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  1. iinm, they were (and currently are) under TWU Local 252 outta Islandia (same as Suffolk transit)
  2. i can't say if unit #6600 is currently active as of 3:10am, however it was active as of approximately 9pm last night, deadheading southbound on Woodhaven/cross bay blvds
  3. I'll be honest. i was thinking along the same line... which would be par for the course, so to speak, historically. brooklyn division used to get over saturated with everyone else's hand-me-downs. but it would make a great deal of sense to not bombard ENY with a gang of NG's and say "make do". however, it's only one bus, so the jury is still out on xde's at ENY. we'll see what happens.
  4. you'd be surprised by the amount of miles those units (as a collective) amassed. iinm the approximate age of the oldest unit(s) are 16 years old. considering that a bulk of these units were the first to be utilized in brooklyn (aside from the slightly older 63xx's at QV/MV) they far exceeded expectations, all things considered.
  5. all these moves, be it for mileage purposes or otherwise, are entered into a electronic/computer database, based on compiled data centralized at DOB. these moves aren't based on 2 (or more) general superintendents acting on impulse with loose-leaf binders & sharpies. only way a depot will be "short" or low on buses is if DOB deems it necessary, as in the case of 100 street and Hale for example (capacity limitations & employee parking)
  6. i can't even begin to understand what's being suggested here, and quite frankly, i don't wanna know (qt88 brooklyn style? nope, not interested) anyway, fyi the current b2/31 already terminal interlines at east 16 street. both the 2 & 31 have 9 runs apiece (runs 001-009 on the B2 & runs 101-109 on the b31... school open/closed) so i don't understand the obsession of anyone attempting to relocate resources from lines that basically equal 18 runs total on weekdays. how many more runs need to be "reallocated"/cut from the 2/31 that has already been repeatedly chopped to the current service level... screw that. btw damn near every run on the 2/31 terminal interlines. only 9 do not (Saturday/sunday)
  7. i was just saying to a co-worker the other day that I'd bet money the 38xx's & low 39xx's will end up at bus company before it's all said & done... jeez, even if it's not permanent.
  8. i gotta be honest here... trust me, i agree with the sentiment expressed. roaches on buses are very prevalent, believe it or not. however, management has never pulled buses off the road for roach infestation. they throw down roach traps (yeah... household roach traps) and call it a day. only bed bugs get buses pulled from revenue service. this goes back to when RTS's were around. if you've noticed, some B/O's don't turn their lights completely off on layovers... this is why. if you do, you'll without a doubt hear a crunch or 3 of roaches under your work shoes, depending on the bus model. RTS's & D60HF's were mobile roach versions of the Marriott/Hilton. never seen roaches on the orion NG's personally, although I've heard stories.
  9. simple answer: hierarchy & history. historically, the line/boro in which shuttle service was needed only went to that division's bus counterpart. the rules were relaxed over the years due to the struggle divisions had to make service within respective yards. the consolidation of OA & TA in 2002 made shuttle work coverage much easier, as well as alterations to queens division rules making it possible for other divisions to assist. changes on Staten Island also afforded their union members overtime on shuttles were once upon a time it wasn't allowed. finally, when bus company was formed, due to modifications in their respective contracts made them available to provide shuttle coverage with the stipulation that civil service yards (and MaBSTOA, which is municipal by legal definition, however civil service via parity & the consolidation pick of 2002) would be called well before them. meaning, that if queens division (by definition, TA Queens, civil service QV/CS/JA only) can't find operators who are on RDO to cover that shuttle, the next offer will be to Brooklyn Division (excluding SC) then MaBSTOA, specifically Bronx (excluding EC/YO) then Manhattan, then staten island, THEN finally bus company phones will ring. among bus company there's a hierarchy based on availability as well, with Far Rockaway & Yonkers not even being considered. from what I've seen, LG & CP are 1a & 1b in that regard (no particular order) imo it always seems as if LG & CP usually match each other, operator for operator, in regards to shuttle work. Spring Creek usually always has operators salivating for shuttle overtime. JFK, Baisley Park & Eastchester rarely get called for shuttles based on operator availability and the low number of spares available, so when they are on shuttle duty, they were pretty much called upon out of dire necessity. i must add, when I speak of operator availability for shuttles, i mean that the operators who volunteer for shuttle work are either on RDO, or worked earlier that day, and have cleared off of their regular run. shuttle work, much like the overnight subway closure coverage is covered on a volunteer basis.
  10. that is a fantasy roster. there never was a queensboro depot or Williamsburg yard. the roster described Williamsburg depot as someone's fantasy of the MTA taking over private transportation (the company that runs the jewish B110) i read that thing a few years ago and was thoroughly disgusted. i can't believe that page hasn't been flagged, taken down or reported by now
  11. to this day i haven't accessed BusTrek... it took me reading it HERE to realize that the general public had full out access like that. my automatic reaction was negative, and i sent letters to my union chair @ KB, and to higher up MaBSTOA reps. then, after speaking to a classmate that flipped to La Guardia from OA who informed me that they had the same issues at CP/LG/BP with their picks being broadcasted, is when i sent in my personal inquiry. to this day, i don't know who eff'd that up or didn't think it thru, but i do know certain precautions have been taken. you're preaching to the converted as far as I'm concerned. I've spoken about it even here. the entitlement is uncanny. my issue stems from conflict. there are operators that I personally know that in certain depots, due to assault(s) or personal/work-related conflict cannot work certain lines, so they only can pick a certain way which is permitted by management & the union. one operator i know cannot work the B41, B49 or B44, so all he can pick are the 2, 31 or 46. what good can come from broadcasting paddles to people who may mean him harm, be it crazy/wicked exes/baby mamas, their a**hole families, etc.
  12. as far as I've heard, local 100 (all sides) had been bitching to management about the lack of privacy, exposing B/O's full run paddles... myself being one of them. i wrote a simple inquiry as to what were they hoping to accomplish by potentially putting B/O's in harms way (the general public being more savvy than one may assume) what i currently know is that they're not available online, and depots like CP, BP & LG have taken further steps to encrypt their online pick run boards which used to be accessible to the general public. I'd have to ask around to find out for absolute certain if there are any other avenues where run work could potentially float into the wrong hands
  13. that left turn off of 80th onto Cooper is one of the worst left turns for b/o's imo (ralph into flatlands being another) which absolutely slows things down, and that stupid mini-bay for the 54 stop is friggin' tedious. I've seen plenty of b/o's not even bother attempt to squeeze into it
  14. no worries. i read someone else's response regarding a Brighton line-newkirk overlap. i can dig it. i respect your opinion. i offered mine from the perspective of having operated on lines like the M101, B6, B82 (local & LTD, pre sbs) among other long lines that have headways/runs that benefit certain areas of a line, yet are over saturated in others. i don't work in Road Ops, so maybe my opinion is a bit jaded, I'll submit. however, i refuse to believe the current B6, end to end, pre covid-19 equally serves the entire line adequately, which is what I believe the goal should be, not a blanket headway covering corridors that have different needs . imo, lines like the B6 do not require the same headway on bay parkway, cozine & flatlands/avenue H/glenwood/avenue J. that's not adequate to me when a line like this suffers and has suffered from consistent bunching. ditto the M101. lines like the 101/2/3, B6 and others benefit operators immensely,by way of run pay. i made some money by way of late slips (i didn't get rich, trust me) but I'm speaking more to the customer experience, and getting buses where they're needed, not running empty or bunched, or not being properly dispatched by SLD's or BCC (bus time) when there's another way to do business, especially with talks of a network redesign. when i broach the subject of breaking up a line, I'm not speaking from a mindset of 2 or 3 equal parts running the exact same headway as the former line they originated from. I'm speaking of actually doing homework to get it right.. not a repeat of the M5/M55 f**k'ry. which NEEDED to happen, regardless of how incorrectly they executed the process. it was unnecessary to run the M5 from South ferry to the heights, and in my humble opinion, the B6 is unnecessary as is, so is the 82 local, B8 and the M101. i don't sip transit's jim jones kool aid, where what they have to offer is the best they have to offer. regardless, they don't get money from the feds = shit's getting cut anyway, so I'm not saying that I have the cure-all or that my opinion is flawless. it definitely gets people thinking. i was just considering getting buses turned around heading westbound asap (which is what my whole philosophy has been re: breaking up some of these drawn out runs) could've done that at rock station, however my thinking was to have an overlap in that area, and to keep rock station from being cluttered... i realize i may have contradicted myself, with sending buses down to the flatbush junction quagmire, however my thought was to give b/o's access to the junction swing room and to be supervised by the junction SLD. anyway, overall point taken.
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