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  1. You probably should have taken your first drug test already since I've seen people on this forum in the same range as you had already taken an initial drug test. Medical probably going to be a little bit longer. I'd give them a call and ask about your status
  2. Yes upper 1900s and thanks, hope you had a happy thanksgiving as well!
  3. Not sure man, you just gotta stay on top of them keep calling and asking, that's what I did. I took my drug test in August and just got my email for medical today and I'm in the 1900s
  4. And I'd like to add that when I called ms Robinson a week ago she said they hadn't gotten up to my number yet and then when I went down there I found out they passed it. so thanks for the advice @+Young+ when telling to go down there asap, I appreciate it
  5. Went down Thursday after finding out they skipped my list number for medical. Hadda take a second drug test and they lost all of my paper work which I had to fill out again from when I previously went in August. If I were you I would go down there asap and see what's the deal
  6. Yeah I'm gonna have to, I called ms Robinson last week and she told me they weren't up to my number yet, so this is very odd. I did receive and email on oct 11 not to come in because I received the 2nd canvas in the mail for pre employment process and was told I would be contacted in 2-3 weeks. Going on 4 weeks now so I think I needa go down there asap
  7. What's your list number? I'm in the 1900s been waiting since august for medical
  8. I'm in the 19** called ma Robinson and all she said was they aren't up to me, and hung up real quick but hopefully sooner then later man
  9. Wonder if those classes are full and they're done calling people for medical for now.
  10. Thanks! I was hung up on by her yesterday after she told me they weren't up to my number yet, couldn't even get another question in
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