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  1. I hope they extend this list only two more years left and they havent even got to the 2000s yet
  2. Im in the im in the early 2300s but I never got a email regarding that. Have u been called for pre employment yet?
  3. Thanks for the info guys, good luck to all I hope they extend this list least a year
  4. Thanks. Guess 2300s Dont have chance
  5. Thanks for the info. Guess I have to wait patiently
  6. Out of curiosity what is ur list number for train operator. And what did the email say. Recently restored my name and waiting to be contacted. Thanks
  7. Hello hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I received a letter yesterday that I was reinstated on the list from an appeal. Just curious to know what list number They are up to?
  8. I mean be optimistic the list hasnt even reached 2000 people yet. They probably extend the exam a year or so hopefully
  9. Will this list be extended the pandemic has shut down the process and not a person off this list has been called
  10. Do you guys think this exam list will be extended due to theoutbreak and shutdown?
  11. I been trying to figure this out for the longest.
  12. Thanks a lot for the help, however after i submit my application They are not asking me to pay the application fee. It just says submitted
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