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  1. Aahhwooooo, 178X, keep me posted nothing yet on the letter for medical or 2nd drug test been a little over a month...
  2. Cool thanks scoop11211, do you have her email address?
  3. According to Charlie Moran who no longer is in charge of track workers that the letters sent out where most likely a mistake if you already took the original piss test and pre application process
  4. Ebenz1, I got the same letter dated for today to report for the pre employment process in which I completed aug28th, I called Ms. Robinson and left a message should I go in tomorrow at the time posted on the letter?
  5. Same here, list number 178X went aug 28th for drug test, hopefully were in a class soon enough, everyone keep the updates coming we gotta look out for one another
  6. List number 187X, went down the 8/28 for the pre employment process and piss test did anyone from the letters received in the month of August get any notices to return for the 2nd part of this process?
  7. From what I've read in the forum ebenz1, expect either a phone call, letter or email and I've been checking the junk mail also.. I went the 28th of august for the piss test and pre employment process. Anxiety levels are high, be well guys
  8. Went in aug28th for the pre-employment process, eagerly awaiting the next move list number 178X
  9. I was supposed to be here 8/23, and thank you guys for the helpful insight and vital information
  10. Finally here received no letter but was able to come by getting in contact with Charlie Moran.... list number 178X, pre employment process is an all day affair
  11. No letter yet but they are defiantly not in the 1900's Scoop11212...I'll post once I've received my pre employment letter
  12. Scoop11211...Just called they are up to 1775 on the list, I'm at 178X
  13. Riello2u my list number 178X, just wondering where they are up to no pre employment letter on my end yet...
  14. Thanks KMF for the info, 178X no letter yet patiently awaiting
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