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  1. They've mention that a bunch of people are entering at the right time because they are hiring a lot of conductors because of the amount of people retiring. Idk how much a lot is but just informing you guys/gals.
  2. Do you remember her name because I kinda had the same lady she was really nice and sweet lol
  3. The only questions they really ask is are you ready to start a good career with pension and amazing benefits. But I only went to two pre employments one in February and then another one in May of 2019 and I was sworn in on June.
  4. Hey can anybody explain what road posting is during school car?
  5. Yeah they had us climb up on the B division trains a lot of short people had problems
  6. I heard that if you fail the drug test that they'll call you and let you know? Not being argumentative at all just saying if he/she failed wouldn't they have called him/her or nah?
  7. We all got this remember team work makes the dreams work!
  8. Yeah because if you're out by yourself and you mess up tons of customers will be really pissed off or really badly hurt.
  9. Yeah of course you can do it sorry if it came out as me saying you couldn't. But I have strong faith in you and all my fellow co workers!!! We're a strong team!!!
  10. Yeah I'm in the school now not school car yet until next week and we're learning with the t/o's and it's a good environment the t/o's are talking with c/r's. The only thing they keep telling us is the mandatory 100% on practicals and signals and definitely 100% on the road test if you fail the road test its over.
  11. I'm so nervous about the practical and the midterm and final I'm in the classes now well the school in Brooklyn for now and I'm scared of these test
  12. You could always defer like I did and then put your name back on the list
  13. Oh yessssss finallyyyyy!!! Get ready to be at the class at 0700 all the way deep in brooklyn
  14. So for the 3rd day at least for us we go sign up for dental and vision and the union comes and talks to us, and lawyers come in and talk to us as well and we also get the uniform fitting which comes in multiple packages via FedEx.
  15. Yeah especially because I just deferred
  16. I got thrown into the A division as a conductor and I live in midtown Manhattan in the Chelsea area I feel like I'm going to have it hard I was hoping I got the B division lol
  17. 2nd day of school car and you get tons of stuff... anybody going in July better bring a big bag because you're going to need it. But eventually you're going to need a bag that can hide its straps or that can get tucked away because you can't have a bag with straps while walking the tracks. People as well at the TSS mention to get KaKa bags because they're really good and a lot of transit people use them.
  18. Ekg and weight and height
  19. I cant even remember...lol I guess I'll being seeing you tomorrow if you're in my same classroom as I
  20. Uh oh we got a team mate already!!! How hard would you say the test were? Were they pretty much common sense?
  21. Kinda trying to figure out where you were in the room lmao
  22. Apparently the B division was the most popular choice, everybody took it and left most people with the A division. I was part of that group unfortunately

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