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  1. I’m list # 1170 (score 97.5%) just received my pre employment letter to report on May 23rd. PS: I am currently a new hire station agent. Not sure which position I want to do for the next couple years.
  2. What’s top pay for conductor ? Top pay for station agent is 31.28. Wondering if I should transfer.
  3. Are you in my class? What’s your name ?
  4. I just finished my first week of training.
  5. Yes not sure why. I just got sworn in yesterday. Starting training and orientation May 14th.
  6. I don’t think so. I don’t even know my list # for station agent.
  7. Damn you live all the way in Suffolk county? Lol
  8. Easy job pays the same as conductor starting.
  9. Just received notice today to go in for final processing April 18th for station Station agent with start date of May 14th. I’ll be doing that until conductor calls me. Good luck.
  10. Just received notice to go in for final processing April 18th. Start date May 14th. Good luck everyone !
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