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  1. I'm only a bit over a decade behind you and have similar worries but more mental than physical. Turned down bus operator for this job hoping it is more physical. Remember the days when train operators stood but that may just have been a service train or such. Coming from a family of masons, dad just retired at 70, don't think you have to worry about physical aspect . I'm also curious to hear from those who have more experience what the biggest challenge is.
  2. Over 40 you have no need to worry about age discrimination. EEOC has firm rules in place to protect you. Age has no bearing on hiring especially in this case as a city agency. https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/age.cfm
  3. Are they still calling people down to Livingston to get PE done or is everything on hold for now ?
  4. When did you receive notification? I'm 13xx also but didn't receive email or letter for 2nd PE
  5. When filling out pre employment form, for periods of unemployment, should we simply put unemployed or explain like in school / ill / stay at home parent etc.. Searching the tread saw 1 person say put explanation and another say just unemployed (told to cross out explanation when they went downtown). Anyone can verify which?
  6. I only just received my PE letter today, list number 13xx so seems we are all at the mercy of the post office. If it doesn't arrive by end of day Tuesday I would call.
  7. Already calling 800's ? This is going way quicker than expected. Was hoping for a late 2019 call but seems may happen before then. List number 8X for bus operator and was thinking would get called there first. At this point its who ever calls first I suppose.
  8. With only 1 wrong you should have been called already. Your list number should be in the low 100s. 4 wrong should some well below 1000 and I thought I saw someone with 800s being called already which should be about 3 wrong.
  9. Took the BOSS back in 10/2017 and still nothing. Thought I'd check here since the post office never delivers/loses some of my snail mail. Don't understand why they don't update via email, text message or some other 21st century method, which in the end would be a lot more efficient and cheaper.
  10. Good question. I know for bus operator you can't have more than 4 points but for TO it simply states valid license. Maybe someone else can clarify if they look at points as well.
  11. Got my letter few days ago for Boss exam in November. Random number 1167. Anyone know how long after Boss does hiring start? Provided we pass boss that is.
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