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  1. Where was this when I was in school!? Wth I was almost far enough for a full school metro but was off by one block!
  2. Yellow bus is only used from grade K to 6 and even when I was in the 5th grade, I got a orange student metro card. Most kids go to their local elementary school which is only blocks away from where they live so only kids who get bused live far away so the yellow buses are not used much in NYC. Since many kids do live walking distance from there school, the MTA wont give metro cards to every child.
  3. There's still problems? What are the current flaws?
  4. Why does Rockaway Park need two lines for a line that has barely anybody on it?
  5. Conspiracy: what if the person who lied about too many RTS being in East Brooklyn to sabotage the MTA did this as well? Just a thought..
  6. Random question: why are the elevateds painted green? Is it a not durable color or is it just because it's a cheap color? Why not make them navy blue, which I think would look better.
  7. This sub forum is gonna be pretty quiet for a while, now that all of the RTS are gone..
  8. The dev for the app (which develops all off MTAs other apps) is so freaking lazy. The app gets as much updates as much as the MTA fixes the trains.. I guess it makes sense.
  9. RIP RTS, gone but never forgotten. Although I've gotten sick of them recently, they will always be an iconic bus.
  10. So I guessed right that MJQ would be the last depot with RTS.
  11. Even San Juan metro in Puerto Rico got rid of their RTS buses.
  12. OMNY will but up May 31, do you think MTA etix will finally be integrated into MyMTA? Maybe MyMTA will get a new revamp?
  13. So, whats the current amount of RTS buses for each depot?
  14. Is Clark Street really 10 stories of stairs? I've only got off and on this station once when I was younger to see the fireworks for 4th of July so I don't remember how it looked like outside of the platform..
  15. I'm calling it now RTS to end in Manhattan with MJQ being the last depot..
  16. Will NICE get an app like OMNY and will it work with OMNY just like it currently works with metro card?
  17. They should do Bronx Co-Op City to Brooklyn Starrett City just for sh** and giggles..
  18. Speaking of redundancy, why is their a need for the B67 and 69 running on almost the same route? This seems unnecessary. Also why doesn't the B49 run all Ocean Ave all the way instead of being right next to the 44, also ridiculous..
  19. There really needs to be a legend for the first page, it can be a bit confusing.
  20. Okay, why didn't IND actually do it? Where was it supposed to be?

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