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  1. amen. couldn't agree more again, couldn't agree more. I enjoyed riding the 28 in years past, especially middays and during the summer. concise & to the point.
  2. You're right... i totally forgot that a few units got the "oh hell no... we're not doin' alldat" treatment. lazy repaint in the old style instead of the straight blue stripe down the sides smh 😂
  3. amen. they'd better give those units some much deserved TLC... give em the works. speaking of unrepainted NG's... LaGuardia has a few 449x's that have slipped thru the cracks
  4. if anyone is interested, bus #6234 is currently on the Q53SBS... on layover at B. 116
  5. i was wondering who'd be the first to catch these NG's on UP runs. well done & happy hunting
  6. for anyone looking to see a NG on the Q22... bus #4156 is currently out there. just saw it on a short sign B.116 trip.
  7. overshare with the general public. slippery slope. way too much info on the streets. this is how things happen to B/O's while on duty... disgruntled ex/lover, etc having that much access to your work day smh. this would be equivalent to the NYPD telling civilians the "color of the day"... glad they corrected this MISTAKE.
  8. i don't know why anyone hasn't actually taken the time to engage letalone explain this, but for one, personal belief has no part to play in why buses are swapped, letalone remain in sequential, delivered order (which is a literal joke these days, see the xd40/60 orders of late) the D.O.B. actually swaps buses based on MILEAGE (and to a lesser degree, maintenance records) THIS is why buses will (for the most part) NEVER remain in sequential order. certain depots have high(er) mileage than others, and depending on the depot's run/trip output is what determines what buses stay where and for how long. other departments in this city/state do mileage swaps with their vehicles for the same purpose does, and has done, since time & memorial. in closing, there's no such thing as "rightful" (or rightfully) place, for these buses... in exception of the Flatbush 42xx series NG's. Flatbush is their rightful place. anyway, hopefully this will put a lid on this incessant OCD bs about buses being in numerical order... it's tiresome, time consuming and pointless tbh.
  9. it's ALREADY happening. cleaners/maintainers at several yards (KB, 100 Street to name a few) are seeing significant drops in O.T., not just due to the LIRR crap. it has to do with all the snow overtime that turned into wasted man hours when no snow appeared.
  10. so, basically, the college has repeatedly bit the hand that's "feeding" them, so to speak... that's just wonderful. way to be a community pillar KCC 🙄
  11. i can't argue with LOGIC, sir. there are definitely mitigating circumstances that are very prevalent and still exist
  12. my entire point was that 44's heading to KCC doesn't benefit the greater good in my opinion. i have respect for @BrooklynBusthe man's reputation is known, yet i humbly agree to disagree on this issue.
  13. since we're gonna be simple minded about this... YES. I'm ABSOLUTELY saying it's ok for artics to run 12 people southbound on the 44 sbs if it means the ENTIRE 44 corridor won't get jailhouse ass f**ked in the process. if you're willing to send buses somewhere where there's ZERO community demand for them albeit one educational entity that should be more self reliant/sufficient due their "increased student body" to make their kiss-me-ass campus more accessible, then congratulations on ruining the B44SBS/local. job well done

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