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  1. R32 C bound for Euclid just left Fulton at 11:27 AM; 3774 is the lead car.
  2. I think sending QBL locals to 179 has its merits (so long as the lines are not too long)... I don't really seem fumigation as a reason but instead see it as a way to speed up commute times for people at 179th and eliminate the merge at 75th... sure you would have one at Briarwood now but it could be more manageable.
  3. When I said New Utrecht I meant the platforms (not the platforms); thinking back at that though it could make more sense to terminate the at Bay Parkway or 86th to have extra room to layup trains.
  4. How many more 4 car sets need to be delivered?
  5. Here's an idea I have that could help de-interline QBL while providing relief to Astoria (feel free to give thoughts). WTC- Jamaica-179th via 8th, 53rd and QBL and Hillside local express east of Forest Hills unchanged Jamaica Center-Coney Island via QBL express, 63rd, Broadway express, bridge, 4th express and Sea Beach unchanged Astoria-Bay Ridge eliminated or rerouted to New Utrecht (a platform could be built over the SB express track to terminate trains A new passageway would also be built between Lex 63rd and Lex 59th. Please note that is proposal isn't something I would advocate greatly for given the interlining but is really a proposal just thrown out there.
  6. This video has a series of clips taken back in Summer 2018 when I was trying to find every car type on the J/Z(though they are not all shown here). This is my first video edited using iMovie so any feedback would be great! Enjoy!
  7. Could you film some on the Brooklyn IRT (Flatbush to Atlantic)?
  8. This may sound unrelated, but do you allow video requests?
  9. Had an idea for a new, short extension of a line to improve terminal capacity: The would be extended one stop south of its current terminus to Ocean Parkway. To account for this, new switches would be added from the layup tracks to the center tracks followed by a diamond crossover. Not exactly sure how much more tph could be gained, but I would say it makes sense to do this as without the limitation of the curve at Brighton, the could get a bump in frequency and ops.
  10. I think they don't do it because 5 digits are for work trains.
  11. Why were the platforms at Wall and Fulton built so narrow given how busy they were when they opened?
  12. I still think you could build one on Utica (which I would do south of Avenue D due to the water table) given how wide the street is and that there are very few residences along the street.
  13. Anyone else find it kind of funny that they still have Flushing airport here?
  14. Is CPW better now or is it still slow and timer-ridden?
  15. Under this scenario the would be moved to the 36th-38th St yard.

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