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  1. termial accommodation needs to be evaluated on the flushing side specifically from what I've heard
  2. this is absolutely abhorrent. next local 100 union meeting, I'm bringing this up, because in all honesty, i haven't read one piece of literature pertaining to any of this, regardless of the fact that this "restructuring" will affect employees directly in certain cases... I'm pretty sure of the reasoning why this hasn't been addressed as yet, being that certain entities within the union believe Cuomo to be our "friend"
  3. this is exactly why i don't be here as consistently as i used to be. because of punk ass bullshit like this. i got better things to do than play twitter fingers with motherf**kers who will NEVER come close to what I'm doing, in life or anything else. if that helped him bust his little nut for the night, cudos, hoe. i bust mine every 2 weeks when my paycheck reads state of new york. p.s. I'm tenured, so that's officially a decade of knowledge, wisdom & safety jackets. go sit in the back of the class.
  4. ARE YOU FOR REAL? WHO THE f**k ARE YOU TO ADDRESS IN ANY SHAPE, FORM OR CAPACITY? It wasn't a prediction, assumption or outlandish fantasy bullshit like you repeatedly do on here, cocksucker. unlike you, I'm speaking and have been speaking from a place of knowledge, bitch. get on my level hoe, and make sure this is the last time you ever address me. eat a dick
  5. be that as it may, eventually the powers that be will have to make an executive decision regarding the 40 foot units. the 64/65/66xx's are on their way out, and there aren't enough 67/68xx's in the world for ENY to swallow them all up... same goes for the XD40's. as I've stated in the past, ENY & UP (more specifically, the entire Brooklyn Division) have always drawn a hard line against NG's from day one, but this will get ridiculous real quick, regardless of how many artics they bring in for the 82SBS (or the B15... IF that ever happens)
  6. oh, trust me i know. just because they're supposed to be there as a deterrent, doesn't mean they're actually being proactive and/or effective.
  7. so LG is apparently getting summertime units again this year (I'm assuming)
  8. firstly, I'm an employee that honestly appreciate cuomo at least addressing the assaults on employees, regardless of union, title or seniority. personally, i taken the stance (as I've previously stated in other topics) over the past (now) 10 years that i will never address anyone regarding the non payment of the fare. i press F5 and keep it pushing. with that said, there's personnel in place to address fare beating. whether or not they (the powers that be) choose to utilize said personnel is management's issue/problem. whether or not said personnel is utilized effectively is a tactical problem... again, not my problem, so to speak. that's not what I'm qualified or paid to do. i can make suggestions like anyone else or offer opinions. unless they deploy officers, be it MTA police, NYPD, NY staties, MTA B&T, eagle team (MTA security) whatever... on every run on every bus line or at/in every station, there will never be an end to fare evasion. i understand that may not be the goal (an absolute end to fare beating) and if certain measures can be taken to significantly reduce the amount of fare evasion while preventing employee assaults, I'm all for it. to be honest, anything that can be done to reduce the amount of negative interactions between the knuckleheads and transit employees needs to happen. will it be effective? possibly. but doing nothing or tying things up due to rhetoric and expecting things to magically change is insanity. my issue regarding the subway system is the NYPD's efficiency. for example, NYPD officers being deployed at Euclid Avenue to deter fare beating is all well & good. however, people (criminals/fare beaters) aren't stupid. one stop away, grant avenue, there's rampant fare beating... has been for years. i can't remember the last officer I've seen there. the cops have to be willing to deploy/investigate trends. if incidents of fare beating drop at a station where it once was an issue, logic would dictate that it's migrated elsewhere... usually extremely closeby. do the homework, and be a constant deterrent.
  9. how? it works on the bx12 SBS & local and mysteriously people have been able to find their way to & fro for several years now
  10. people forget that these orion 7 OG's have endured 13 long, hard, brutal years of service. when i started with TA, theses units were approx. 5 years old, give or take. it's amazing that they've made it this far (personal opinion) but, the sun sets on all things.
  11. i truly thought that's what DOT (or whatever private company the city hired instead of DOT) was doing on rockaway beach blvd between beach 73rd & beach 90. i fully agree, the roads east of Hammels suck a fat one
  12. the location stamp on the photo says hillside avenue.
  13. lol yep especially when you know you're not making a day out of your downtown Brooklyn experience... if you know you're just going to Macy's, dr. Jay's, etc. this method proves cost effective... a quasi-2 for 1 deal as if this speaks to the mass volume & quantity of Halsey Street patrons (letalone any other corridor to downtown Brooklyn) consistently being bussed into downtown Brooklyn since the rock of ages was a pebble 😒
  14. adequate subway service he says... yet elderly folks on all the bus lines mentioned ESPECIALLY the b25 & 45 avoid lines like the & specifically for how inadequate they in fact are. I'm guessing aside from never riding buses out of downtown Brooklyn, he's never stood at Barclay's on the platform, Barclay's on the platform Hoyt-Schermerhorn on the platform, jay-metrotech for the (i mean, really... i can do this all night) at 2:15pm waiting in vain while packed trains pull up fresh from Manhattan island, to the point you say f**k it, I'll take the *insert bus line here*
  15. Sorry not sorry, but any attempt to compare, draw comparison or emulate tactics/methods used in Denver to what could possibly work in New York City of all places is a futile attempt, akin to an attempt to draw similarities between cunnilingus & penetration... it's just not the same. not by a long shot. I've read individuals bring up MARTA or MTA Maryland, etc... cute, but no. NYC is unique in many ways, one of which being that it's infrastructure is pretty much set in stone. unlike other places where there's still room for improvement & flexibility, NYC suffers from the affliction of having to come up with it's own unique tactics & methods that fit NYC's own unique issues & circumstances, unseen in any other market... especially cities that have populations that can't compare to one of our boros. Denver population 2019 = 682,545 brooklyn population 2019 = 2.9 million & counting. #SorryNotSorry denver can't help us.

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