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  1. Has 110th Street been reopened or are trains skipping it?
  2. Does anyone have pictures of the damage?
  3. I’d expect some 2010-esque cuts- the subway will take a hit but it’ll probably be the buses that really suffer.
  4. Say goodbye to phase 2 of SAS and ESA for 5 more years... looks as if the biggest capital project that will get done at this point will be the Nostrand Avenue exit re-openings...
  5. Can someone update me on the current car assignments by line?
  6. Was anyone riding Broadway around the time of the broken rail today? Did service operate any bit smoother with a merge at 57 vs 34.
  7. Hey mods can we have a post purge here to clean up the spamming on the thread? Thank you. @Deucey @Lance
  8. Which cars were the absolute worst to work on (including now-retired ones)?
  9. IIRC the reason for that is timers which start around 96th. One thing that is nice about the R179s is that they accelerate faster.
  10. Where can you see the retired R42s and R32s now? Are they sitting idle at 207? If so, are they at the scrap area (by 215th) or are they at where the museum trains are layed up (by 207th).
  11. I don’t really see why we need an extension of the past 95th... the distance is walkable and there is plenty of storage along the already if it is sent to Astoria- Astoria middle, 86th relay, Whitehall, city hall lower, etc.
  12. You can't make out the numbers here, but this link from google maps shows a single SIR car and a 4 car set of R44s sitting at CI yard.
  13. Which station is better to see the retired cars awaiting scrapping; 207th or 215th?
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