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  1. They are probably sending it via Culver express after 4th.
  2. Not if you deinterline Rogers (which you would pretty much have to if you built Utica).
  3. Because of the issues of QBL express going to only WTC and the being too long if it was a local.
  4. Couldn’t you run the express and local by swapping their roles south of west 4th? (I’m not advocating for this, this is just a random thought I had).
  5. I swear people are too obsessed with sending the into eastern Queens- furthest it should go with a new extension is QBP or Queensbridge...
  6. Would it be possible for them to add a small maintenance facility at Fresh Pond to free up some space at ENY?
  7. An extension to 18th Av so the doesn’t have to deal with fumigating s would be great...
  8. Given how underused it is and how much real estate costs in the West Village, why don't they convert the mezzanine at West 4th into a Turnstyle-like market?
  9. The reason for that is to give the room to merge without delaying the .
  10. Switches at 96th interlocking. While it is a PITA, I think it makes sense for them to shut it down for two weekends with alternatives rather than run poor service for tons of weekends (looking at the Jerome work).
  11. And then this: https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/doctoroff-meola-station-stop-42nd-street-article-1.2357806 Looks like he should have thought of it earlier.
  12. Do they do anything with it? I’d imagine it’s quite dilapidated now...
  13. Suspended Franklin Av service is suspended in both directions because of a switch malfunction near Botanic Garden. Please see a station agent to receive a courtesy pass for continuing bus service. For alternate service, consider using nearby B48 bus service on Classon Av and Franklin Av. However, this bus line may become crowded, so also consider using nearby B43 bus service. Find nearby bus stops and bus arrival times at bt.mta.info
  14. I do think we should build more lanes, it just depends on where and how we enforce them. In Manhattan given the low car usage it makes sense to remove some parking for bike lanes. As for Brooklyn, it depends. For major thoroughfares where there is mass transit (like buses nearby), sure, but not so much private streets that are mainly residential. I'd also say that we should allow more bikes on sidewalks provided people aren't being reckless. The biggest issue however is enforcement- I'd say put cameras on the traffic lights at corners and ticket anyone who blocks the bike lane.
  15. I am in no way saying drivers are at fault for every collision - the reason for me saying that was the matter of the statistics. So far about 19 people have been killed this year, and even if we assume only a fraction (say 25%) are the fault of the driver, that's still more than twice the number of cyclists-pedestrian deaths.
  16. And how many bicyclists have been killed by cars? I understand what you are trying to state, but this is a pretty bad piece of evidence- its like citing Di Fara in an argument to lower business taxes...
  17. The issue of yard access is overblown- the only reason why the stopped going to Astoria was because they didn’t want trains being layed up in relays and getting bombed out.
  18. Their higher dwell times would cause issues given the crowds along the line... I still don’t understand why the has some 46s and the some 160s considering that with the exception of lower Manhattan commuters, most riders are only on for a few stops...
  19. On the optimistic side, poor leaders who only achieved power due to familial connections are usually always viewed as failures... just look at George Bush Jr...
  20. I'd rather have it to 145th- is crap on the weekends while the is ok.
  21. I don't think they will go that far- given how obsessed Cuomo is with making the subway look good (and that he takes credit for it even though it is Byford's work), I'd imagine the brunt of most cuts would be on the buses (the new redesigns they are doing will be a chance for them to do just that).
  22. Could you make the station name font smaller so it can fit onto one line but still keep the same length the sign has now? Thank you.

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