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  1. Yes thats correct. My nycers years of service time transferred over not my city time (vacay, sick leave comp) did not
  2. I got sworn in for the 8/19 class. They gave me a nycers form to fill out to transfer my city time I already have over to theres. I had 2 years of city service prior to this job
  3. I have not been able to get any info. Can u guys help me out please l. Did my second pre employment in may. List number 112x have they started medicals for numbers in this range?
  4. Whats up future train o/p. Im low number 11xx and curious to know if letters for medicals have be sent out? I did my second pre employment drug test back in may? Good luck to all
  5. O wow wrong thread thanks again
  6. Thanks for the information. However one question I have had one pre employment and I have continued on with the process (not disqualified). They will make me continue on and disqualify me at the end of everything?
  7. What are the license requirements for this title. Can i have previous moving violations and suspensions
  8. Good evening everyone. I have to report to livingston street for pre employment on 5/24 and was curious. Will they be reviewing our driving record? Do they disqualify on the spot for bad driving records? Or they just want to verify a license
  9. I really hope the certification date means they attempted to contact us. Or was supposed to come in on that date
  10. good afternoon everyone on the list its says my certification date is 5/2/2019 what does that mean exactly? Good luck to all
  11. So do you just need a drivers license? Or they actually wanna review your past driving history
  12. Does this position need a drivers license? I have 4 points on my license
  13. Is there a lot of overtime in the cleaning division?
  14. Its possible it went up thru the union raises.

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