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  1. While the R42 numbers don't shock me, how did the 68s do so poorly while the 68As are fine? Also, have the R62s been getting smsed? That's a pretty good increase.
  2. Glad to see the push for more TPH on the , I always found it ridiculous that they didn't look to have 30+ tph given CBTC and high ridership. Hope they add tail tracks at 8th and maybe some turnback ones at Atlantic to faciliate this...
  3. Ridership began to decline again in August 2018... I wonder why 🤨
  4. It was sarcasm with a touch of truth (I always take the over the since all the crazy sh*t always happens on the )
  5. If y'all were smart you would take the ...
  6. The only way I could see this being fixed is if they demolished the bridge and built a new one that was higher (maybe build a new bridge adjacent to the old one and then shut down the line for a month or two while connecting the leads?)
  7. I have the same hopes too given that Byford is around, but I hope he can hold out until Cuomo is out the door...
  8. I'd imagine that even with CBTC and no AWS, the TA would probably still install CBTC on at least the TOMC and Holiday Train if possible... if they have to retrofit work trains with it they might as well do it for the main vintage trains...
  9. I read the proposal and stated that the extension was bad to rule out that part. As for the , we have gone over this about 10 million times. While the cars would get extra mileage from deadheading, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.
  10. An extension of the to 179th is a poor idea as it should be removed from QBL entirely. ( to 96, to Astoria, eliminated) An extension of the is also a bad idea as the line doesn’t need to be longer and less reliable.
  11. 1. Chipotle 2. Panera 3. Indikitch 4. Dominos 5. Wendy’s
  12. If the lack of a connection to the is such a problem, then just send the Q35 to Newkirk Plaza via Flatbush and Foster and call it a day...

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