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  1. Y'all are killing my overtime. The conductor absentee sheets for work are emppppppty (good thing if you want OT.)
  2. It's not like my NO vote counted anyways. No point in debating it.
  3. Do this. I've already got my job, and I had to do a sleep study. I got my dumb ass placed on medical hold b/c I said I snored. Shut up, and don't put it if you don't do it. There are people here who have uncontrolled diabetes. You think they are on medical restrictions? No. Cause they didn't say it. There are people here who are big, and are they on medical restrictions? No. Cause they shut up.
  4. RTO across the board is mostly voting NO to the contract b/c LIRR is getting a 5% increase and we are getting 2%. Fark that. I'm voting NO.
  5. No choice. B div is bigger. Needs more T/Os. A div -- people stick around longer. Notice in A div, you can see someone twice in the same week? B div -- might see them twice in the same month.
  6. Finish probation first. If they decide you aren't good enough to a T/O or you have an incident (12-9; everyone reacts different), *you still have a job, and you still have union representation if you have an incident.* I know a few former T/Os who had a 12-9 and were like... that's all for now folks (no shame) and went right back to C/R b/c they were qualified for C/R. I know former T/Os that had incidents and were involuntary demoted to C/R. And they were already qualified. All those T/Os who potentially fail get offered cleaner positions, but would you rather be a C/R at stage 2 page, or a CTA at stage 1 pay? I know someone who didn't finish their probation for TW/O and went T/O, but was sent back and ended up C/R, and had to climb back up. Waaaaaaait. There are a bunch of T/Os down there with 1-4 years as a conductor. The T/O test does not expire until 2022. *You have more than enough time.* You just started 4 months ago. This is the best time to start learning line ups (esp since as a T/O you *will* be going to B div), signals, reading your iron, yard schematics... all that.
  7. Just be the best CR you can be before and after. Don't let any T/O bark on you for pulling the cord, or calling RCC or anything. Finish probation. There are a few T/O's I got a bone to pick with. Not going to name names, but they need a chill pill. And I'm sure you heard what happened at Crescent St. BIE = call RCC.
  8. Tbh, the conductors sheets look like ghost towns. I'm currently a C/R just found I'm 9XX on the T/O list after my appeal went through. If there is another class, hopefully I'm in it. I'd at least like to try.
  9. Conductor in charge of the train. Pay attention. I passed probation. So did 100 other people.
  10. Real talk though: Your first day out *alone* will be the scariest. Pro tip: see nothing say nothing >_>;
  11. You will be in various yards in classroom, with additional training on a train. Ex: You report to East NY Yard (ENYD; TSS will meet you at Broadway Junction) for R42 training (or structure walk). You might be in one of the training trailers in ENYD, where you ditch your bag and everyone goes to that piece of shit train for training. (Sorry, f**k the R42.)
  12. Don't buy anything. I know this sounds dirty, but rewear some of those clothes, I've been in the title for 1+ year, I wear Dickies with the tag removed. The TA pants are trash if you are a woman.
  13. The bags are really caca. I swapped mine out when I got on the road. One guy in my class was a promotional -- didn't even get the bag.
  14. I'll be honest: I am sure most retail employees feel the way he does. And I'm sure you will feel the way at any job. The average corporate worker has a lot of shit to say about their boss and is under pressure to perform. You are going to wake up hating your job somedays, and loving it on others. When I was an engineer, I was working 50-70 hours a week on *salary.* Transit comparatively was a cake walk. I blame engineering for all of my grey hairs. 100%. Terrible field, worse pay. However, I've seen your posts before: you are in a very good job position. I'd save your money where you can, invest in a CD if you want hands off investing, and just have more than enough saved for when you retire. I wouldn't leave the hotels. You aren't going to making at Transit what you make there.
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