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  1. Idk why you would expect them to go to Brooklyn since they are getting new flyers. However I do agree with you that the moves are weird as CS is giving buses to MHV and MQ and GH and KB are swapping.
  2. Can confirm now 4665 does have Stengel Decals and it is currently on the Q12
  3. 4677 JA to CS Has Stengel Decals, just saw it on the Q12. 4665 QV to CS on the Q32 now... not sure about this one. Has been at CS a couple of days as well.
  4. Question has already been answered. The XD40 assignments does not include the New Flyer XD40s for QV. QV is likely to get the Nova bus LFS. Just got to wait for the assignments from ENY/The Real.
  5. Stengel will only take 2009-2010 hybrids because there depot is either that or the 2015 New Flyers. I'm hoping to see Nova LFS at Stengel because it feels much more comfortable than the New Flyers. My guess is that since Jamaica took the New Flyers, Stengel would get a piece of the Nova LFS batch. I want Nova assignments already LOL. Going back to your question, Im pretty certain Jamaica, Stengel and MJQ will become New Flyer and Nova but only time will tell.
  6. 4467 and 4477 were originally at CS. These 2 buses are part of the set 4463-4482... They were loaned to QV a couple of months back. Last time I recalled CS getting buses from Brooklyn was 4573-4576. There is nothing wrong with a depot getting buses lol. CS will eventually give up buses just give it some time.
  7. With the order change, Stengel is probably going to end up with a share of the LFS or end up with nothing at all. We just have to wait and see when East New York can update us on the official assignments.
  8. Its been there a while... just haven't seen service because it need some repairs
  9. I know 7405 has one green box... haven't seen it on other routes. About the signs, I personally liked the Q44 Nova LFS destination sign. The Q44 XD60 letters are so blocky but the blue color is better. Wished they would keep the font from the Nova Bus.
  10. Is there any word on why Stengel has LFS? It has seen service for only a night. Is the LFS at Stengel like for storage or for training and service? I’m trying to get pictures of the LFS at Stengel because it is definitely an odd move.
  11. These LFS buses transfers are so interesting. I remember reading a couple of months ago that Jamaica Depot was getting renovated in 2018 which is probably why these transfers are occurring as a test and why you would see LFS in Stengel and Quill. I don't know, I may be wrong but I be more than welcome to hear from other people.
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