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  1. I'd can't say I'd be surprised if that LFSA was there for operator training, however I'd assume (and I could be wrong) that it's there to hit the mechanics bay for some undetermined reason(s)
  2. sir, i must applaud you. THIS is the perfect analysis of the B41/Flatbush Avenue/Flatbush Depot situation, spelled out clear as day, detailing the cause & effects due to lack of action by the TLC & NYPD, which everyone has been able to identify, from past & current B/O's up the chain of command. The diagnosis regarding MTA Police or the Staties coming in to enforce the corridor is a wonderful idea... i believe that solution would be another "f**k you" to the DeBlasio administration, which they rightly deserve. and another point you raised regarding utica & the jitneys significant decrease in their vulture-like passenger grabbing: another example is church avenue. church avenue is an absolute wasteland for dollar cabs since Jackie Gleason got their artics. i grew up on east 49th street, and I've never seen church Avenue so devoid of cab traffic. i would bet money i haven't earned yet, that flatbush avenue would undergo a similar transformation.
  3. don't get me wrong. i understand your point completely: there are several lines that need to be paid attention to or restored to former glory, so to speak. yet there isn't one bus line that has been or currently is considered a major people mover in this system that has had runs slashed the way the 41 has. bar none... not among the ATU's, the TWU former PBL's... MaBSTOA, nowhere.
  4. because not only has the B41 lost passengers, runs have been cut to borderline dismal levels. in Flatbush, the "big 3" on the run boards used to be the 41, 44 & 46, all having over 100 runs. the 41 is barely in the high 80's now. at least 20 runs disappear over a decade? unacceptable.
  5. i don't know how or what Fresh Pond did to those 65xx OG's, but God bless them for it. i know firsthand that quite a few of the hawk operators from Far Rock simply adore the units they received. people sleep on those OG hybrids. they're speed demons, especially those 67xx's. as far as cleanliness, FP's are some of the dirtiest in the system... MaBSTOA level dirty 😂 i think some of exterior dirt is salt dust from 2 winters ago
  6. it happens alot. usually, you call the yard, give the yard dispatcher your run/route and the bus number, and ask to keep the bus. occasionally, they'll ask where will you and the bus will be, to ensure you are properly securing the bus, and more times than not, the yard will approve your request. only time the yard will say no, is if that bus has high mileage (D60HF's or RTS's) or is scheduled for maintenance. I've heard and seen operators press RTT to keep a bus, but personally i always make sure to have the yard's phone number (or the crew, if the yard isn't picking up)
  7. here's the possibility for what you saw. some operators were probably on their swing, and instead of killing time pulling in from the east side to the west, they kept their bus to use for the second half of their run. trust me, if you have a 43 minute swing and to pull in & out your paddle gives you 20 minutes each, keeping your bus adds valuable time to your swing.
  8. it'd probably be easier for DeBlasio to create the salesman apprentice title and have him try to pawn off the friggin bridge 😑😒
  9. dude is completely INACCURATE. I'm not even going to completely wreck what he said, on the strength of not giving away "family secrets" so to speak, but that's NOT how it works, not at Quill or any TA/OA yard. foh with this PHONY
  10. i call SHENANIGANS. that's NOT how it works, fella. and SLD's/superintendents NEVER drive buses to broken down buses on the road. other OPERATORS do that. wtf are you talking about?!
  11. Now if (erm, when) you see these 76's nose to ass so to speak, those runs should by transit definition be marked late, seeing as there's no logical way to think one of those buses are on time... and even if one of them was, it'd be the last bus of the bunch (usually the slowest bus of the pack is the one killing lights, hanging back and letting the other operators do their jobs) with this being the case, bunching (which by definition is a negative action, no matter the bus line) cannot include 1 bus that's actually on time, be it 3 minutes to the good or 3 minutes down. I already understand that most people will not subscribe to this theory, nor will they take the time to consider one of the pack might actually be on time... nor should they. i would never look to silence people's frustration. it's just a slight difference of interpretation.
  12. when you work for transit, one (should) learn rather quickly that (conventional) logic doesn't exist here, nor has it ever. "transit logic", as my family members call it, can be a daunting thing to comprehend... impossible even. as i said, "transit logic" regarding on time is 3 minutes hot, 3 minutes down or exactly at the scheduled departure time on one's paddle report.
  13. the definition of bunching as I've had it explained to me (by General Superintendents and multiple SLD's) over the years is when multiple buses show up at the same time, all being behind schedule. now, on a line like the old B46-Limited and the current 46SBS,"bunching" by definition is not when 2 buses show up at the same time on time. by definition, on time is when a bus shows up exactly at the allotted departure time on their paddle, 3 minutes prior to the paddle departure time or 3 minutes after the paddle departure time. now the technical definition of on time has and still varies, but the general consensus is the 3 minute rule. when I began in 2009, the rule was 5 minutes in TA Brooklyn. when i worked in MaBSTOA depots, i was instructed that 3 minutes was their grace period. now 3 minutes apparently is the systemwide rule.
  14. the nail clipper... THIS shouldn't be a thing on any bus or train. i couldn't sit there and let that happen. I'd absolutely be compelled to say something (as a customer. however, when I'm on the clock, i won't get involved)
  15. certain runs on the sbs46 are used as wildcat runs throughout Flatbush. SLD Plummer (avenue p & flatbush post) was one of the first to request extra run help from the 46sbs for B41 kings plaza - empire or church avenue trips (before he retired)

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