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  1. I would go in person; if you haven’t as of yet
  2. So you know you are in the wrong forum...look for the forum Bus Maintainer Helper and test #...this forum is for Station Agents 6600
  3. What medical? There is no medical for SA
  4. That is strange they even sent an email for conditional offer and not a letter. Did you do PE and when? Is it for this title? If anything give them a call...they make mistakes as well so follow up with them for better clarification...usually it’s PE then FP...and most get a letter to come in and then an email to come back for FP. Baffled 😕
  5. My opinion about the 1 n 3 rule...it is used within the civil service hiring process but for this list I feel it defeats the purpose due to the fact the list is so small. Who knows what MTA is really doing with the list but hey let’s just keep hope alive lol as long as they keep postponing the upcoming exam that’s better for those still waiting. Just sit back and see what happens next.. good luck to all
  6. Lol everybody hoping for the same outcome
  7. When did you do your PE? 1600s it may be awhile before they call you back for FP
  8. According to the forum they are around 700 final processing...what’s your list #
  9. I can not pinpoint exactly who said it but if you go back in the forum you will see ppl going for preemployment, final processing and training (about 30 ppl) and again everyone don’t post
  10. I read the whole forum unfortunately and remember everyone don’t join the forums so many ppl we don’t even have a clue to where they are within the process...
  11. Supposedly they are suppose to go in order but hahaha that is not the case...👎🏾
  12. In my opinion pretty much...but you know they will always have excuses to why they did it...couldn’t be my agency... there is no order with MTA...I see ppl with list numbers up in the 1500s and they were called provisionally lmao too much I tell ya but hey what can we say...I’m just trying to get in...(love the secretly part)😒
  13. That is why it’s called an unofficial list...in which the list numbers on that list was totally different from the official list...
  14. No just working for MTA temporary until they reach your list number...
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