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  1. EastFlatbushLarry

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    i would bet money that i haven't even made yet, that LG has subscribed to the Bronx division theory of "we're getting new(er) buses in a few years anyway, so let's beat the dog s**t outta what we have and run 'em into the ground". i must agree wholeheartedly that the JFK buses look significantly better kept than LaGuardia's. it seems as if LG doesn't even run those artics thru the bus wash. to be completely honest, i thought JFK was going to treat the TA loaners like utter s**t. but i must say, one thing I've noticed regarding the artic fleet/spare factor is if a b/o pulls in with say bus #6070 at 3pm, by 4pm that bus is back out on another run. damn-near all their artics are out there most of the work day.
  2. from an operator's perspective, my personal favorite buses to operate are the 86/49/50/51/52xx-series RTS's, the 67/68xx-series Orion 7's (i enjoy operating these buses immensely) the 56xx-series Galaxy New Flyer Artics, the Nova LFS-A's & the Nova LFS's. from a fanboy perspective, i loved the 70/75xx-series rebuilt '82 RTS's, 3160 (the prototype RTS for the 86xx-series) and the whistling 84xx-series RTS's (BEFORE their engine replacement)
  3. EastFlatbushLarry

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    the b60 already has major issues pulling out from grand avenue to willy-b or Canarsie... and has problems maintaining headway just attempting to wiggle down the road from willy-b to Canarsie. i seriously doubt that any extension of the B60 will benefit anyone on rockaway Avenue or Wilson for that matter. i understand that there isn't that much ridership on cozine from breukelen projects (williams avenue) to van siclen (it's basically a daytona 500 strip) but i see no benefit to this for the 60, except for grand avenue operators, adding to their paddles run time
  4. EastFlatbushLarry

    Select Bus Service Planning

    it's a part of life. the unexpected will happen. something that people conveniently forget when riding public transportation on public roadways. last time i checked, majority of our bus lines don't operate on bus only or bus priority roadways.
  5. EastFlatbushLarry

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    the B82 absolutely used to be signed up as Gravesend ÷ Canal Av before the coney island extension. i can't recall the signage used for the x28
  6. EastFlatbushLarry

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    i can definitely understand that the area may have potential for population growth, with spillover from northern Brooklyn & LIC making it's way to Elmhurst and surrounding areas (if it isn't happening already) i can admit I'm not all too familiar with those areas, yet logic would dictate in my opinion to "build it before they come" meaning be proactive with positive bus service along that corridor as opposed to reactive, waiting for public outcry to dictate increased bus service on the Q19. yet, as all (transportation) employees know, for the most part, transit has habitually been a reactionary organization.
  7. EastFlatbushLarry

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    i still can't fathom the Q19's lack of frequency & end time. why haven't the constituency along astoria made a bigger fuss? the past 2 sundays I've gotten a ride to Woodhaven & metro. checked bus time for q54 to willy-b. at approx 6:20am. bus wasn't supposed to arrive until 7:10am IINM. I'm assuming the run was late. yet, i do agree, 20 minutes isn't an ideal situation. i could've possibly taken uber or a cab, but with my employee pass, i don't see the point of that
  8. EastFlatbushLarry

    Mysterious shuttle bus

    This is exactly why transit (and the union) advises all employees to never speak to the media.
  9. EastFlatbushLarry

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    amen! i can't, for the life of me, understand how there haven't been acts of civil disobedience and revolting in the streets west of Fresh Pond rd on this corridor. how is anyone content with service levels on the Q54? and may i ask, how is the 54 still running every 30-40 minutes on Sunday mornings? who's tolerating that?
  10. EastFlatbushLarry

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    and, once again, the sun rises in the east. the point I'm making is that just as the sun is damn-near guaranteed to rise in the east every morning of our existence in this earth, it is almost guaranteed that the B41 will see headway decrease damn-near every f***in' pick. it's borderline laughable at this point.
  11. EastFlatbushLarry

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    this 👆👍 and also, it's been a systematic thing for years on the B41. the B103's existence in it's current Bus Company form makes it a highly more appealing option to get downtown Brooklyn or at minimum to foster avenue/flatbush avenue opposed to the 41. 41's used to run like water. they've meticulously chopped headways damn near every pick this year iinm and before thats, going back as far as 2010-11. this is putting alot of "strain" if you will on the and the B103
  12. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    thank you for this. just because a depot has alot of lines doesn't mean they need more buses. headway frequencies & the amount of runs on a line determine how many buses a depot needs.
  13. EastFlatbushLarry

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    I asked around and the rumor at Grand Avenue is allegedly they're picking up the 43. I'll wait til they put up the system pick to officially see what's what. Personally I'm beyond confused by these rumors.. Move the 48 & 60 down the street to FP, pick up the 43 and the entire 38 & Q58... North Brooklyn is a mess. I get adding artics to the 38 & Q58 (and sending the 13 back home to FP) but this will create a pull out & pull in nightmare during rush hours (as if there wasn't one already) I'm leaving the Brooklyn ishh alone for now. There truly needs to be some clarification regarding all of this. Until i see a official MTA memo, I'm not hanging in any more swing rooms listening to rumors and innuendo
  14. EastFlatbushLarry

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    That's the only way I'd see any of this making sense, if this is legit. i would prefer for the 60 to return home to East NY, but I'm assuming that East NY can't cover the runs in today's system... i guess
  15. EastFlatbushLarry

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    i currently work at KB. leaving work a few days ago, a union rep mentioned that the bx15 limited to KB could be a reality down the line. anything else listed here regarding bronx division is "news" to me


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