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  1. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    for the most part, MaBSTOA depots do Manhattan & Bronx shuttle runs. if the shuttle service requires more runs than MaBSTOA can provide, then the other divisions will be contacted based on operator and bus availability. i work out of KB and was on the shuttle Saturday. KB and Gun Hill were called for that shuttle along with Manhattan Division. i didn't see WF at all. i assume most of WF availability was directed to the
  2. EastFlatbushLarry

    July 1st Bus Service Changes

    years ago, my uncle did a hawk on the b41 that had the bergen beach - kings plaza work. i also did a hawk on the b41 (while on the extra list) some years later, and it basically is as follows: on top of the run that you will be performing, starting at cadman plaza, you do a southbound trip into Bergen beach via avenue n/veterans, then instead of laying over on east 71, you proceed on avenue u to Flatbush and layover at kings plaza. it's very similar to the overnight Q1's that serve both branches in Queens Village via Jamaica avenue between midnight & 3am, except for the b41 it's literally 2 trips between 3 & 4am, and those trips aren't acknowledged on any bus map or timetable. those combo trips have existed as far as I've know well before my uncle joined TA in 2005 and when i joined in 09. i believe they haven't done the combo trips in awhile, which is why they acknowledge bringing them back, but i could be wrong.
  3. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    i have a question... would you be able to provide approximately how many runs are on each of the new express lines? the reason I ask is because it would seem to some that yukon & Castleton may have lost some work, but staten island works together as a division so I'm just interested to know how the runs were divided per line throughout the division
  4. EastFlatbushLarry

    Preliminary XD40 Assignments

    this question was answered months ago. the original post date was JANUARY. @EastNewYorkaddressed me with an adequate response back then.
  5. i agree with the dekalb/Lafayette addition to the b38 wholeheartedly. i totally forgot about the 38.
  6. EastFlatbushLarry

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    i agree 100%. however, IF those 47xx-series xd60's left the bx in some weird circumstance, i could think of no other line in the system that they should make service on. they'd fit perfectly on the 41 (not saying artics are definitively destined for the 41, although the headways are slowly becoming artic ready, but i digress) i wouldn't want new artics on Flatbush trading paint with those jitney/dollar van savages.
  7. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    these buses, more than any other express or local model, NEEDS to keep the alcoa's for heavens sake. i think these buses will look like utter hogshite with the standard white rims
  8. EastFlatbushLarry

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    I'd love to know why fresh pond avoids washing windows on XD40's & NG's at all costs. it's like they're obsessed with not cleaning them. god almighty
  9. i understand. it might be nit picking or a bit of a rigid stance but if the point is to be as accurate as possible while giving a brief description of the route traveled (especially in certain areas where people are such "literal Larry's/Linda's" these days) then that was my original point of view.
  10. agreed. personally i would've been satisfied with a via LINDENWOOD designation and leaving well enough alone. they probably felt that would've been overkill, and i personally agree. the 109 av & cross bay are already a wee bit unnecessary as is. i really feel there needs to be (if there isn't already) criteria for via street designations, one being that the route operates on the described via street for more than 1.5 city miles i view the b6, q41, b15, b16 b62, etc as falling into the same category... too many twists & turns to warrant a via street designation. and on the flip side, lines like the b74, bx18 bx46, b42, q42 are too short to qualify also.
  11. i always wondered why the q54 didn't at minimum display via metro, but after the reroute to atlas park mall, i see where via metro won't work. i guess a via atlas park mall could work, i just don't know how necessary it would be
  12. earlier this year, I'd say sometime after new years, they did via streets/neighborhoods for the q9/21/41 destination signs. q9 has via streets for the van wyck, 135 street & Lincoln. q21 & 41 have via LINDENWOOD while the 41 also displays via cross bay & 109 av
  13. again, noble idea, but i disagree with the b15 idea. if the 15 somehow gets its routing straightened out, then yes. otherwise the 15 runs on marcus garvey albany ralph east 98 hegeman new lots fountain and linden... none of the streets it runs on is really worthy of a via designation in my eyes.
  14. it's amazing that the q56 via Jamaica av is only a recent thing. one sign i would love to see altered for accuracy would be the B44 local. no new york avenue mention for as long as I've been alive. that needs to change. also, the B60. via rockaway av/via wilson couldn't hurt.
  15. the s59 doesn't truly run via Richmond since it dips into staten Island mall & around yukon depot. I'm assuming that's why a via Richmond never existed for the 59. it's a noble idea tho. definitely works for the s89


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