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  1. Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    At least they were honest this time and said something was following rather than a "police investigation" or "signal problem in area"
  2. As for my view, I would hire and train him to see how he does. Also, since he has such extensive knowledge of the system, could he maybe work in one of the departments?
  3. Wasn't there some teen in the 80s who "hijacked" a R44 and nearly drove it round trip before derailing on a switching when going too fast?
  4. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    Would it make sense to swap and fleets to speed up dwell times on Lex?
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    Currently with all option exercised, 1695 cars can be delivered, but only 1175 are planned. Retiring all B-division OTTs would allow for 210 extra cars to expand the fleet (if 1695 are delivered), but I doubt the MTA is considering this as if they were, they would have ordered some non-SIR single units to replace the Franklin R68s. However, considering how late new MTA rolling stock comes in, they could retire all 75 footers and then reconfigure some R160s or R179s to be married or triplet pairs for Franklin service.
  6. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    Typically MTA half-assing everything
  7. Cuomo would probably line the tunnels with quartz and build stations will caverns half a mile long.
  8. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    It's not a waste of money if it is useful. To keep costs low, I would fold 148th into Lenox Yard (the platform could be used for employees), and lengthen 145th to 10 cars (as well as remove that diamond crossover). A new short tunnel to the Bronx will be built, and the line will run to Pelham Pkwy/Stillwell Av via Sedgwick Av, Fordham Road, and Pelham Pkwy. Stops: Yankees-153rd (MNR) Sedgwick/Fordham Grand Concourse (in-system free transfer to , OOS free transfer to ) Southern Blvd Boston/WP Rd Esplanade/Pelham Pkwy () Stillwell Av If you wanted you could add stops on Sedgwick Av, but I would not advise this. You could also have it link to Dyre at Pelham Parkway and have it run to Eastchester, but that makes the line less attractive.
  9. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    My view: Triboro RX to the Bronx seems like overkill, and by there you have reached Amtrak trains on the NEC. A station at 31st (Astoria-Ditmars) is unlikely to happen due interference with the and . Just end it at Northern Blvd. Sending the to Bedford is a waste of money. If you extend the to the Bronx, you can either build under the Major Deegan directly to Fordham to allow for a fast ride to Manhattan, and then have it curve crosstown. Another option would be to extend the under Jerome and then have it curve across Fordham to Co-Op City. This eliminates the need for LRT and allows for a more useful in the Bronx. The can also run to Woodlawn via this new tunnel, replacing the EL and allowing a 4-track underground line ( local and express south of Fordham) , but the MDE option is better imo. I would also extend the to Co-Op City.
  10. East 177th Street is coming back

    Do the secondary names of the Rockaway stations (with the exception of 67th-Arverne By the Sea) have any purpose anymore? I know that 98th doesn't since Playland is long gone.
  11. Cuomo-style about $40 billion
  12. R179 Discussion Thread

    Injured I would expect, but regularly people were killed? I searched for that but I could not fine anyone being killed, just injured. Do you know how many people were killed by faulty doors?
  13. NYC Light-Rails: Proposals & Ideas

    No, I'm just saying that it would be difficult to build it on the Queensboro. Not impossible, but difficult.
  14. NYC Light-Rails: Proposals & Ideas

    Second Av from 62nd to 57th is always backed up from traffic. 63rd can also get issues as most people make a left there and three lanes turning left really slow it down, especially with a light 100 ft away. Restructuring the bridge will put more traffic on the upper level, which leads to backup on 2nd, which leads to backup on 63rd which then heads onto the bridge. You can't really build a separate bridge unless it is super high due to ships passing Roosevelt Island on the Manhattan side.
  15. How did you discover NYC Transit Forums?

    I first came across this site around 2014-2015 when looking for some info on which 60ft B division SMEEs were still on property/preserved. I eventually came back in July 2017 and after viewing a few forums, decided to create and account.


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