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  1. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Currently we have been discussing much about deinterlining Broadway and Queens, but we have the problem of losing CPW service to 50th Street. This might not work, but what if we built a new lower level for the at 42nd below the tracks so we can have the switch off the express tracks south of 50th instead of north of it? If this is infeasible however, it's not much of a problem as the stops a block away and connects to the both the and at 59th and 42nd.
  2. R68OnBroadway

    2017 Subway Ridership

    It's probably lower because a good portion of the people there transfer, and turnstile jumping is maybe also a factor given that it is in East New York.
  3. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Which set? I was on a set with 1864 a while ago (it had no A/C), and it seemed as if other cars were rather empty while the rest were SRO (which were the ones that had A/C).
  4. R68OnBroadway

    2017 Subway Ridership

    I'd implement congestion pricing on the Queensboro, Triboro (all directions to avoid people detouring through the Bronx), Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges plus the Queens Midtown and Brooklyn Battery tunnels from 6 AM - 10 (or 9) PM weekdays. 100% of these funds would be in a dedicated lockbox to go to the MTA, which should add extra revenue without raising taxes or costs on the majority of NYers. Deliveries to business would be encouraged to happen overnight, and the tolls on the Throgs Neck and Whitestone bridges would be removed to allow for LIers/Queens/Brooklyn to leave the island without paying tolls.
  5. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I used 86th and 81st from 2010-2012 when I went to school, and 81st was spotless then and had beautiful artwork. Went back there recently and the station is a wreck. Water has leaked everywhere, rusting everything and ruining the beautiful tiling and artwork... they definitely need to close the station to replace the tiles, add an elevator, and do some waterproofing work once they are done with the other CPW stations.
  6. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Was on the about two weeks ago and every car I was in had no A/C... I wonder how happy train crews and summer commuters will be when the 62A replacement cars come in.
  7. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    SI to Hanover may not seem beneficial now, but it most likely will be in the long run. We can't keep going on about how certain areas are too underdeveloped to justify service to, but most of the time lack of transit is what is truly holding that area back. It's about time we build a subway to a vast area with the purpose of transit-related development and improving traveling rather than just the latter. By building a subway to Staten Island, we can unlock the last borough and improve our housing crisis with a greater amount of viable land. We can also help people move from cramped areas to quieter ones similarly to how the made Queens viable to live in. The subway itself has been built to seemingly-distant areas plenty of times only for those areas to have more people move there because the subway makes it now viable as a place to live. We should look to "unlock" other areas, but isn't Staten Island worth a shot?
  8. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    When I mean Parsons, I mean Parsons-Archer (too lazy to type the full name). Greater bus service might do well for Red Hook now, but sooner or later you will need to have rail service in the area- it will help develop the area and give greater access of the people there to jobs. Unfortunately, the only lines that you could extend without branching are the and , but the South Ferry station is too high and a extension might be a problem in the long run. I suppose we could extend the tail tracks of the at Broad south to a new tunnel to Red Hook with a stop at Governors Island. After that, it could run under Wolcott/Lorraine Streets with stops at Van Brunt and Clinton Streets. From there you could have it curve to Prospect Av, have it stop at Prospect Av (new station will be called 4th Av- Prospect Av). After that it can run under Prospect and connect with the lower level express tracks before terminating at Church. I wouldn't advocate for this, but if you are going to build a subway to Red Hook, you might as well build it this way.
  9. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    We should open up SI too... we shouldn't just look at current boroughs and areas, we should look to other as well. Anyways, I came up with a plan for Queens and its transit options (remember, the and are expresses from Webster). Broadway/Astoria/QBL: Phase 1: Deinterline Broadway by sending the and to 125th/Broadway via 2nd Av local. Send the to Astoria and the to Forest Hills once 36th-38th becomes a revenue yard. Phase 2: Extend the to LGA via 19th Av with a potential stop at 20th Av. We may have NIMBYs, but we can't have our airports be embarrassments thanks to two blocks of people. If Robert Moses could build shi*tty highways through neighborhoods, we can build a single elevated structure for a few streets. The city and country do not revolve around Astoria. Phase 3: Once reconstruction of the Myrtle Curve is complete as well as WillyB signal improvements, if the can achieve 12-15 TPH, the can be removed from QBL and sent to Astoria, the can run via QBL local and 53rd, the can run to Parsons via 63rd/QBL express, and the can run to 179th via QBL express and 63rd. Platforms on the eastern division stops could be lengthened to allow for 10-car or 9-car trains. The here would be cut back to City Hall, terminating on the lower level there which will be reopened. The would merge with the using new switches just north of 50th but after the switches to 6th to avoid merging with the . 50th upper would be closed at all time except late nights when the does not run and the is local. Northern Queens: This new line, called the (P), will run from Red Hook to Port Washington via 2nd local and the Port Washington branch. This line will split from SAS after 72nd, make a stop at 79th/York, then continue into Queens. In Queens, the line will run via Broadway with a transfer to the before turning under QBL at Steinway and running to Woodside, where it will emerge and connect to the PW branch tracks. The line will run as a super-express for people past Flushing, providing a cheaper and more frequent ride to Manhattan than the LIRR, taking a great load off the , which could see an extension to Bay Terrace/Fort Totten via Parsons and Willets Point Blvd. The , another 2nd local line to Queens could also operate on this line but would branch off before or after Murray Hill to run to Whitestone/Beechurst via 154th Street. This new (P) would run to PW, but several stops would be renamed or relocated. Flushing Main St ---> Kissena Blvd-Main St Murray Hill would be extended to 149th St and renamed as such using eminent domain. Broadway ---> Northern Blvd- Murray Hill Auburndale ---> relocated to Francis Lewis Blvd and renamed as such. Bayside ---> Bell Blvd Douglaston stays the same. Little Neck ---> Little Neck Parkway All stations past Great Neck retain their regular names. Potential later extensions: The could be extended past Forest Hills to Union Turnpike, where it would then split from QBL and run along Union Turnpike to Little Neck Pkwy or Bell Blvd. 75th would become a full time stop, and the would merge off after Union Tpke to stop at Briarwood before heading to 179th (the would still skip Briarwood though). The could be extended north from Metropolitan to College Point via 69th St, Grand Av, LIE service roads, and College Point Blvd. This connects College Point to the with a subway and helps relieve crowding on the Q58. At some other point, I will also make new services plans for Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx and maybe create a new future subway map, so any feedback would be great. Thanks!
  10. R68OnBroadway

    2038 Subway Map

    I don't know why people keep on bringing up the idea of tying the into Jerome... the last thing we need is more reverse branching, and if we do this, we just limited gained capacity from fixing Rogers. For now I think we should leave the alone and wait until demand is needed in an underserved area, but if feasible in the future, we could extend it north to be a crosstown line, or we could do something nuts like extend it across 161st/ 163rd and then Bruckner to Throgs Neck or something like that.
  11. R68OnBroadway

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Considering the area, guy is probably a farebeater, so why delay everyone for an injured person who doesn't pay? (/joke for the idiots that don't understand it)
  12. R68OnBroadway

    2038 Subway Map

    There's really no need to say this anymore as he won't change his mind... stop beating a dead horse. We don't need to go through all this crap again. The should be extended down Nostrand to Avenue U (To X if water table permits) to better serve that area as Utica could take a while. You could have it stop at Avenue J, Kings Highway, Avenue R, and Avenue U, with tail tracks to Avenue W (tail tracks to Avenue Z if the line ends at Avenue X). After this, it should be made so that the runs with the down Nostrand, the runs to New Lots via local past Franklin, and the runs express to Utica. If yard access for the becomes a problem, you could extend the tracks past Lenox to Concourse at 152nd, which allows for the to go to Concourse Yard. To allow for the to move to Concourse and to ensure New Lots does not close, the will move to New Lots while the will move to Concourse.
  13. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    For now, I think we should only build a stop at Union, close Hewes/Lorimer, and rebuild Myrtle using the old upper level and a Lewis Av curve. The rest should be put up for later consideration.
  14. R68OnBroadway

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Sometimes you have to use eminent domain... if we continued to not build certain things because every Tom and Harry didn't want to lose something, we would get nowhere. You could do that, but closing a station with no replacement will annoy people even if it was barely used, like Aqueduct Racetrack. What we should do is build the station and use eminent domain to remove the gas station and flower shop. Once they are both removed, construction can begin. Only about half of the gas station property would be needed for the station, so during construction we can build up the other half of the lot and put the flower shop there, leaving only the gas station without property. We could then relocate the gas station to Throop/Broadway/Lorimer in that empty parking lot. By combining these two stations, we have now a much busier station that has a connection to another line and also serves a major street, boosting business there. Also remember Hewes is 371 and Lorimer is 295 in ridership, so it's not like this stop is going to be packed.
  15. R68OnBroadway

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Here is my plan for the Jamaica/Nassau lines: Problems of the line: Capacity constraints from old curves Stops spaced too closely together Stops placed on small streets instead of more major ones Dilapidated infrastructure Poor routing in comparison to the Solutions: Manhattan: Bowery will undergo a complete top-to bottom renovation, closing the station from 1 to 3 years. Potential weekend extension of service to Broad or Chambers Street for more connections. Potential renovation of the center platform and the linking of its track to the local tracks for a new Chambers-Bay Ridge service in case of the going to Fulton. Brooklyn/Queens: Hewes and Lorimer are replaced with a unified station at Union Av with a free transfer and passageway to the . Myrtle Junction is rebuilt by doing the following: A new branch off the Jamaica-bound Queens track runs down Lewis Av and curves onto the old Myrtle upper level track and will later run connect to the old NB track at the Central junction. The old NB track will either be converted to a night-time only track or will be removed, which would result in the old SB local track at Myrtle being rebuilt for short-turns/late night service. A new elevated structure is built over Jamaica Avenue between Broadway Junction and Cypress. Stops at Arlington, Elton, and Logan streets. This new structure would also be three-tracked. Arlington and Elton will be local stops while Logan will be an express stop. Addition of a third track to the line between Cypress and 121st as well as a new substation for it. Conversion of Woodhaven into an express stop. This will be done by doing the following: Construction of a temporary middle platform in the station between the two current tracks. Old outer platforms are demolished. New tracks are built where the old platforms were. New platforms are built over the current outer tracks. (Trains will be forced to bypass this station between 3 and 4, but this could be remedied by only doing one track at a time.) The center temporary platform is demolished to make way for the new express track. Platforms at 104th St could be extended west for a future RBB transfer. Same happens with a 121st platform extension west to the Lower Montauk.


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