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  1. Just took a look at the conductor and list. Almost 32,000 passed the exam. Holy crap. i wonder how many people passed this exam.
  2. uhh what? The list is not even established and we are in the 500 range already? It seems like they just started to call people 2 weeks ago. That can't be right. lol, maybe it is tho.
  3. It seems your right. I'll delete prior post.
  4. Its good news that they are calling people. Congrats. Any info on whats in the packet you have to fill out?
  5. In that case i hope i don't hear anything for a while. I took my test a few weeks back. That BOSS test was so annoying. sometimes there are no "correct" answers to choose from. I wonder when people will start to be called. Its almost been a year since the test was announced. I quit my 1st and only bus driver job after a few months, so I hope i don't become rusty. lol.
  6. You don't need anything else. you don't even need the cdl. Just the permit with the endorsements is good enough. tho knowing how to drive is good. I guess fed ex is one option for employment. School Bus driver another, tho driving a school bus is annoying.
  7. Hello brother. Question about the college shuttle bus driver. Not familiar with queens college tbh. Do shuttle bus drivers just circle around the school all day? How is the pay?
  8. Years almost done. Next year I should be able to take my boss test. I recently got a job as bus driver and it is pretty stressful. I encourage everyone to get some experience in a big bus/vehicle prior to training. It is a good learning experience yo.
  9. If you don't mind me asking what was in the booklet?
  10. School bus drivers don't work much and still get 40 hrs pay depending on the company. I may do that as well.
  11. Congrats on passing your road test. Don't do anything silly on the road and mess up your future goals.
  12. Personally I have no kids so idc much. You get night and weekend differential so I don't see it as a negative tbh. Working on holidays kick ass since its usually a slower day and I'm assuming you also get time and a half on holiday as well. Thats just me tho. I'm on unemployment cause my union is on strike and am going through the employment process for "access a ride" more so to get experience and food on the table rather than making a career out of it. If i had a good job, then yea i would probably think like you and question if its worth it. A college drop out like myself is not to keen to complain about a good job opportunity like this. I'm real eager for this chance. Got my cdl class B and am in the process of getting experience just so i don't f*** up in training. I want to be done with crappy jobs and weak unions friend. I really see nothing to complain about.
  13. Just applied. Had a friend who became a track worker on the last exam. Hate rats but I guess it's something you get used to. Along with this, mta bus operator, and the train operator that I singed up for the mta is making bank.
  14. Well if you don't take it we are in the same boat. I'm betting on the 7300 exam as well and long term would like to be a train operator. Just have to wait until my boss exam sometime next year.
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