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  1. I think 75k is possible. I made 70k at my last job and pretty sure now that I'm working 6 days a week, I'm on track to make more. Also after a year, your pay will increase. For the next 5 years, until you hit max pay, and/or there's a new contract. Downside is, are you okay with having to work 6 days a week for it? I don't have much a life and am okay with that lol.
  2. You're limited to working 16 hours max a day I believe, and only 1 of your 2 days off a week.
  3. As far as OT goes, you can do as much as you want. People advised me not to do ot during my first year while on probation because it increases the chance that you could get in trouble, especially if you're tired and not paying attention. After reaching 6 months (though I could've started much earlier) I decided to work one of my weekend days off if there are jobs available that I want to do. Since I've started working 6 days a week, I've increased my pay by $400 a paycheck which is pretty substantial imho. So I average $1700 a paycheck now after taxes doing the maximum amount of overtime allowed, all during my first year.
  4. Don't know. Probably the entire life of the exam. How long is it good for? 4 years?
  5. Yes. When I got hired, I asked what number they get up to. The guy told me usually about 10,000.
  6. I was notified on a Tuesday, to come in for a medical on that Thursday, for a class that started the next Monday. Some people were notified even later than that for the same class, so never know.
  7. I went on Thursday and still can't create an account :/ It's definitely been over 48 hours.
  8. I had my medical on Thursday but haven't been able to order the boots 😕
  9. If you came from another city or mayoral agency, you didn't have to do fingerprints. That's what they told me yesterday.
  10. Subject is "New York City Transit Conductor Schedule for Medical/Final Processing" Email is someone's name @ nyct.com
  11. Thank you. Mid to high 400 list number. Took the OPA in October last year. Went for pre employment in April. Medical on 05/31. For June 4th class. Just decided to put all the dates if anyone has questions.
  12. Mid to high 400s here, and just got an email for the medical. We're being considered for the June 4th class. Crazy.
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