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  1. What is it like being a traffic checker on the daily basis? What are the pros and con's of the job
  2. You're absolutely right @Dave2386 thank for the feedback and the encouragement
  3. That's great man @karim188 I went down to Livingston to see about my status regarding the last checker exam quite a few people I did see come in to take the test for this exam. I know you aced it I wish my number wasn't to high otherwise I'd be taking this one as well but I guess I'll have to keep taking whichever ones because I'm determined to get in by Amy means
  4. Are they still currently calling off this list ?
  5. Was it easier back in the day to take city or state exams and get called let's say within 2 years versus the time it takes for them to get back to you today?
  6. Absolutely. I know one of them will call me . I've taken track worker traffic checker and train operator. Getting a job in corporate is a blessing especially when you didn't have to pay . All that money spent on exams lol it adds up but its worth it This is very true
  7. Both great points. I just was curious to see what kind of feedback there would be. But overall transit is a great job i would love to get in by any means
  8. What do you guys think us the best position in the mta and why? Which one would you do over the other one
  9. Hello to you all I am new to the forums but I have been checking for different exams for the TA. I just would like to know if any of you are still are on the list or have taken this exam . All feedback will be appreciated
  10. Hello all I am new to the forums but for the past few years I have been checking out the forums . I wanted to know if anybody here took the last traffic checker exam 2101 as I did because last I checked at 180 Livingston the guy told me they were up to 720 and my list # is 1600 he said they were still calling for people off of that list. As for this test my # is 10810 so I really don't have a realistic chance of taking it again unless something drastic happens. I did take track worker exam 3600 and the most recent train operators exam though.
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