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  1. If your experience don’t match the requirements they will not call you ... and if they call you and find out later on that you don’t met the requirements they will Terminate you I’ve seen it happen
  2. I believe that transit goes according to experience first test score second or list number last because i have over 10 years customer service experience and I’ve been with transit now a year and some months my list number is in the 2000’s and my score Is in the 80’s
  3. If you work for transit you would know
  4. The job posting for station agent afc on 42nd is to work in the pick room
  5. First and for most congrats to all new hires and good luck to the ones invited to a pre employment interview, i came down in September and i know how nerve recking the wait is after your pre employment interview i called these two numbers and left messages the Friday before the Monday i was called for my second phase ‭(347) 643-8229‬/‭(347) 643-8231‬ a bus driver gave me these hr numbers , and like i said i called Friday and left messages and Monday i got a call not sure if that’s the reason i got called so soon but maybe it could help someone ... again good luck , congrats and god bless ps i got called back in 3weeks
  6. Mmm that’s not true i came in a few months ago and when January came in i got a vacation day for every month i worked plus my ava’s
  7. not sure but I do know when I went for my interview on the 10th 75 people didn’t show up for station agent so they should be sending more letters soon
  8. Thank you very much I been doing my research they been hiring people from the exam since oct 2016 first set oct , second set Jan 2017, third april 2017 now forth August 17 if that helps good luck and check your mail when you receive the letter you interview will be with in 3 days drugs test same you will be there all day so prepare for that wish you the best
  9. How long after the drug test should I expect to hear back from mta
  10. I got a letter in the mail in the beginning of August I took my exam December 2015 from what I was told the people with the highest scores is receiving letters before the list is established
  11. i got four wrong from what I remember @dave thank you
  12. I have been extend a offer with out receiving my test results could anyone tell me the process
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