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  1. Hey Matt, I just had a question for you. What camera do you use? Your pictures look fantastic
  2. New Gillig batch delivery looks to be underway. Unsure of the full delivery numbers yet. 4183 was on the 214 yesterday and 4185 was on the 12 today. AFAIK those are the only two out on the road so far. Neither of them have permanent plates, only paper tags. Some interesting changes for the new 2019s. The seat design is different now with an all blue woven nylon texture as well as a completely new automatic annunciator voice. It's now a Male voice that sounds very robotic. Sounds fairly reminiscent to the "Stand clear of the closing doors please" guy on the MTA subways. IMHO I'm not a massive fan of the new voice.
  3. I always found the 2015-2016 ZF XD60s to sound pretty nice with the HVAC on.
  4. Well, whatever the reasoning behind the XN style hatch is, it's most definitely messing with my OCD lol.
  5. Quick thing to mention, 7540 has a slightly different rear end setup. I believe the engine bay door is off of an XN. Not sure what that's about.
  6. I don't believe this has been mentioned already but as of writing this, all the new XD40s at MJQ currently have what I believe is the Aesys Multicolor destination signs. From what I've heard, the rest of the XD40s to MJQ will receive these destination signs but AFAIK, this isn't 100% confirmed.
  7. Not sure if this is of any relevance but 7550 does have WF stickers. I don't know if this is normal for a short term loan/transfer.
  8. Quite an odd one but I believe XN60 1001 was on the B35 yesterday.
  9. I'm guessing they're both the purple line busplus colour? Also 4075?? That's an odd one..
  10. My apologies I meant FP. My phone autocorrected to UP.
  11. So apparently XD40s 7508 and 7510 are at UP. Guessing this is classic MTA changing assignments up last minute or something different?
  12. 9917 was in service on the 12 as of yesterday morning/early noon.
  13. Saw a few XN60s FINALLY running on the B35 a couple hours ago. I saw #1073, #1075, and #1078. There might be more, not too sure though.
  14. On a slight change of topic, I believe 7488 was spotted on the Q3 yesterday.
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