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  1. Isn’t there a lot of support for reopening Nostrand’s mezzanines and exits due to the crowding at the station?
  2. Random thought: Which line do you guys consider ugliest: Nassau, Fulton, or Concourse?
  3. I swear using the broken-half-the-time machines at LGA are so annoying... just make the Q70 free if we’re all going to the subway anyways...
  4. The M96 I could see getting SBS later. The M42 is so damn slow and has so much traffic I doubt SBS will make a difference (you also have the and being much faster in the center).
  5. If there is ever a local/express split between the then whichever route runs via Culver local should end at Church with the to 18th middle. There’s really no reason for the local to go past Church as nobody wants a slower train and the doesn’t need another merge. If we also go for 10-15 tph on the local to keep good headways, you’ll never be able to turn that many trains at Kings Highway. When it comes to which line from Queens runs express, it should be from QBL express as that line would run further out and thus need a shorter runtime to prevent reliability issues, especially given its longer distance. (Now before you talk about the longer QBL local route, you would cut everything from that line south of Church so it would be more justified to run whichever line was already express.)
  6. I forgot to mention that the platforms would be extended, but then again you could just swap the and . (Thinking about it though, it makes more sense so the s crowds are from mainly QBL while the s are mainly from northern Brooklyn.)
  7. I’d consider B a pipe dream given the MTA’s lack of thoughtful planning. It would also be difficult in terms of transfers as you’d only have transfers to 6th and 8th (maybe have a Spring-Houston transfer for 7th access). With it considered thought, here’s my way to structure service: Have the run out there via 8th local ( express south of 59th) with the to Metropolitan and the to WTC. Benefits of this plan is that you can get more terminals for the but you would need to rebuild Myrtle Junction and make some bridge improvements or you’d be forcing service to be stuck at 10 tph.
  8. I seriously doubt any conductor or T.O. will be happy being stuck on the any longer than they are now on the weekend given all the flagging and schedule padding...
  9. Maybe run both the local in Manhattan and then have the run Whitehall-Bay Ridge? (I would schedule lower Broadway and Broadway express work at this time and end Manhattan bridge G.Os).
  10. The problem is that unless you either cut the express or local trains back to 2nd, there’s really no way you can have decent Culver express service without some radical changes. In the end, these are your options: a) Have the go back to Nassau and run Metropolitan-Bay Ridge with beefed up service (I’m talking 30+ TPH with tail tracks at 8th and short turn tracks at Atlantic and the like) coupled with major transfer overhauls (4th track at Essex and then closing the NB platform to kill that curve, Bowery-Grand transfer, a mezzanine under Walker St between the tunnel and Nassau platforms with a connection to the so that you won’t use the bridge platforms unless you are actually heading there). In the future I’d have 6th service return by having the to Metropolitan, to Jamaica, Essex-Bay Ridge, and the and another 2nd service run 72nd lower- West End/Brighton express. Problems with this plan are that Phase 3 will take a while and that you’ll be counting on the MTA to be competent in constructing it (ha). The here would run Forest Hills- Church Av via the local the whole way while the runs express and the goes to 18th middle; under this condition you wouldn’t rebuild Bergen lower since you would have decent service on both levels. b) Add a connection to 8th Av local. This means that you would send the local after 50th and have say the run out to Jamaica ( to Metropolitan and the to Jamaica Center to avoid confusion). This plan is in all honesty a pipe dream (when I proposed it earlier it was really just a fantasy proposal given all the issues it would bring up). c) Try to squeeze more capacity out of Queens through aggressive deinterlining. Under this you would have the via QBL express/63rd with each running 10 TPH while the runs local from Forest Hills to WTC ( runs express as said in the last proposal). Biggest issues with this are that you’d be pissing off a shit ton of QBL riders by ending express service to 8th/53rd and you’d have to split the between Hillside and Archer to maintain decent service which would be confusing (the would also have to run 9 car trains or have platform extensions to not lose space from 8 car trains). As for Broadway you would have to 96th with to Astoria). In the end if I needed to pick something I’d probably go with A reluctantly as I’d only support it if the MTA made plans to send the out to northern Brooklyn. I’m not going to bother with B and C is only a little better IMO as the furthest I’d go with QBL changes is the plan I’ve proposed before as anything more will screw up people’s commutes and lead to tons of transferring at Roosevelt. I’d only consider C if the plan, CBTC with service increases, and the R211s fail to control QBL dwells and crowding.
  11. I love how these same people who talk about how we can’t get rid of service act like we can somehow swap roles on Culver without any complaints... they cut two trains during the rush and some pols are already annoyed...
  12. My bad-I looked back and saw I read the wrong schedule- I figured something was up and assumed it was a case of the MTA having missing trains (hence why I said “actually”).
  13. I seriously doubt that QBP can’t handle both the - the is scheduled to run 6 tph while the runs 10 tph. Assuming that the actually runs at 10 tph, you’ll have at most 16 tph to turn at QBP, which isn’t difficult to do (look at Crown Heights and 168th).
  14. Why not just have it run to Queensboro Plaza? (Or if you want to go crazy, have the run local in Manhattan for Broadway express work and have the terminate on the express tracks at 42nd).

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