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  1. I emailed DCAS at certificationunit@dcas.nyc.gov. With my name, SSN #, exam #, list#, and the reason why for restoring my name.. A few days later I called DCAS to see if they received the email (spoke to someone). Last the following week (after Sunday) I listened to automatic system to see if my name was really restored... ( some people say you get a letter from DCAS saying your number was restored but I never did as why I went the way I did)
  2. Hello all.. update for everyone, I restored my name in early January due a pending ticket I had when they first called me in July,2018. On March 15 I got a phone call to report to 180 Livingston st. to start pre-employment on Monday the 18th. On Wednesday the 20th I received another call via Chestnut to come back on Monday the 25th to do medical and finish the pre-employment process. That day I finish, got my pass number and all to start class on Monday April 1. list:71**
  3. Hello all... does anyone know if MaBSTOA is still call back from this list!!
  4. Happy Monday all... question did anyone else get called after restoring their name?!
  5. Hello everyone... happy new year to all!!! Question does anyone knows what’s going with List 4600... if they are still calling, what number was last called Etc
  6. Question guys... I know transit doesn’t take you with more than 4pts. on your license, what do that say about accidents(more so not at fault accidents)?!
  7. They should call you soon if they haven’t already... I was back back in July with the list # 71**
  8. When they email you for the overview they send you horn, buzzer, whistle and hand signs... that’s just an example for the moment. Don’t study that.. at the overview they will give you the materials you’ll need to study... signal and definitions
  9. Question about the job: how often do you pick assignments?!
  10. so sorry to bother, but it seems like I can’t get this question answered.... how long before they put you in a class do you do medical and background checks?!
  11. Nope... did you do background checks and/or medical?!
  12. Dang guys y’all making it seem so hard 😔
  13. Oh wow... that’s a long time.. so did you already do background check and medical with the LIRR?!
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