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  1. Early 720's here, received medical invitation email for this Thursday.
  2. Anyone receive anything? Or know when the July class starts?
  3. Damn, but then what was the point of calling so many people for pre employment?
  4. Huh, I also received a pre employment letter today even though I already did mine back on April 11th. List 72x. I’ll call them tomorrow I guess.
  5. Really? But if the first class was in April and there have only been 2(3?) classes, how are they in the 500s already? A ton of people didn’t take the job or failed the drug/medical?
  6. Anyone know how many people were in the first class? Trying to figure how many people in each one, like 150~200?
  7. Anyone got the phone number to call if I want to ask about the medical?
  8. So the list is out and I’ve taken the opa. Whenever it may be, what would be the next steps?
  9. Does anyone know what the next step after the OPA is and the timeframe it should be expected?
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