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  1. If they are planning to make Nostrand accessible, will they possibly reopen the closed mezzanine and build the street elevator there?
  2. Never understood why Transit didn't pay a little extra and run the to either Chambers or Broad on the weekend... (sorry for double-posting, couldn't quote this in my other post)
  3. This isn't technically a transfer, but an underpass at 50th between the two platforms would make getting to the UWS from Queens a lot easier (specifically on weekends without the running). Right now if you are coming from the you have to transfer at Times Square, from the you need to transfer at Rockefeller and then again at 59th, and from the you have to walk at least two blocks through the 42nd-8th mezzanine. By simply building an underpass (and having an elevator as well) you can save people a lot of walking and up to 10 mins (given that by the time you get to the uptown platform you could have just missed a train).
  4. R211s will probably go to the to replace older cars while the could get them to help with QBL crowds. It would be better to just give those R160s back to CI after the R211s start coming in.
  5. Why does it matter how long the cars have been there? Things change and it’s childish to refuse to ride a line because the cars are older. If riders can put up with R32s for 20+ years, you can ride the R46s for at least five until the R211s come.
  6. I don't like the R46s that much either, but it's rather immature for you to not ride at all just because there is subway car you do not like on your line. Get over it.
  7. Why didn’t the IND design QBL like CPW with a long express stretch to separate the riders closer to Manhattan from the ones further away? (which made the local trains more attractive). I’d imagine if they did, Jackson Heights would be a local stop at Woodhaven would be express. Would this have worked out better in terms of crowding or no?
  8. The only reason for the Culver shuttle being useful today would be its presence as a track connection in the event or service changes or yard moves. Even with that, it’s not worth rebuilding in its original state and a new extension to it is pointless.
  9. So it measures wheel rotations to mark the distance between stations? I thought it was controlled by a transponder or something like that on the tracks.
  10. How do you guys view this plan: Skip stop eliminated , 10 tph, same as today , 7.5 tph, local between Marcy and Broadway Junction , 7.5 tph, express between Marcy and Broadway Junction in the peak direction
  11. Why would anyone pull the brake in that situation? You’d just leave yourself stuck in the situation since the one way out (getting off at the next stop) would now be delayed... How stupidly some people act when panicked...
  12. Did the GE R32s operate as one full train or were they just random pairs? Also, what made the MK R42s be kept when they were just as bad as the rest of the outgoing fleet in 2007-2009?
  13. The is probably the most reliable B division line overall. It’s a great line given how few GOs it has on the weekend and how its minimal interlining make it one of the few lines to be about the same weekdays and weekends...
  14. Weren’t the GE cars some random oddballs that broke down a lot?
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