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  1. I thought Hurricane Sandy taught them this is WHY they can't cut from RTO. Cut from useless execs and cut the people with titles they don't actually have -- those people with the title of "Conductor" or "Train Operator" who have never stepped foot on an actual train.
  2. I have no clue, but a hiring freeze right is now is unlikely.
  3. I know they are screaming hiring freeze: I'm going to say this as a C/R who was in the first class off of this list *2 years ago* and is now in the current T/O class as a promotional. Before I got the T/O class, and I was C/R, I was doing RDOs almost every week and it was basically "You could go where ever you like." I was getting late clears close to home, getting full RDOs w/ penalty AND doing late clears for the full 16 hrs on top of that. Ya girl was making cheddar. OT slips on deck. A and B division crew sheets are looking like ghost towns with all of the open jobs. There are more jobs than there are people to crew them. We are having 14+ C/Rs and T/Os retiring a month. Seniority is jumping up. I am right now making significantly less in schoolcar as a T/O @ a higher rate of pay than I was as a C/R. That's how many people they needed. If the trains don't run, the MTA doesn't make money. They need people. Hiring freeze means not enough people to crew the trains even on a cut schedule. I can say for a fact b/c I was working every day from March to September, and during the C line quarantine... There weren't enough people to crew the trains then. It was two local to Far Rockaway on the A, no lunch, that's you to go as soon as you get to the terminal, no late clears.
  4. A combination of many. I'm coming from C/R so there's a bit less info I need to actually sit and listen to. There's a lot of reading though.
  5. I got Alesso. Man is a tank. He walks for sure.
  6. I just did my medical today. Got into the 9/21 class. My list number is a bit higher: 7XX -- I was an appeal.
  7. I'm still paying mine... 😐 My Union dues and my PAC money combined is higher than disability. After I got assaulted though, I maxed that out.
  8. I just got an email that I go for drug testing tmr. But then I got my pick job later that day 😐 Really y'all. Really?
  9. Also... It used to be that no trains had enablers. I'm going to tell a story, it might sound a lil low-key racist, but that's the past here goes (this is how it was told to me): There was a nurse shortage way back in NYC. So nurses were given benefits to come from the Carribean, and Southeast Asia. But then, their husbands needed jobs too. So, the TA put them to work in the barns in stock and storage. But then when they needed to cut labor in CE, they made most of those guys conductors. Schoolcar used to be a lot shorter then, but safety is reactive, not proactive. There was an incident when the E's ran R32's (almost 15+ years ago) where at LEX-53, the C/R opened open on the wrong side. If you don't know LEX-53, it's an island platform so both sides are no clearance walls over the 3rd rail. They had to check the roadbed for people, and when the train closed down, he did it again. Safe to say, enablers were introduced and retrofitted in to the circuitry of every train after, except the 32 b/c of it's age and the general assumption they would be tossed in the sea ... or C ;D ... which they were. (I got an R32 during COVID in March. How nasty is that.) The only time where a T/O will enable on the wrong side and the C/R follows suit is when there is usually a GO on a 3/4 or M track system like 145-St Nich, Tremont, Fordham, Kingsbridge, 18 Av-McDonald, Kings Hwy-McDonald, Astoria Blvd-Hoyt Av.
  10. A division con: no enablers on 62
  11. I had a pick job on the C. An employee was sick with COVID. We didn't find out until he hit us up on FB w/ pics of him going to the hospital. And then the C line was quarantined resulting in the A going local and all C personnel who were not quarantined (myself included; I was on vacation... so we never came in contact) were mixed in with the A crews. (But the infected guy made contact with A crews. Hm.) All B crews went to extra extra, W crews (this isn't a real line: it's piled in with the N, unlike the B and C which are real and distinct) were absorbed with N crews. And then the 900 supplements came out reducing service and cancelling jobs, sending those road crews to extra. And worse, the jobs people picked pre COVID came into effect. So some people who picked on the B line suddenly found themselves going to 207th St to start a job instead of Bedford Park. 😐
  12. Well, they cut the B, C (due to COVID actually), W, and F service is still reduced.
  13. I'm ready too. My list number is 7XX.5 after an appeal. I was called in December, but then COVID happened and nothing since. I was called again, sent in everything they needed... and nothing. 😐 I'm ready to change titles.
  14. They reached out to you? My list number was appealed to 7XX, and I replied to the email, sent everything, and I haven't received a thing back. I better call. 😐
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