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  1. Look at "What Is Being Done"- the garbage flat procurement is being delayed until new EP units can be bought
  2. They said they'd replace EP units and Flat Cars at the same time - not getting rid of trash trains. I think that the R62s will replace some trash units (Namely C Div R33s) but they'll be aging, too, and won't be fully phased out for decades.
  3. I'd assume that for the trash boxmotors they have to deal with more abuse and uncoupling - R62s stay in sets, while R127/R134 units decouple. This brings about the (honestly funny) possibility of R33 trash motors outlasting dedicated trash motors.
  4. Whenever a major route change happens, my advice is to check trash cans - it's how i got a full-size map from QBP
  5. Every single time this comes up, people neglect to mention that -The LM helps keep tons of freight out of the beds of trucks, helping the environment and traffic by serving most of West Queens's industries -The LM keeps the LIRR Main speedy because it prevents LIRR and NYA traffic from conflicting within the city -The majority of areas served by the LM are transit deserts, sure, but also are little-populated industrial backwaters that don't need subway service as pressingly as, say, Southeast Brooklyn or Southern Queens. LM passenger revival would also either need time separation (which conflicts with Waste Management garbage operations) or FRA-Approved stock (which would be an investment, especially if it was stock the LIRR could not maintain.) This will remain a pipe dream for the forseeable future.
  6. As long as Cuomo uses subway funding as a political tool, fare beating is a non-issue - it's a laughably small problem.
  7. interesting. Sorry if this is a barrage of questions but; -Do you have any idea of the crane's make and drive? -The SBK rosters on Philip Goldstein's site only list 3 cranes; 2 brownhoists too small to be this one and a trolley chassis one now at a trolley museum. If this crane is BMT, why is it so large? -What was it used for?
  8. Ideally they'd restore the express on the Culver; this is just half-assing it
  9. Hello. I was browsing on a site for urban exploration when i found a photo of a crane that appeared to be very heavy duty, taken at the 36th-38th street yard in 2001. I'm very, very curious as to what kind of crane it is; it seems much too heavy duty for the transit system, and the cranes owned by the South Brooklyn both are tiny compared to it. If anyone could shed some light i'd be happy.
  10. As a Bayside Resident, i've toyed with the idea of turning the Q13/Q16 into a loop, with it being changed so that 13 applies to CW and 16 applies to CCW.

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