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  1. If I'm correct, the is the only line with a "C" or above (I think it has like a 70-something percent on-time rating).
  2. BQX Disenfranchise Low Income Neighborhoods

    If the BQX is built, I worry it will tarnish the reputation of any LRT to be built in the city.
  3. I forgot to say that I would not put in PSDs until the is automated. However, I would not automate the until automation technology is tested on the Franklin as both routes involve the following: -minimal switching -rather straightforward routes -self contained lines with one car class type
  4. Bus diagrams

    Can someone post the diagrams to the following buses: -GMC RTS -Grumman Flxible -Gillig Phantom Thank you!
  5. I would at least install PSDs at Union Sq due to the fact that it gets dangerously overcrowded. If someone overruns, I would have the train just dump its passengers at the next stop (which will not have PSDs).
  6. R179 Discussion Thread

    CPW does have ridiculous headways on weekends.
  7. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Ideas for Fordham Road extension: train option: To do this, I would do the following: -fold 148th back into Lenox Yard -lengthen the platforms at 145th to accommodate 10-car trains, also install elevators - around the 148th st curve, the will head deeper under the Harlem River Drive and connect with the and at 155th Street. The line will then run under the Harlem River to the MNR ROW, where it will resurface at the two junkyards by Highbridge. After the bridge, it will run over the Major Deegan to Fordham with stops at the MNR stations. Line will then run either underground (cut and cover must be used) or as an elevated. Stops at Grand Concourse, Southern Blvd, White Plains Road, Williamsbridge Rd, Eastchester Rd, and Pelham Bay Pk. train option: is extended east under Fordham to Pelham Bay Pk with same stops mentioned (minus ones west of Concourse) train option: is extended over to Fordham Rd. Stop at University Heights replaced with a stop at University Av, then continues on with earlier stops mentioned.
  8. R188 Discussion Thread

    Does this mean all 62As are off the ?
  9. Cops block sidewalks

    Cops also do this in bus lane. Let's hope that in 2021 we get a mayor who wants to take on the corrupt cops.
  10. What's your worst commute experience?

    This isn't really part of a daily commute but I did do this for a week or so 2 years ago: I was staying with a friend near Fresh Pond Rd on the . One night I left the UES around 10:45 and caught one of the last M15 SBSs. I got to Delancey-Essex around 11:05 only to find service to Manhattan had ended at 11, so I need to take the to Myrtle. I then wait 45 minutes for a , the worst part being that a Broad Street-bound one had arrived after 10 minutes and should have been back by now. I eventually give up and have to wait for a few cabs to take me to Queens. I am never taking the during late nights again.
  11. Don't forget: Who needs unnatural vaccines when you have radiation to kill every disease?
  12. 42nd Street Shuttle Update

    That might not be that bad of an idea in case there is meltdown on one of the lines.
  13. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Why do they say it runs via the and lines as if it is heading towards Forest Hills? Are they trying to confuse people?
  14. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What a surprise... not.


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