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  1. @MTAhopefullMatt ..thank you...I need all the luck...
  2. This is tru....we were given a long speech today on how lucky we were to make it into the last class
  3. I don't remember just basic health questions that you answer on the computer
  4. I hope all receive THe next step ASAP also... good luck EVERYONE
  5. You know the difference between a person who is here cuz they got the hook up and the person who is here cuz they got a later just like us n is clueless to it all
  6. Yea but her mom is not a top notch "I know people who know people person " it was a question asked in class of about the amount of years we've been waiting .. When she said "what they talking about we only waited a year ago" is where we put two n 2 together that she didn't take our exam...
  7. In provisional, when they get a letter n called to come down...What r they doin ? Taking another test?
  8. Nah I don't believe it was provisional ..it was a mistake on transits behalf ...how it was over looked? Idk but it's nothing they can do about it now .She was giving a job
  9. Yea .... i guess it jus her tho... it sounds that her mom works for mta and she was under her mom's coverage...idk shits confusing I stopped trying to understand..lol...
  10. Right ... she was explaining to people but I still didn't understand much... Jus know that she took the test last year ,n she has no list number
  11. Weird that someone from exam #6601 is in myclass🤔🤔
  12. I also got in the jan.16 class...But NEVER got sworn In.....smh the process is crazy....😕😔
  13. MTA waits holds no jobs... so if someone is put on medical hold in comes the next person behind them .the goal is to fill up every seat ... just think 100 people come in for medical and only half make it thru there's gotta b back up for 50 more and if those don't make it here comes more.... so they'll continue to setup drug test for people jus in case someone doesn't pull thru.
  14. From my understanding January 16th is the last class going out (as per my interview).... February will start the new list 6601
  15. Yessss!!! I got there around 720am...sat there until 1230pm for the paper work part..then did my drug test finally left around 1:45pm... it's been a week so far
  16. I received my letter and did my drug test ...I'm just praying it works out in my favor
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