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  1. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I've heard 250 in the past (i could be wrong) but that was before artics. tbh i don't understand why so many buses are still parked outside by burger king/petco/walgreens/rite aid. they talked about using the avenue n employee lot in the past, yet have only parked oos buses back there 3 or 4 at a time
  2. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    the 36 at FB (or at least splitting it with UP) is a very interesting thought. someone also suggested the B4 at FB (or at least splitting it by sending part of the run board back to UP) either way, we're getting into fantasy land so to speak and as I've stated, the logistics of actual run times, pull outs/pull ins gets deeper than just a strike of a pen to send lines here & there just for the sake of restructuring a flawed division (personal opinion) by the way, i LOVE the ideas of the 9 at FB and the Q54 at GA (i think FP doesn't need the headache anymore, but i digress)
  3. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I've always felt (and in recent years seen signs of this via the 41 run board specifically) that management's had a hard on so to speak for turning Flatbush into another 100 street depot. and like the 35, I can see that those beat up jitney dollar vans days are numbered if/when artics show up on Flatbush (and utica also) but as far as priorities go, I'm of a belief that the B38/Q58 Grand Avenue moves means artics go there well before they show up on the 41. as far as the rest of Brooklyn Division goes, there are pockets of runs/lines that will eventually see the 2 for 3 deal (2 artics for every 3 standards) in mt arguments, i always turn to bronx division as a clear cut example. there are so many parallels that can be drawn line/run-wise and patronage wise between bronx & brooklyn.
  4. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    i would never suggest that the 43 should or would go to Flatbush Depot. and as far as the 43 goes... look, what management is attempting to do to TA Brooklyn (in my personal opinion is MaBSTOA tf outta TA local 100. meaning, that the way management cut runs throughout MaBSTOA over the years (no matter how significant or miniscule) is what they're aching to do to Brooklyn. those 80 plus runs on the Q58? if they could, they'd chop those paddles yesterday. but as I've stated in the past, this is a systematic thing that's happening, and as much as it may in some way benefit customers, local 100 will (possibly) be losing runs with artics showing up more throughout the boro. personal opinion, artics showing up on lines like the B35 has benefitted Church Avenue period. those cabs are taking a significant hit in patronage (although fare beating on the 35 has skyrocketed, but that'll be addressed) i see the same thing happening on the 41 or 46 if artics appear, which is what management wants. artics packed from front line to back door at 12 minute headways off peak. my whole position in all this is that artics showing up on lines (and getting back on point, depots and the lines they operate/control) needs to make logistical/logical sense. there'd better be a method to the madness.
  5. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    when i was in ENY, the 60 was gone already for a year and a half. and to my knowledge, there were no 60 interlines prior to leaving for GA. same thing for the B7. i was at ENY when the 7 was still there, and the 7 had no interlines (and going further back, no 7 interlines at FB either) and was moved to FP for that reason
  6. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    the 13 at FP makes total sense these days. i personally look at the 13 & 57 at either GA or FP as interchangeable. the 48 at FP has always seemed a bit out of the way for me, but i understand the theology of the north brooklyn situation. personally i would have GA or FP have pull ins/pull outs from Grand Street on both the 43 & 48,which brings me to the 43. the 43 is one of those lines rumored (true or false, i can't say) for artics, which I'm assuming is the reason why it's returned to GA. JG from all accounts isn't receiving any more CNG artics, so a lines like the 43 would have to go elsewhere to receive artics. the Q24 to FP will not nor should ever happen. reliefs right in front of ENY along with interlined runs with the 56, 15, 12, 83 & 25 i don't see management destroying a perfect storm run-wise, so to speak. ask any operator at ENY and they'll tell you that the 45/65 terminal interline at Ralph Avenue definitely works, aside from the traffic issues around Flatbush Avenue for both lines due to Barclay's. i wouldn't break up that happy marriage. in a perfect world, SC would help solve quite a few issues in Brooklyn Division, specifically south brooklyn by joining NYCTA, but that may be a ways off, especially pertaining to lines like the 6 13 14 15 20 82 83 84 60, etc. not saying those lines should or would join SC, but i can see some split lines being drawn up for efficiency. and tbh, with all the cuts SC has endured over the past several years, they NEED the work
  7. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    the only way(s) the 47 & 60 return to FB & EN respectively is if other lines in those depots cut runs by running artics on certain lines to accommodate the 30-someodd runs per line. aside from that, believe me, Brooklyn Division is indeed a zoo. i agree, the direct interline between the Q54 & B60 is interesting for Fresh Pond, however the Q54 lateness will adversely affect the B60 if those paddles are in fact terminal interlined. i don't like that possibility at all.
  8. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    agreed. from a personal perspective, the 60 should've been back at ENY ages ago and the 47 should've went back to Flatbush as well, however those depots cannot support the 30 plus runs on each line at this time, so sadly, dreams will not become reality just yet. also, there shouldn't be a Fresh Pond B7 either, but i digress
  9. EastFlatbushLarry

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    this is technically day one of the pick's weekday schedule, so operators are getting acclimated. however, this is Grand Avenue, and as much as I'd like to defend fellow operators, lines like the B47 notoriously suffer from this affliction consistently, so i don't see this getting any better until the artics show up. i wonder how the B38 fared yesterday
  10. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Handicap Accesibility

    operator here. i never fail to deploy the ramp regardless of wheelchair or walker. better safe than sorry. unless of course a customer with a walker refuses it, which is very rare. there's no valid excuse that can be given not to deploy it, unless it fails to work while in the process of performing your run which should be called in and documented on the OVCR card
  11. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA chief: I made turnstile jumper buy a MetroCard

    on the B44sbs & Q53sbs, there are a few eagle team units that roll around in unmarked units, although the vans have MTA license plates. seen one on avenue u & Nostrand and another on Woodhaven & Metropolitan
  12. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA chief: I made turnstile jumper buy a MetroCard

    thank you. signed, all bus operators.
  13. EastFlatbushLarry

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    also, it's a safety hazard. anyone at any point could trip & fall with strollers in the way. I've seen it happen way too many times. closing a stroller is not negotiable on any bus i operate
  14. EastFlatbushLarry

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    casey stengel's 68xx's were all sent to QV, with the exception of one unit at Grand Avenue (if I'm not mistaken)


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