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  1. that doesn't make said opposition/outrage instantly invalid. that doesn't mean people's opinions/concerns are to be dismissed or ignored, especially if they can prove real life experience(s) proving hardship or inconvenience on a much larger scale than just themselves
  2. a lazy person/lazy people/a lazy organization will always work twice as hard. where has there been any evidence provided that this "first draft" of the Queens network redesign is receiving rave reviews? half the boro doesn't seem to have an idea of what, if any, changes are on the horizon. they tactically shut out eastern Queens neighborhoods by not planning to hold meetings discussing their concepts. what horses ass is this narrative falling from?
  3. Byford wasn't the one who called for the redesign process to be initiated. he was an overseer and attempted to accommodate customers. with him gone, they'll plow ahead, with little customer input (in my opinion)
  4. because the operator might actually enjoy the way the bus handles, speed, etc. most senior operators, be it local hawk run operators or express run operators, have their pick of the litter and pick to their preference. in some instances, much like with school bus companies, some express runs are rumored to be assigned a bus to that specific run. the reason why that operator might pick a specific series number or specific bus number day to day is based on his/her comfort, a luxury afforded based on seniority. also, when operators have split runs (am portion, swing for 4-6 hours, then pm portion) be it local or express, the operator will probably utilize the same bus as opposed to pulling in & pulling out, which can be rather tedious, depending on the run.
  5. yes, Yonkers has always amazed me, to be honest. another yard that could have a few things go wrong and be in dire straits, but has miraculously survived while keeping their fleet intact? Baisley Park. in exception of borrowing 3 staten island NG's one summer, they've also kept their buses tip-top (at least the OG's anyway) imo there are certainly yards that operate at dangerous levels with horribly low spare counts... and it's usually the larger yards this phenomenon occurs at. it saddens me that people believe that all mechanics or all bus maintainers are built the same. unfortunately, when dealing with the human element, anything is possible. there are some out and out lazy ass bus maintainers (cleaners) B/O's know who they are, especially if you shift or work a drill pick. and as far as mechanics go... it's like anything else. the mechanics at Meineke may be decent at all aspects, but there are some shops that specialize in transmissions or brakes, etc. I've always looked at depots like FB, UP or QV as the type of shops that know exactly what needs doing to keep their fleets on the road... and they execute. a yard like east ny specializes in engine, brake & transmission work, in my humble opinion. and they're arguably the best in the system. all in all, it's about individuals, mechanics or cleaners being able to work as a cohesive unit
  6. THANK YOU vg8 😂 from personal experience, I'll name a depot that has constantly fallen into this category: KINGSBRIDGE. the D60HF's that were here in years past (the high 52xx's) always caused the twilight zone effect day to day. another depot, 100 street has been "short" for almost a decade for a similar reason.
  7. i agree 100%. i believe at one point there was a list of depots that were up for certain slight mods... window replacements here, HVAC system replacement there, etc. i believe Ulmer Park was on that list alongside FP, JG & others. i don't remember the details in exact fashion but, some of the fine print when placed in the minutes can be rather easy to gloss over or miss completely. you're not wrong in any stretch. 49's pull in from foster & flatbush or avenue S short signs. the avenue S operators usually follow the B2 as a run off. 49's & 44's aren't allowed to utilize the Belt. i believe the same holds true for the B1 currently. not entirely sure.
  8. eh. I don't know about all that. logistically, it'd make more sense to split it between east ny & UP, but Ulmer Park bitched & moaned about Flatbush Depot having the rockaway parkway or Ralph Avenue to Nostrand runs for years until they got those runs some time ago. they also complained their way out of half of the 82 back in the day after the B5 & B50 were combined. my point is, Ulmer Park is extremely particular about the B6. that's their bread & butter on the run boards, RDO's & run pay, period. that won't happen (at least until the Brooklyn redesign occurs, which i am almost certain they'll be pulling a combo wipe the slate clean/tweak what's already in place, which will mean all lines/runs will be reassigned/modified)
  9. if my memory serves me correctly, it took DOB almost 2 years before they even began retrofitting Flatbush for artics. it was never necessarily about height clearance. it was about the fuel line & mechanics bays needing room. now my theory is that the ONLY way Ulmer Park can adequately accommodate artics with a full proof plan & schematics in & around the depot is if they've already been working on it this entire time. possibly this is why the East NY "rehab" so to speak has been delayed. I'm not speaking from a place of knowledge on how this time line could be on such a rapid pace, it's purely speculation. as far as turning a depot like flatbush or UP into multi floor complexes (I'm assuming you mean like 100 street, Hale & Grand Avenue) my belief is that there would be no way for the depot to remain in passenger service. the depot would have to be torn down & rebuilt. i don't believe building codes would permit vertical add ons to facilities like depots/garages. my issue as far as flatbush becoming a larger facility has been is there any way for them to "take advantage" of Floyd Bennett Field? DSNY is out there. the NYPD & FDNY (i believe) are out there. the state of NY can't utilize any of that space? I'm glad you brought that up actually, because if/when the redesign goes into effect, the first line(s) i thought would lose artics were the bx4/4a. that's just where my mind went.. I could be wrong, but i definitely believe bronx artics will be available. however, that won't be until September of this year. the artics for the B1 would allegedly be available by april (spring pick)
  10. AMEN. i added onto my previous post, where I'm inquiring into the "sudden urgency" for this to manifest itself... over any other line in UP or bk period, the B1 tho? as you stated, where are will these artics materialize from? also, as stated, that building is already packed sardine can airtight on a good day, how many more buses will utilize street/curbside parking in that area? people swore up & down that Flatbush with artics would be a blight on the community... artics at Ulmer Park? with Prevosts? i guess cropsey will be a parking lot from 26 Avenue on
  11. thank you for that. i assumed one school was in fact Beach Channel HS, but I wasn't sure if they broke it up into campuses with different names like they did flushing hs or South shore hs. and here it goes. not to stir the proverbial shit (and FURTHER derail this topic), but if this holds true, hopefully people realize what this eventually means for everyone's "favorite" Ulmer Park line, the B6... throw away everything you thought you knew about DOB. different era, folks. I truly hope there's a legitimate reason why the B1 was chosen for artics first... and as someone pointed out, they'll be burning the midnight oil to get this going, why the sudden urgency?
  12. personally, i can't fathom the 49 anywhere else but Flatbush. i despise the thought of pull in's & pull outs from UP to KCC, empire/bedford (49LTD trips) ocean/Avenue U or even avenue p/kings hwy/ocean avenue area (which was brought up in conversation re: splitting the 49 in that area 🙄) the current 49 pull outs to KCC & Flatbush/foster (where the relief point currently is and was back in the day before management foolishly moved it to avenue U & ocean) work seamlessly. hell, in years past, pull in's/pull outs from avenue u/ocean worked... outside of am & pm rush where avenue u became a parking lot. the 49 can't go to, say, east ny (which someone addressed me about possibly using Atlantic Avenue like the east ny B51's used to) but again, as it's been said DOB will ultimately decide. regardless, the 49 already has issues and i don't see them being resolved at UP, only magnified. re: the B1... I'm putting it in God's hands. it'll be a very interesting time in Brooklyn, I'm sure... at least until the proposed redesigned network is released.
  13. for years, there have been discussions regarding the Q58, Q54, Q24 & Q56 being based out of queens depots or at least being split between Brooklyn & queens yards, much like the q32 split was between quill & casey stengel once upon a time. in part, Brooklyn Division yards like FP & ENY wouldn't have been as willing to part with their queens runs based on history & the outright refusal to give up something for nothing, so to speak. i hate to burst some people's fantasy bubble, but from information I've received over the years, is that ATU 1056 has no desire to assume responsibility for any queens runs provided by brooklyn depots. there's no overwhelming consensus of ATU membership wanting to perform brooklyn runs. for example, casey stengel did not beat management's door down after losing school trips on the Q58 from John Bowne.. operators i spoke to said good riddance. with that said, now that the slate is being "wiped clean", so to speak, whatever or wherever lines & runs are assigned, that's all management's call. unions won't be able to have any claim on any lines or runs once all the redesigns are completed, which is what management has wanted for decades: to be able to assign lines where they see most fit without union input or interference. which will lead to some unions getting more or less work, some depots getting more or less work, which will pave the way for certain depots & operators to become expendable. one thing always leads to another, and all this talk of "trimming the fat" and modified headways can only mean that there's no way there's a run-for-run replacement in these newly designed networks based on the current networks.
  14. yes. the B41, B44 local & B49 all interline... and have done so for YEARS. there are early trips on the B41 that run to empire, deadhead to empire & bedford and become 49's. also there are 49's that get relieved at flatbush & rogers, then do reliefs at the junction on the 44 local, and vice versa. there are the school trips on the 44 local, as i stated earlier, that appear on the B46 local, B47, B12, B49, B41, etc. the school open 44 local is basically flatbush's wildcat. technically, in my opinion, the B2, B31, B41, B44, B46 local & B49 should be considered true interlines with different header numbers, based solely on the fact that in some way shape or fashion, all the runs mesh together. before I forget, there are at least 2 trips on the B2 & 31 that technically interline with the 41. they come to kings plaza as b2's, leave as 41's with empire destination codes (i believe) but the operator doesn't complete the trip. the operator is relieved at avenue p and goes home.
  15. thank you for that. as we all know, those runs will be "adjusted"/cut/"modified" due to artic conversion. also to be noted: even if/when the B49 goes to UP, it's my belief that Flatbush will still retain the school trippers on the 49, as they did when the 47 went to Grand Avenue. just a reminder: pretty much any school trip done by a Flatbush Depot run is being performed by a B44 local (school open) paddle... in exception of the 44 & 46 sbs's. if I'm not mistaken, there are 2 schools in/around Beach channel drive (one jhs which the name escapes me) that have Q21 school trippers (i believe there are 2) begin in the rockaways (the Q22 has school trips from there as well) i believe the q21 school trips skip the howard beach loop, run straight on cross bay & turn on 157 to serve lindenwood, if I remember correctly. feel free to correct me if you have knowledge of this.
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