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  1. Could crowds potentially decrease at least a little by rerouting the up SAS (the thought process for this being that an increase in SAS frequencies could entice some Brooklyn bound riders to switch over).
  2. Ditto for the ... 3rd-138th, yada yada Hunts Point, yada yada Parkchester...
  3. via 6th local to Norwood suspended via Rutgers/6th local to Inwood to 96th via 6th local/63rd via Crosstown to Chambers
  4. How did you get yours to work? I keep on trying to change mine but it says that the image is too big...
  5. I'd imagine a to Co-Op would run on the east side on the Thruway after PBP and end in the space between Bartow and the offramp and Baychester/95. If you wanted, you could eminent domain that lot at the 95/Erskine and have a stop there to serve southern Co-Op but you could just skip over that and have the people there continue to use the Bx23.
  6. Can I have two large: B OCEAN PKWY B 6 AV EXP B CENTRAL PK W LCL
  7. two sections: 36th-CI and Norwood-59th via Crosstown Two sections: Whitehall-CI and Astoria-34th NB service as normal; very limited SB service-any extra trains are terminated at 34th via 60th to Herald Sq
  8. JFK is a rather major jobs center in the area and I would argue that it would be useful to have a rail connection between it and a large chunk of Queens (it would take a large load off the buses heading there). As for the issue of QBL being overloaded, you could maybe try and extend the line to LIC on the LIRR if you wanted to kill that issue...
  9. The point of reactivating the RBB for RX usage would be not as a faster way to Manhattan (just kill skip stop on the for that) but to better link western Queens with the southern end of Queens.
  10. It amazes me how we still haven't deinterlined Broadway at 34th- it's a complete killer in terms of capacity and is unneeded as Broadway express does not benefit Astoria since most people are off by 34th anyways... To get back on topic to the study, would it be possible to make the line part of some RX-like system and have it via the LIRR ROW from the Bay Ridge Branch to the Rockaway junction?
  11. Solution: 1.Rockaway runs normally 2. Pass me what you are smoking
  12. Could they maybe store some trains at CI and run them up Brighton express after the ends so they have a second route to the rest of the B division? It would take longer, but it would have far less of an impact than sending the trains up 4th.
  13. Given how crap weekend service is, I'm surprised the line past Rockaway (and especially RPK) even has ridership at all... should be rather telling that the ferry to Fulton Street is faster than a direct subway ride to that very same place...
  14. What is the status on yard assignments and car deliveries?

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