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  1. Don't forget, you're always going to do overtime. Most runs are 9 hours, so that's an extra 5 hours OT every week, time and a half, $35 (plus Delay Time) - you'll find out what that is later on. Plus, OT is always available for extra money if you like to work. It took me about 6 months to feel comfortable driving a bus. I've been doing it 2.5 years now. So now it's like driving my car. I had an interview for the Locomotive Engineer job the other day, wish me luck! Good Luck in training all!
  2. If B/O is the only position you want, Academy, Peter Pan & Greyhound is hiring as well. They'll train you for your CDL as well. Something to do while you wait for NYC, and the experience of driving a bus before you get in with NYC would be a BIG plus. You'll also have a CDL which would put you ahead of the ppl who don't have one. Something to think about ..
  3. NJ Transit hired me within two months of mailing out my application to my first day of class as a B/O. I'm here over two years now, with 40 ppl under me in seniority. There's just too many ppl in NYC taking these civil service exams. Takes forever. However, Correction Officer will call you in a few months. Something to think about. I know a guy who went from being a C/O to a Fire Fighter. Once you have your foot in the door, you can slip into the open cracks. I was invited to take the Locomotive Engineer test with NJ Transit. But the schooling is almost two years for this position. Something to think about..
  4. Hey Young, I see that MTA Bus has a part time position available at the moment. What does part time consist of? Less hours I'm assuming. Do part timers get pension & benefits?
  5. I hope you guys pass all 3 DMV tests on such short notice. It's not that easy..
  6. Congratulations all! Good Luck!
  7. Top pay for bus operators is now $34.78 an hour? That's very good.
  8. Top pay, after 5 years. But that also means $45 in OT.
  9. I think they all make $29.99 an hour. But NYCT has the best pension.
  10. In NJ, we have Line Relief (or Relief Runs). We cover for the days off that operators have. All Relief Runs have Thur / Fri off.
  11. Respect to Young for giving some great information..
  12. It takes 5 years to top pay in NJ.
  13. Good for you. NY allows 11 points? We're only allowed 5 in NJ to be hired. I signed up for this test (7612), but decided to stay with NJ Transit. After getting hired, you all will be "broken in" on all the lines in your garage. Then eventually, with seniority, you'll be able to choose which line you want to drive. For example, I drive a very busy line. But I sit in no traffic. I'd rather have a busy bus, than sit in traffic all day. Others are different. They don't mind sitting in traffic all day in an empty bus..
  14. Flex, your answers can be found on this thread. There's only 7 pages. Read a little.
  15. I am a bus operator. You cannot fix your past. But what you can do, is drive safely and obey traffic rules starting today and into your future. That way, you won't have to worry about points or tickets.
  16. Yes. If you want to become a bus operator, you have to start driving like a normal person. Meaning zero points and having two closed tickets. Then start reading the drivers manual and memorizing every detail of the book. The General is 50 questions and the Passenger & Air Brakes is 20-25 questions each. There are numerous practice questions online to prepare you for the tests. Then for extra fun, you have to take the state brake test, inside the bus inspection test, and outside the bus inspection test. Once you pass all that, you'll have to drive the bus through an obstacle course without hitting the cones. Oh, and then comes the actual driving test. Cool, you passed all that? Then comes the weekly tests during school, to make sure you have what it takes to become a full time bus operator. Now, go get that drivers manual and start studying.. Good Luck!
  17. 1. NYCT is Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island. 2. In the past, there were at least seven Independent bus lines throughout NYC. Queens Surface was one of them. They all merged into MTA Bus. 3. MABSTOA is Manhattan & the Bronx. 4. NJ Transit is hiring full time drivers as well. You'll be hired in two months. I've been here 2 years now and have 25 people below me in seniority already, with lots of student drivers coming in afterwards as well.. Good luck all!!
  18. To answer an earlier question: only NYCT gives the multiple choice test & the BOSS. NYC Bus and MABSTOA gives only the BOSS and they hire much quicker. NJ Transit is hiring as well. From the day you mail in your application, you can get hired within two months.. Good Luck All!
  19. Hey all, NJ Transit is hiring full time B/O's right now. You'll get hired in 2-3 months, while you wait for NYC to call you for this test (2+ years). Go to their website, click careers, download the B/O application and mail it in to the Maplewood, NJ address. You'll be contacted in a few weeks. If you don't have your CDL Permit, I suggest you start reading the State CDL book now. You have to take the General, Passenger & Air Brake tests ASAP. Good Luck All!
  20. Probably 4-6 months. They'll mail you your results and they'll give you your exam list number.
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