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  1. Was there ever a plan to extend the further north to recapture the in the Bronx?
  2. Unlike the other dead cars, these were never used for work service or something similar so it seems odd to me that there are just 4 R44s left sitting there as if they forgot to scrap them.
  3. Any reason why they are still there? I know those IRT cars were used for offices in yards up until about 5 years ago, but why are four random cars just sitting at CI? Were they slated for preservation at some point? Are their parts cannibalized for SIR cars?
  4. The 11th street cut to QBL wasn’t built until 1955, so when the initial line was built, the idea was for expresses->57th(plan for a later extension north) and locals -> Astoria. Given that, two tracks was fine. After the connection was built, it wasn’t necessary to build two more tracks since the tracks would be shared come from Broadway local anyways. If you want to fix the capacity crunch, you just need to send the up 2nd and swap the and northern terminals.
  5. Fastest from southern end of Central Park to Downtown Brooklyn (Borough Hall): to to to
  6. I don't really see a demand for this- the serves Manhattan from 3rd and west, and for 2nd to the river you have the tram.
  7. Couldn't you get a picture of it heading SB and then just walk back to Howard to wait for it to come back?
  8. Yeah, there have been about 10 posts about it on the subreddit in the past week- I recall that the first time it was posted it was on the , so it might be assigned.
  9. I'd probably go for a larger design in terms of height- I'd probably leave 6 inches of room at the bottom and maybe have the top of the turnstile be around 4 ft 6 inches or so.
  10. To combat farebeating, couldn’t they replace the current bar with a chest-high door that you push open like a regular door? Seems like an easy fix to prevent hopping over/ducking under while still being a rather cheap option.
  11. Are there specific reasons as to why the runs to JC while the goes to 179?
  12. Random idea: Would it make sense to build a “bypass” down Conduit Blvd from the layup tracks past Euclid to the Rockaway ROW? Doing so would allow for the to Lefferts without a merge and speed up commute times for Rockaway riders as well as bring more transit to an area dependent on buses, but it would make Euclid a huge transfer point and leave Lefferts riders stuck with local service.
  13. With Byford gone, will this thing still happen or is it dead? (If it’s dead, can you tell us what it was)
  14. If they are planning to make Nostrand accessible, will they possibly reopen the closed mezzanine and build the street elevator there?
  15. Never understood why Transit didn't pay a little extra and run the to either Chambers or Broad on the weekend... (sorry for double-posting, couldn't quote this in my other post)
  16. This isn't technically a transfer, but an underpass at 50th between the two platforms would make getting to the UWS from Queens a lot easier (specifically on weekends without the running). Right now if you are coming from the you have to transfer at Times Square, from the you need to transfer at Rockefeller and then again at 59th, and from the you have to walk at least two blocks through the 42nd-8th mezzanine. By simply building an underpass (and having an elevator as well) you can save people a lot of walking and up to 10 mins (given that by the time you get to the uptown platform you could have just missed a train).
  17. R211s will probably go to the to replace older cars while the could get them to help with QBL crowds. It would be better to just give those R160s back to CI after the R211s start coming in.
  18. Why does it matter how long the cars have been there? Things change and it’s childish to refuse to ride a line because the cars are older. If riders can put up with R32s for 20+ years, you can ride the R46s for at least five until the R211s come.
  19. I don't like the R46s that much either, but it's rather immature for you to not ride at all just because there is subway car you do not like on your line. Get over it.
  20. Why didn’t the IND design QBL like CPW with a long express stretch to separate the riders closer to Manhattan from the ones further away? (which made the local trains more attractive). I’d imagine if they did, Jackson Heights would be a local stop at Woodhaven would be express. Would this have worked out better in terms of crowding or no?
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