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  1. @MTAhopefullMatt ..thank you...I need all the luck...
  2. This is tru....we were given a long speech today on how lucky we were to make it into the last class
  3. I don't remember just basic health questions that you answer on the computer
  4. I hope all receive THe next step ASAP also... good luck EVERYONE
  5. You know the difference between a person who is here cuz they got the hook up and the person who is here cuz they got a later just like us n is clueless to it all
  6. Yea but her mom is not a top notch "I know people who know people person " it was a question asked in class of about the amount of years we've been waiting .. When she said "what they talking about we only waited a year ago" is where we put two n 2 together that she didn't take our exam...
  7. In provisional, when they get a letter n called to come down...What r they doin ? Taking another test?
  8. Nah I don't believe it was provisional ..it was a mistake on transits behalf ...how it was over looked? Idk but it's nothing they can do about it now .She was giving a job
  9. Yea .... i guess it jus her tho... it sounds that her mom works for mta and she was under her mom's coverage...idk shits confusing I stopped trying to understand..lol...
  10. Right ... she was explaining to people but I still didn't understand much... Jus know that she took the test last year ,n she has no list number
  11. Weird that someone from exam #6601 is in myclass🤔🤔

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