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  1. i can't understand the recent "obsession" with attempts to connect kings plaza to Brighton or Manhattan beach. the eastern Europeans in those areas look down on kings plaza (and a certain demographic of individuals that frequent kp) so there's absolutely no desire (or demand) to take mass transit to that mall. i really believe people just look at maps & attempt to design lines because it would look "cool" to have a bus line run on such and such street.
  2. i realize this may be out of the realm of possibility, and far be it from me to request anything, but personally i would prefer picture or video verification before validating any new unit numbers into this system. unverified info is annoying, and I'm not buying the majority of reports unless i see a depot logo slapped over a quality control sticker and a farebox in place with the unit running in revenue service. as it's been stated time & time again, with every new delivery, just because a unit is at a particular depot, it doesn't necessarily mean said unit will see revenue service from that yard.
  3. the reason why transit cares so much is because that city blank check takeover policy will eventually run it's course (merging of Bus Company into TA/OA) and also along the same lines, due to the eventual merger, transit is looking to slash the workforce. no better way to eventually get rid of bus operators by taking away routes/runs leaving no work to be performed. express operators/depots (CP, EC, YO, etc) will suffer great casualties on both sides of the coin.
  4. understood. at least body-wise is what i was attesting to re: the 60/61xx's. I'm not surprised they've been in the shop, assuming it's shocks/struts. I've definitely seen more 53xx's as you've stated.
  5. ALL of those LGA 60xx's will need work, without a doubt. the JFK 60/61xx's however are damn-near pristine
  6. people said the same thing about church avenue... if nypd traffic actually enforced double parking re: truck deliveries, that would possibly help... but all in all my general point was that there are several lines in Brooklyn that will/should be artic conversion well before a second JG line gets it, and technically it's not possible for another artic JG line... maybe down the road, but my intent wasn't to conjure up a fantasy thread
  7. can't argue that... the 8 as well, but as i said, off the top of my head, those 2 lines were the first that came to mind. when I was growing up, the 8 ran out of Ulmer Park (and later, ENY)... regardless of how long it's been, i still forget at times that the 8 runs out of JG (it's still weird to me)
  8. yeah with the headways on the 67, i wouldn't presume it being artic converted anytime soon... there are 2 other Gleason lines off the top of my head that could push that argument (the 68 or 63) but i highly doubt there are enough artics in that yard for the 35, another line & spares for both
  9. the assumption is that the Bus Co. artics will remain in local wrap because between JFK/Far Rock, LaGuardia & Baisley Park depots, there are only 2 sbs lines (52/53) and it'd be kinda pointless to have any of the artics dedicated to solely sbs service when it'd be significantly easier to mileage swap buses between said depots for all their artic lines (Q10/52/53/111/113/114 or any other line they choose to use them on, like the Q70 or Q7, etc) seeing as (or assuming that) these units will not be transferred/swapped with NYCTA/MaBSTOA units
  10. because MTA buses are technically government property, and I'm assuming that there are insurance liability issues... it's like asking why movies can't/won't use the actual white house or city hall to film tv shows or movies
  11. there are a few possibilities... late pull-out(s) that weren't adjusted, an operator or operators could've taken a personal and weren't adjusted, technical malfunction on a bus, bus operator(s) refusing to pass their leader because of any of the aforementioned reasons, poor coordination from bus command center because it's sunday morning (which is relatively common throughout the system and has been on Sunday mornings for years) traffic or accident(s) in the area impeding buses from safely maneuvering thru the area...
  12. when units are transferred from TA/OA to BC, fareboxes are always removed beforehand. depots keep fareboxes in stock for if/when that unit returns or to utilize on another unit. the only time fareboxes aren't removed are when a unit is moved from a TA/OA depot to another TA/OA depot or BC to BC
  13. exactly. because certain types of damage to a vehicle isn't repairable, contrary to belief.
  14. there's really no point in "repairing" that unit. Transit would be better off buying another xd40 & numbering it 7430.
  15. exactly. Q3, Q10 & B15 are all about airport employees.

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