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  1. Hey Bro I know it’s frustrating but just try to hang in there man. A lot of conductors either retired or passed away due to COVID may they Rest In Peace. There are a lot of open jobs out there. I hear it all the time in the crew rooms and they are always calling for overtime. Just try to hold on a little longer and wait to see what happens.
  2. Not sure if you guys have been paying attention to the news but the MTA is planning on cutting 2,700 Jobs.
  3. Congrats Brother. Welcome to Transit
  4. Don’t give up hope bro. I was starting to give up hope as well and then I got my medical email. I was sworn in and now I’m out on my own already. Only been a few days but it’s going this far. Stay positive bro.
  5. Hey guys do you get a set schedule with set days off or are you allowed to pick what shift you’d like and what days off you’d like?
  6. Which one you thinking of choosing bro? MTA or Hotel? I’ve been going back and forth.
  7. It’s a lot to consider bro. But in the long run you’ll be making more money and your pension will be way better. And there’s a lot of room for growth and still have the pleasure of still being union. It’s gonna suck the first year or two but after that you’ll be chilling. I’ve looked into everything in detail and MTA is the better choice. Just praying to God that this doesn’t blow up in my face man. This is a great career opportunity. And it’s a job that comes with a lot of Honor and Respect.
  8. Thanks Brother. Hopefully we bump into each other.
  9. Trust me bro I’ve going back and forth thinking about it over and over but I think overall the MTA is the better career choice for me. With local 6 you have to do 40 years to get full pension with MTA is 25. I work front desk and make a lot of money and I also get tipped pretty well but I’m still going MTA. I pray to god this works out for me. At my job my managers are the worst and my GM is an Irish racist lady and I’m constantly dealing with nonsense. I’ve had previous managers tell me that she tells her management team to attack me and come after me hoping that I would slip up so they could fire me. The nonsense I deal with is crazy bro Lol. My list number is 16** I’m due to start training August 19th.
  10. Thanks a lot brother. I’m going in confident and hungry to move up. I’m not losing hope I’m very excited to start this new chapter in my life but it’s still very intimidating. It’s something that will be in the back of your head for a year straight and when you overthink that’s when you’re likely more likely to f**k up. I learned that in the Navy. Lol.
  11. That’s what I’m nervous about tho. Opening the doors on the wrong side. Mistakes happen in life man. It’s scary to know that you can’t make a simple mistake. Like I said I’m not a moron or a reckless kid. I’m sure I’ll be able to comprehend everything it’s just that there is no job security till after a year. Any mistake will have you terminated. That’s the intimidating part. I have a mortgage a wife and a son to feed. Sounds like perfection is what is expected and no one is perfect man.
  12. I’m in a Hotel Union. I’m at 35 an Hour bringing home over a thousand a week. I get paid weekly I’m a delegate and I’m 3rd in Seniority and I do overtime like crazy getting paid 52 an hour. It’s a tough decision to make but I really want to go with transit because in the long run it’s a better career as far as retirement and even better pay but that year probation is scary man. I’m not a reckless person or nothing like that but it’s just scary to know that I could start tomorrow and be let go the following week.
  13. Damn that’s very discouraging for the fact that we are on probation for a year. If something goes wrong and the train operator doesn’t like you you’re basically screwed cause you have no union. Damn that sucks man. The closer I’m getting to my start date the more nervous I’m getting. I’m afraid to leave my job where I have union and seniority and I’m a delegate for a job where I could get fired just cause someone doesn’t like me.
  14. What were you terminated for? If you don’t mind me asking. And I’m sorry to hear that they passed you up man.
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