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  1. Saw 4151 with a rear camera today.
  2. I believe the 2017 models also have the Cameras. I also spotted 4181 without plates about 20 minutes ago on route 1.
  3. I believe the new 2018 Giligs (4171) and up are equipped with backup cameras as seen from the rear grill.
  4. Also are the new 4171-4175 Gilligs already 2018 models or are they still 2017 models?
  5. Heard a rumour of a 6009 Artic in Service. Can anyone confirm is this is true?
  6. Man so many new Gilligs this year. Guess it makes sense since they're trying to phase out the Novas so quickly.
  7. New Busplus Gillig in service: 5517
  8. Saw Artic 6008 in service last wek


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