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  1. Not entirely accurate. Your probationary period is one year and that's it. Once the year is up you are not put back on probation. However the difference is you still will not own your title. Seniority is not effected. If a lerson was hired before you they will have seniority. Once a provisional goes permanent, it will still take a year from that date for them to own their title. What does that mean? If you go for promotion and take it and either screw up, fail school, whatever, there is no position for you to go back to of you don't own the title of helper. That's where people have to be careful. There are no extended probations although it may feel that way because even while off probation you still don't own your title.
  2. Hard question to answer. Some people waited 4 years to be called. I got called in 9 months. There is a big push right now and they need people so it could be a lot faster than normal.
  3. What was with the guy playing with the switch control at lunch time. That was nuts.
  4. They wanted you guys in at 7. Guess they never got the message over to orientation LOL. After tomorrow you will be 7-3
  5. Forget about being an electrician for this position. They make that loud and clear. You are a helper. You flag trains when they trust you to do so. Maintainers do any electric work there is. You carry stuff, set up work lights, block and clamp switches (you'll find out what that is). Other than that the maintainer touches the equipment. That's his responsibility. One day if you go to maintainer school then you can put your electric background to use. Now it's all about learning what you can on the John to make yours and the maintainers day easier.
  6. I would never say something is possible. What I will say is I think it's highly unlikely. Even if for some crazy reason they didn't get to your number, no I don't think they let you go from what I hear down there. I don't think the MTA gonna put the time and effort into hiring somebody they feel is qualified and then spend the money to train that person just to send them packing for no reason at all. Would almost be counter productive to why they are doing all this in the first place. The Union and one of the instructors both said there have been "provisionals" that stayed provisional for 20 years down here. So I would never say it's not possible because I am in no position to do so. I would say it's not probable. I am in that position myself and I no longer have the fear and the worry that I had before. That's the best answer I could give you. I think at this point it's all on me if I want to stay employed by the MTA. Im good with that.
  7. It was 7 months that I waited. Then all of a sudden you get an email to show up for the Saftey Proficiency Exam. Once you get called for that you are on your way. About a month and a half from when you take that test at 180 Livingston Street
  8. So here is an update after 1 week of signals helper school. Temp/Provisional. Only until they generate the list for 7609. Education Experience test was your civil service test. Once they make the list you will be hired permanent off that list. They are hiring a LOT of people. So all good there. Instructors are very nice people. Make you feel at ease. Very good atmosphere. So glad I jumped in.
  9. There is a passage in the book they handed out today that has me nervous a bit. "Provisional Employment never becomes permanent" "To gain permanent status Provisional employees must take and pass the appropriate exam and be appointed from a certified list" "Provisional Employment should not extend beyond 9 months" So obviously the last part has me scared you know what. Gotta find out what that means tomorrow when they go over that section. I have no problem taking the test, problem is even if they announced a test tomorrow typically it takes YEARS before they call off a list. I'm excited about the opportunity but this provisional section kinda took the wind outta my sails a bit. Especially when I thought the HR ladies answer put the issue to rest. That there was just no list yet and that's why I was temp and that once the list was established that's when you would become permanent. That doesn't seem right to me now
  10. Oh I definitely want to be in the MTA Dave, it's why up front I'm taking a pay cut just to get in as a helper. Just the whole Temporary aspect has me nervous. I'm hoping becoming permanent doesn't become a long drawn out process. Anything Temp for too long can't be good. Once you complete signal maintainer trainee, which I don't think I am because that is a higher pay rate I think I am just signals helper, is Signal Maintainer a permanent position?
  11. You took the Maintainers test. We are all coming in as Helpers. Sounds like you are coming in at the higher level. Anybody else put in for the Light Maintainer a few months ago? I did. I asked the H.R. woman if I could take that test still and she laughed. She said of course, why wouldn't you. It's more money. And I wouldn't have to do all this paperwork over again. The way I look at it, I think unless you are a complete screw up why would they invest this much time and money into hiring you if they just wanted to get rid of you quick. They aren't gonna waste time and money training people to get rid of them just to do it all over again. That would t make much sense.
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