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  1. https://nypost.com/2020/12/30/transit-union-sues-over-mta-plan-to-cut-subway-station-attendants/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons
  2. @+Young+ just a question you may kno the answer to. I receved a letter stating that my appeal from a disqualification was approved and Now my exam would be rated for placement on the list. Do you know how long that takes?
  3. Damn sorry to hear that. How big was the class? When is the next class after this
  4. They will reach that number. This list dont expire till 2022 no way they dont make it to the 2000s at least.
  5. Hey congrats and good luck. Just curious. Is this a new process. You just did one drug test and straight to medical? No more multiple drug tests
  6. Not yet still waiting. What number are you? Not sure how they doing it. Cuz its some people in the forum who recently went in for the drug test. So idk how the process is.
  7. You received a phone call today? Regarding what?
  8. All these other exams is moving from what I see and nothing going on with this exam
  9. I got a email telling me to fill out the link for canvassing for t/o. Just curious do i need my license at the immediate moment to be processed.
  10. Hey hope you being safe out there. Just a question what is the starting pay like? And is there overtime?
  11. So what did the letter state? Hope it good news
  12. I think that with all of us being called for certification, the people who have a actual chance of getting hired At the moment are the ones who received the email a few weeks back regarding their interest in The position.
  13. I hope they extend this list only two more years left and they havent even got to the 2000s yet
  14. Im in the im in the early 2300s but I never got a email regarding that. Have u been called for pre employment yet?
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