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  1. Conductor in charge of the train. Pay attention. I passed probation. So did 100 other people.
  2. Real talk though: Your first day out *alone* will be the scariest. Pro tip: see nothing say nothing >_>;
  3. You will be in various yards in classroom, with additional training on a train. Ex: You report to East NY Yard (ENYD; TSS will meet you at Broadway Junction) for R42 training (or structure walk). You might be in one of the training trailers in ENYD, where you ditch your bag and everyone goes to that piece of shit train for training. (Sorry, f**k the R42.)
  4. Don't buy anything. I know this sounds dirty, but rewear some of those clothes, I've been in the title for 1+ year, I wear Dickies with the tag removed. The TA pants are trash if you are a woman.
  5. The bags are really caca. I swapped mine out when I got on the road. One guy in my class was a promotional -- didn't even get the bag.
  6. I'll be honest: I am sure most retail employees feel the way he does. And I'm sure you will feel the way at any job. The average corporate worker has a lot of shit to say about their boss and is under pressure to perform. You are going to wake up hating your job somedays, and loving it on others. When I was an engineer, I was working 50-70 hours a week on *salary.* Transit comparatively was a cake walk. I blame engineering for all of my grey hairs. 100%. Terrible field, worse pay. However, I've seen your posts before: you are in a very good job position. I'd save your money where you can, invest in a CD if you want hands off investing, and just have more than enough saved for when you retire. I wouldn't leave the hotels. You aren't going to making at Transit what you make there.
  7. ._. Go to bed. Don't you have to go to work?
  8. I was joking... It is kind of lost in text. I rarely see a B train unless I am going to work. I am midnights.
  9. I'm a midnight conductor, What is Bravo? (lmao)
  10. You though: the bid sheets are out. Bid on EVERY B division job. Cause they either start in Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn. Only one train starts out of the Bronx and that is the D. Usually reserved for people in Manhattan, or the Bronx and upstate.
  11. Yeah, most of my friends don't have jobs, and I'm not trying to bankroll someone's summer. Weekday RDOs it is for me.
  12. Also, leave your attitude at home. Don't argue with customers -- they are somewhere you are getting paid to be. (I stole that from Cardi B >_>) If they say some dumb stuff, either pretend you didn't hear it, or attempt to keep it moving. Don't even let that seep into your thoughts. They are late for work, and you are at work. Don't argue with supervision. Some of these people power trip. Don't feed into that, and def don't talk back. Sometimes seething in silence lets you live another day.
  13. *Should also add: J -- Broadway Junction/Eastern Parkway middle (put ins only, and GO related. No regular service), Bway-Myrtle L -- Broadway Junction middle W -- Whitehall (special case; you open on the side to progress to Brooklyn, close down, and then open on the side going back to Astoria). If I missed any, let me know.
  14. Me too. I was going to bid... but the jobs suck and S/S rdos are not my thing.
  15. Honestly... this job is dumb easy. Get your rest, read your GOs* AND your supplements*, ask questions. When I worked RDOs as a probie, I only did platform jobs close to my home. They can snatch you from the platform to the road if you are not restricted, Point to the board, open doors, make announcements, close the rear (not on people), close the front, SWEEP (people constantly underestimate the train and try to get themselves killed), go to RUN and observe the platform. No board no doors. 1000% dead ass. Could be a system safety test. Always look for the board out of the storm glass if you can, and wait If you overrun, call that shit in and *slow down* otherwise you are looking for a new job. If you underrun, tell him to pull up (the board can be at the alternate position, or in the middle of the two position, at your position, or a hair's breath past your window. Everything else *you must check, and you must call it in.* Don't trust those two buzzes the T/O might give you b/c who is charge of the doors -- you. Just do your job, make that money, be safe, and stay safe. GOs*, supplements* Definitely read these and read them right esp if you are working lines that have shared middle tracks. The D line on Concourse has a C3/4 track that is 3 (southbound express) in the morning for rush hour, and 4 (northbound express) for the afternoon rush hour. On the midnights, sometimes 1 track (southbound local), and 2 track (northbound local) are out of service for work. So they'll throw you down the middle track and the GO paperwork will say open on the N/B platform, or the S/B platform. Normally, you'd open on the on side (T/O controls), but the GO will say otherwise. In my first month, I had this kind of GO, and the T/O didn't read the GO, but I did. She didn't enable me on the correct side, and argued with/yelled at me on the PA, so I called that shit out on the radio. She was told by RCC to call them when she got to the terminal, but RCC gave me permission to open on the side she enabled b/c the whole train was in the station. Worse, a TSS was on the train, heard the whole thing over the PA and on the radio and tore her a new one at the terminal. It was very awkward. The D has this at Bay Parkway, 62nd St, 9 Av, 145, Tremont, Fordham, and Kingsbridge. N at Astoria Blvd, F at 18 Av, Kings Highway, G at Bedford-Nostrand. Supplements also tell you how the train will run. If the D is stopping at Dekalb or going straight through the bypass to Atlantic. You want to make the right announcement so people don't hop on the D train thinking this is the last one to Dekalb or if they should just wait at Grand for the next B train.

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