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  1. On the form it says Drug and Alcohol. I was out last night watching the bucks game and I had a couple beers. I’m waiting to take my lab now. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me.
  2. I called Social Security. It takes 120 days for them to process that information for you.
  3. I’ve had a lot of jobs. I can’t remember all of the dates. Kind of hard to be accurate. Anyone know if it will disqualify me.
  4. Will it hurt you if you can’t remember all of your jobs?
  5. Okay gotcha. I’m in the 1600s
  6. I have to go in Monday May 20th to start my pre employment so more than likely if all goes well I’ll be in the July class correct? Cause I would still have to do the drug screening and the medical.
  7. I really can’t remember everywhere I’ve worked. I’ve left a lot of jobs when I was younger to do something different and I was even fired from a couple. Will this disqualify me?
  8. Any advice with filling out the paperwork? I just got my letter. And also I was released from the navy with a general discharge, admin discharge cause I missed too many days because of an injury bot those people didn't care. Not sure if I will qualify.

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