK/FRock-207th now express on Fulton, Lefferts-168th Fordham Plaza- Coney Island via 3rd, 2nd, Broadway express and so on 125th St-Broadway or St. Nicholas Av- CI via 125th, 2nd, Broadway express and so on LGA/Astoria- Euclid (provided a new tunnel is built that can connect to the Hoyt local tracks just after passing the museum) Somewhere on Union Turnpike- Whitehall St or City Hall lower via UT local, QBL local and so on Bay Ridge- Essex 72nd lower-Tottenville via 2nd express, Water St and SIR from Stapleton and on Metropolitan-somewhere along Union Turnpike via new Union Turnpike express ( takes local), bypass, and a new 72nd St tunnel), 2nd local, Chrystie and so on (local stops on 2nd would be 65th, 34th St, 23rd St-Peter Cooper Village, and 8th St/St Marks) This pattern allows for several improvements like a subway to SI, better Fulton local service, an increase in TPH for Bay Ridge riders, and a one seat ride to the East Side from Queens with rather minimal construction for parts of SAS that would be hard to fix- you'd only need a new lower level for 72nd, and if you were really tight on $, you could nix the 72nd tunnel and use 63rd (which I think is a poor idea as it prevents more service- it sucks you can't use the lower level either because of the boondoggle called ESA).
  11. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    They should lengthen the platforms as well, should help with more capacity provided that a new power source is added to allow for more trains as well.
  12. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I'm talking about the Eastern division part- is it some result of the tunnel or is due to platforms at Essex?
  13. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Why can Chrystie fit only 480 ft trains?
  14. R68OnBroadway

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    I don't mean to open a speculative can of worms here, but why did they only preserve one R44 car which essentially guarantees it will never operate again? Do they plan to preserve a 2 or 4 car R46 in place of it?
  15. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It's a zoetrope that you can see on the wall between on the NB local track between DeKalb and the bridge- there should be more information on it from the Wikipedia page.


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