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  1. Score 96.25 List # 248x I saw someone with the same score as me and ended up under 2000. Crazy how the ss# tie breaker works with it being the last 5 digits instead of the last 4. My 5th digit is a “6” and my 4th is a “1”. Oh well...glad the test results are out and the previous exam finally expired! I did receive my letter for OPA and attended it in the middle of November of last year. I do believe the OPA I attended was one of the last, if not the last OPA offered, so I’m glad I was able to complete that 1step of the process being someone stated that the OPA was only given to the first 2000 list numbers. Maybe the OPA was actually given to the first 2500 list numbers, or to the scores of 96.25 or higher, or they needed at least 2000 OPA’s completed on file and didn’t get enough responses so they kept on going up the list until they reached me? Who knows. All speculation, but I’m glad I was offered and able to take it. Curious to know when those results actually come out for the OPA? Before they issue the 2nd round? Or after? Once again, with MTA, who knows but good luck to everyone! Be patient ya’ll! (gotta remind myself that) We’ve waited this long!
  2. I also just took 7612 exam this morning but at Midwood HS. I was taken by surprise with the memory part but as long as you focused on the 10 minutes allowed to study, you should be fine. The test overall was fair. I feel good about it but want to stay humble. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Looks like me and you are in the same boat here. I’m only assuming the ones who got 4 or more wrong haven’t received OPA letters yet. Hopefully next month? Let us know if you get yours and I’ll do the same.
  4. I got 4 wrong. No letter. Could I have missed it? Or am I being impatient?
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