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  1. I didn't study the book, I went to cristcdl.com. I took all the test they had, multiple times until I scored 100 on all of them. Studied for one day. Went the next day, scored 100 on all.
  2. Anyone going on monday? I think im going to decline this appointment and keep holding off. x_x
  3. So I received the canvass letter for bus operator exam 4600 on wednesday. Today I got my permit class B and passed the general knowledge exam, passenger exam, and air brake exam. My permit reads, Class: B, Restrictions: A3 * M* P Endorsements: P Is that correct???? I thought there was suppose to be an endorsement for air brakes, but I see there is no such thing. Just want to make sure the DMV got it right. This should be sufficient enough to get hired in the event I got hired right? The permit? Thanks.
  4. you think if I go on, cristcdl.com and take all the knowledge, airbrake, and passenger exams, understand the correct answer and all i should be fine? Have an apt at the DMV tomorrow. I remember years ago I did a bunch of exams online and passed my motorcycle test... but yeah I understand its not the same, lol. But are the practice test questions, similar? Thanks.
  5. I got an email from MTA of them canvassing for this exam. My list is in the low 200's. I could have gotten hired years ago. I let them pass my list #, and now I'm thinking of filling out the preemployement application. The only issue - I do not have a class B permit. I have to send this application in before 01/18/2021. I made an apt with the NYS DMV to get my class B permit with passenger endorsement on 01/21/2021 because thats the earliest date I can get in the DMV. Do you think I will loose this opportunity because I won't have my permit by 01/18/2021?????? Also - do we need a med certification for the class B permit or is it A3 Exempt? Thanks.
  6. I'm in the same boat as you, I'm getting a pay cut going into transit lol. But it may be worth it.
  7. So, what if I go forward with it, go to the drug urine test, physical, and at the end of it all, I don't want to to go forward with getting hired, but also not removing my name from the list, in the hopes they can come back to my list before it expires? I don't mind going through the process now, but I need more then 1 or 2 months to get hired, was hoping it take longer.....
  8. Do you enjoy your job? Lol. Damn, a month or two. I have a city job now, and I get paid way more even at top pay where Im at. I'd be taking a pay cut going to MTA. But I still want to keep my opportunities open. How long was training? How many hours a week do you work? Sorry for all the questions, Lol.
  9. My list is in the low 1000's, I had them skip me a few times after they reached my list, then had asked them to reactivate my list #, I recently got an e-mail, "MTA NYCT is canvassing names on the Conductor Exam 6601 list in anticipation of making appointments. In order for you to be considered for this position, you must respond to this canvass, complete the enclosed pre-employment application form and submit any required document(s) to indicate your interest. " What is current salary of MTA conductors? (starting, and top pay), is there forced overtime, or is there overtime there if you want it? Also does anyone know once I fill out the pre-employment packet how long it usually takes to get hired after I go through all the steps? A few months? A year? Thanks.
  10. I’m in the list for both bus operator and train conductor. bus operator was extended to 01/2021 , and my list for conductor expires 02/2022. I scored high and I know they contacted me to start the process, but I filled out the form to hold off I guess. does anyone know how I can go about getting reinstated back to the list ? I never told them to take me off it. I’m still on the list but they probably skipped me by now. i currently work for another city agency and I’m bout to jump ship and goto MTA.
  11. Hey if any of you are going tomorrow, make sure the second you get out of Livingston, update us so we know what to expect. Bunch of us have different time brackets. Lol
  12. Lol I 100% agree with you sadly it’s the truth , but I also get what the other guy said about dress to impress. I’ve been employed with the city with two different agencies and if it doesn’t specify a dress code people did show up in jeans and everyone had the same equal opportunity of getting hired. To each there own but I only asked to get a feel for what other people were doing. Dred is 100% right when he says your just a number.
  13. I have this Monday . What is the dress code ? What are you guys wearing ? I know it doesn’t mention it but just curious.
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