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  1. Beach 105th (my last OMNY station prediction) still hasn't been completed, so there is still a chance for my bet to be right...
  2. My guess is that the MTA will fix both those issues when the R211s come in - at that point there will be enough R211s and 5 car R179s for service, allowing the 4 car sets to be displaced to the for 480 ft trains.
  3. Out of curiosity, which car type tended to be the most problematic of the ones you operated?
  4. What's your view on sending the down to Kings Highway and terminating on the middle there?
  5. Seems like an idea that could make sense long term- it adds only a few minutes of runtime and can be done with simply adding some switches (IIRC 18th has crew quarters).
  6. Wasn't there a plan to extend the to 18th as part of the Canarsie shutdown?
  7. Another great place to get some stormy action is the Astoria line (around 36th is probably best). Would definitely recommend filming out there if storm conditions come in again. Great video!
  8. When it comes to MTA work reform, it’s not really the issue of pay being too high but it’s really just labor requirements being too high- you don’t need 10 people working a 4 man job.
  9. Have railfans been crowding the back window as well?
  10. If any station needs a renovation for AC, it’s West 4th Street. On a similar note, have they ever considered a turnstyle- like complex at any other stations? West 4th seems highly trafficked enough that it could sustain commercial businesses in its empty mezzanine.
  11. Did it get stuck at the bottom because it was unable to climb back up the tube?
  12. However, unlike Fulton Center this would be an immense improvement as navigating the very narrow side platforms is far more difficult and dangerous than the wide platform. That being said, they might look to build a mezzanine (or at least widen the platforms) to make the complex ADA compliant.
  13. Did the MTA ever consider a Bowery- Grand Street transfer? Also to add on, getting rid of the will also make Canal also overburdened- the need to navigate the bridge platforms there make the complex a pain in the ass to traverse. The MTA should have a built a direct mezzanine a while ago with direct access to the , , and .
  14. Has there ever been a proposal to do this full time? (Running to Rockaway Blvd that is.)
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