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  1. Yeah when you're in school car you receive yard pay around 35.59 or something Iike that an hour.
  2. Not the first day but you are going to be required to climb a train in Coney Island Yard
  3. No clue I'm 131X and one of my other friends was 132X and we're in the same induction class, I know it doesn't help as much.I
  4. So I heard from my schoolcar TSS that he's having another class in May he didn't say what division because he doesn't know yet, so be on the look out for the next class, after may idk but as I find out more information I'll update the forum for all of my brothers and sisters wanting to work here with us. So we can all celebrate our retirement together forum retirement 🤣
  5. Yeah most definitely we have our first yard practical April 17th we definitely need more practice. We doing the R160s this week and I believe next week as well.
  6. Good sure is tough tbh, we had road ops on the R46 and the R68A, we just went to to train simulator on Friday. But it's tough not easy well for me it's not.
  7. 20 people per hire, 5 people per class 4 classes in total, at least from the people that were in my induction class 20 people in total split into 4 classes. I heard that one class had one person who had covid and they all have to quarantine.
  8. Just follow the gap with your eye only problem is knowing the parts of the train when prepping for service that's what's confusing the hell outta me tbh
  9. Day 1 They had us the first day in school car reading the iron and parts of the switches, and rails, as well as signal definitions. Facing point and trailing point in the yard.
  10. Good so far no complaints first day of school car is today they went over some signals and that's it so far were gonna explore the yard after lunch break. Me and @beanz are in the same class 👀 that's the only one I know so far.
  11. Carney TSS Blackman told me when I asked him.
  12. Like I mentioned before a school car TSS mentioned they're hiring 200 more T/Os throughout this year, so some people will be getting called idk when.
  13. Great hope I can tolerate Carney then I was hoping to have TSS Blackman he's funny as hell
  14. How was carney ? And Yueng is cool how so I know
  15. Nevermind lmao there was another person who came back also in my classroom, who's your assigned TSS? I got one who I heard is sarcastic and one who wrote the manual 👀
  16. Were you with TSS Blackman 👀 and that Italian TSS?
  17. Lmao the garbage train, get to inhale them diesel fumes in work trains. Yeah in a sense I would know both since I did c/r in the A. Once I get to pick in the B imma switch my ass back to the A division. Probably in like 7 years from now.
  18. I know right there goes me wishing for the A farewell for now to the A division.
  19. 20 people total 5 people per class, and the school car TSS said they're going to be hiring 200 conductors and train operators throughout this year. He said they (the MTA) needs more people since they have no crews to run the trains and have to ABD a lot of trips because of the lack of crews to run the train.
  20. Everybody today got sent straight to the B division
  21. Did you have your camera on, I was being really quiet lol
  22. Pizza rat is waiting for you
  23. The lineups and points of no returns are gonna be crazy in the B the A is much more simpler especially with ATS which also helps the B is stuck in the past. Especially with the new CBTC introduction on the Queens corridor a bunch of fun BIEs everywhere and signal malfunctions wish me luck

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