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  1. I just received my KaKa Bag today. I thought we couldn’t have a bag with straps? The bag that I got today has straps for days. The reason I got this bag was because I read on here that it’s the best bag to get for MTA
  2. Uh-Oh. Seems like something crazy happened.
  3. I chose the Caterpillars. They just look overall better and they give that extra wide feet comfort.
  4. I’ll be there with you bro. Was sworn in this past Wednesday. Just ordered my boots. So excited man can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life. I wish the rest of you lots of luck out there. Don’t be discouraged and just be patient. God has a plan for everyone. Be safe.
  5. Hey guys I’m sure someone answered this question already. But does anyone know how long school car typically is? Just need to plan things out accordingly with my wife.
  6. Very Nervous about Wednesday. I hope it goes well. I just can’t help but think somethings gonna go wrong during the interview process and my investigation. I have nothing to hide but I can’t help but feel like I won’t be selected. Good luck to everyone that goes in Wednesday and everyone that’s already start class.
  7. Hey guys. When I handed in my paperwork I think I might’ve missed putting down a job or two since I had so many since I was a kid. Do you guys think that will disqualify me if and when I go in for final processing? Will my interviewer cut me for that?
  8. So what’s your list number friend? Just so that I know where I stand.
  9. Congrats. What’s your list number?
  10. You have the option to start training on June 10th and becoming an official MTA employee god willing your probation goes well as oppose to taking your PE for train operator and playing the waiting game again. Start with your training and speak to an instructor and see what they say.
  11. Fill it out ahead of time that way when they call you up you have everything ready. And you also have to take your diploma and your social. After they call you up you’ll get a packet which is “Homework”
  12. A lot of sitting and waiting bro. Lol. But it’s just paperwork and drug test.
  13. On the form it says Drug and Alcohol. I was out last night watching the bucks game and I had a couple beers. I’m waiting to take my lab now. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me.

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