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  1. I’ve been employed in the title for a year but as provisional not permanent, My list is in the high 20s. I’m not sure how they are hiring people as permanent but they have provisional who have been employed for over a year and haven’t turned them over to permanent.
  2. I heard they are terminating 14 current jobs on August 2nd.. I’m not sure what’s going on, a friend of mine told me his last day is at the end of the month.
  3. Yeah they haven’t hired people permanent, I know a few people who have list numbers in the teens and they are still provisional. I also heard management saying they want to cut shifts to save money cuz we have been working without a contract since late May. If I hear anything I’ll keep the thread updated.. if there’s anything new going on with your situation let me know. Good luck bro.
  4. Are they hiring you as a provisional or permanent employee? I’m not sure what’s going on because they are giving another exam without hiring people from the 2017 exam
  5. I haven’t heard anything from them... when did u take the first drug test?
  6. Good luck bro... my friend became a BO a year ago and he loves it...
  7. Does anyone know what was the last list number they called for permanent employment? My list number is in the low 30s and I haven’t heard anything. I know they certified the list because I got a letter in the mail but the lack of information on what will happen in the future is beginning to irritate me..
  8. Congratulations.. once u fill out the paperwork and pass it drug test, u will get hired as lvl 1 or 2 depending on your experience... Are they hiring you as permanent or provisional? It should say this on the letter that was sent to your house
  9. Any realistic chance of 150* of getting called back? My boy that’s 3** is already in the class and it seems like they are slowing down the hiring... I’m assuming because it’s because of the new contact:.. any one have insight?
  10. Fingers crossed it this job works out
  11. Any chance they they get to list 111* before next Christmas?
  12. Lol mta is so backwards, exam 6600 list was never published but they are offering another SSA exam..
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