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  1. Preliminary XD40 Assignments

    That's kind of what I was getting at... I could be wrong, but some of those 77/78xx CNG's may hang around for a very limited time, but time will tell.
  2. Preliminary XD40 Assignments

    So, the natural assumption (not trying to jump the gun here) would be that any remaining Orion VII CNG's in the system will be renumbered down the line to accommodate the XD's taking those fleet numbers?
  3. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    what I will say is that all these areas share (or will share) a common thread: they're being absolutely underserved in regards to service demand and service output. I'm of an opinion that lines such as the B6, B49, B47 & B44 (local) should be broken up into shorter, more efficient lines to adequately serve the high service demand in certain areas. There's no way that North & South Ralph Avenue (separated by Kings Hwy, Rockaway Pky, etc) should run on the exact same headways with the B47, same for the B49. The demand for the B49 on Ocean Avenue significantly outweighs the service demand north of Foster Avenue, on Bedford/Rogers Avenues. The B6 should be 3 separate bus lines, bottom line. The B3 on Avenue U is not cutting it anymore, and I know firsthand that the interlines have affected the B3 in the same way the B41 & B46 interline hurt one another some years ago. Even the B2 & B31 aren't exactly what they used to be, prior 2010. The only lines that seem to have gotten drastically better are the Bus Company lines, the Q35, B103 & B100, which don't suffer from NYCTA syndrome at the current time. I'd "love" to see how those lines are affected once they join the rest of us at TA/OA. I say to people all the time, I was a customer longer than I'll ever be an employee, so sure, getting late/cut slips as an operator is one thing, but when your sister, mother and grandmother rely heavily on bus service in/around these areas, it gets you to thinking... what exactly is getting done to solve these issues? The problem with bus service in this part of Brooklyn is only the beginning of a major, unaddressed issue throughout the boro. I may be in the minority here, but I don't see the purpose of giving me a short-sign to Rockaway Parkway Station eastbound on the B82 local, when myself, my leader, my leaders' leader & my immediate follower are more than 20 minutes down, and sending one lone soul into and out of Spring Creek with more than a 20 minute headway to compensate for inefficient, unadjusted headways throughout the run itself. Traffic conditions in Brooklyn have drastically changed. Population density has drastically changed. There needs to be some form of adjustment to match what conditions are on the road. Operators see the changes firsthand daily. How is it that the entire Road Ops/Road Control/Line "Captains"/Union/Shop Stewards make zero suggestions? It can't be that everyone is looking to get cut slips to put money in their pocket. With my current run being what it is, I'd basically have to be almost 1 1/2 hours late daily in order to see it manifest itself on my paycheck. I have no excuse being 1 1/2 hours late whatsoever. I personally want to see positive changes made, that won't result in runs/run time/run RDO's lost, for Southern Brooklyn for starters. I don't know if building another depot in Canarsie will necessarily "solve" anything... it starts at the grass roots: the bus lines, the runs and run times themselves. THAT is what needs deep evaluation to properly help the areas in and around the 11234 zip code.
  4. My First Post of 2018: A New Flying Electric Start...

    my god NG's at 100 Street Depot... and their NOT snow loans. I thought I'd NEVER see the day. I wish they had 'em when I was there.
  5. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    Amen, in regards to the loosely defined "Flatlands" area. When I went to South Shore High School, I lived in Glenwood Houses. That immediate area has been classified, at times, as East Flatbush, Canarsie and/or Flatlands, seeing as all those neighborhoods meet near Ralph Avenue, in some way, shape or form. I personally never called myself a "Flatlands" or Canarsie resident. I've always identified with East Flatbush, originally being from the Tilden Avenue/Snyder Avenue area. The zip code in the Glenwood/South Shore/Mill Basin/Bergen Beach area is shared (if i'm not mistaken, 11234 covers a large number of sub neighborhoods) so I guess it's truly debatable as what is exactly "Flatlands", etc.
  6. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    for me, having gone to school in Bergen Beach many moons ago, and having family living in the immediate area, I have always been under the impression that they could care less for local bus service, ESPECIALLY the B41 (letalone the Roy H. Mann JHS "specials" such as the B46 or B47, formerly the B78). Having lived in Howard Beach, I draw the parallel between both neighborhoods, that both are drawn to express service on a significantly larger scale. I worked out of Flatbush Depot, and Mill Basin/Bergen Beach residents filed repeated complaints with DOB/Flatbush Depot/Spring Creek Depot about operators flying thru their neighborhoods, disturbing their sleep later in the evening/early morning hours. There were memos in the Flatbush Depot stating not to speed, excessively rev engines or idle engines in/around Bergen Beach. Point being: those residents aren't fans of city bus service. Just my opinion.
  7. Trainning Bus

    83xx-series RTS out of Baisley Park Depot, circa 2009
  8. Select Bus Service Discussion

    i highly doubt anyone will add that much time to their commute by taking any rendition of the B82 to the letalone the (N). the & are already packed by the time it reaches Kings Highway no matter it's headway, and i truly couldn't fathom Canarsie residents uprooting themselves to unfamiliar territory to fight for room on the train.
  9. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Apparently, it pays to be on the VR (vacation relief) list or the "X" (extra list) up there at Yonkers. I could be totally wrong, but from what is being described with missing/uncovered runs, it sounds like the extra list/vacation relief are highly sought after, which is somewhat common during certain picks throughout the year.
  10. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    what's happened throughout history is that DOB in their "infinite" wisdom has always sent the oldest/high(est) mileage RTS' to brooklyn after a certain point.. and in more recent history, the DOB usually "rewards" brooklyn division with new(er) buses with the next bus purchase order. case in point, when i attended Roy H. Mann JHS in the 90's, i remember vividly the old 37xx/38xx series RTS' rolling down utica avenue headed for flatbush depot, all former Gun Hill buses.. later on Flatbush was awarded the 93xx/94xx RTS' and subsequently some 52xx's as well. similar thing happened prior to the 38xx/39xx NG's coming to the bush... and yet again when artics and the 73xx New Fliers showed up.. nothing but POS RTS' in the yard from everywhere else (ulmer, two-six, etc) brooklyn has historically been the boro buses come to die, at least in my lifetime
  11. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    thank you. i haven't been able to get a straight answer on Spring Creek from anyone in Local 100, TA or MaBSTOA union reps. as far as JFK/Far Rockaway... the talk is valid. I've spoken to several operators, especially operators who originally applied for the MaBSTOA exam, but took the Bus Company title to get hired quicker. just like Spring Creek, it seems as if the only operators who want ATU Local 1179 are the former Green Lines employees.
  12. passing thru

    i know of Sub/BusChat, but never registered with them, but thank you for the salutations. respect
  13. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    i know this is more work force related, but does anyone have any official updates about the union situation at Spring Creek Depot? (the alleged ATU Local 1181 to TWU Local 100-A thing) the reason why i ask is because a classmate of mine is currently a Far Rock operator (ATU local 1179 member) and there's legit chatter at JFK/Far Rock of joining TWU, following Spring Creek's lead. any legit info would be more than appreciated.
  14. passing thru

    Greetings. I've followed this forum from the beginning (I was still in high school when this forum began). I never had an account, but finally decided to register most recently. I currently work as a TA Bus Operator (appointment year = 2009) having worked at East New York, 100 Street, Flatbush, Kingsbridge, Ulmer Park & Quill depots. I've been in & around TA/MaBSTOA bus depots my entire life, having aunts & uncles who have worked in (and retired from) all facets of Surface transit. I've gained a wealth of knowledge while working for NYCTA Surface, and from every family member that has ever stepped foot on TA property, and I hope to obtain more knowledge, wisdom & understanding going forward.


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