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  1. Dont listen to this guy stating cleaning gangs dont get respect. He dont know what he is talking about . People down here will help you if you dont know what you're doing.if you dont know the difference between a A B or D plate. Or any thing that has to do with the track geometry, The OGs or someone else will help you. If youre in cleaning and a maintenance gang come out of no where, they will not verbally abuse you saying ya sissies or whatever. You will get the same respect as others. Thats not the type of environment Mow Track is. Dont let that discourage you or anyone from picking cleaning. Pick what u feel is comfortable. Some stay in cleaning some goes back and forth. I did both and yes is great to learn how to put plates in right side or putting rails in or stringers,but going to cleaning doesnt mean you lose"respect"
  2. No more parking in the parking lot school without a MTA parking permit. U can try your luck around the school or anywhere nearby.
  3. Updated seniority list just came out a few days ago. We have a total of 1965 track workers in MOW so far. MTA is trying to hire to have at least 2500 track workers in total which means there's a whole lotta hiring goiing on still. Goodluck y'all
  4. I gave the list of the mini picks for my current class are you stating thsoe picks?
  5. So what was the mini picks like for the last class?
  6. OJT for 3 weeks I think then we do flagging classes and then we go to our pick locations
  7. Yup done already. Only locations available was: 42nd 8th ave Eastern parkway Chambers street Van siclen ave Utica ave Tremont ave From those, cleaning gangs was: 42nd st 8th ave, chambers st BMT ( J line) , Utica ave.
  8. Totally agree. You get paid the same as new jacks doing heavy ass lifting and stuff in maintenance and youre just doing track cleaning. Yeah u may feel untrained, but they will train you afterwards.
  9. Did you ever get OJT training? Our instructor told us one of the classess didn't even go to OJT and went straight to cleaning gangs and then they were going to come back to class for OJT
  10. Ah okay interesting so maybe they doing 2 cleaning and then 2 maintenance .
  11. People I'm in the current class for track worker. They are not done hiring, they are hiring around 50 at a time, there's another class apparently at the end of December. And they gonna keep hiring 50 ish at a time for future classes. The list should move fairly quickly. With thst said it seems like some classes are exclusively for cleaning gang. And others are mixed . For example last class, apparently it was a class that was going to cleaning gang mostly . With my current class only a little less than half of all the picks were only cleaning picks. Most was maintenance picks.
  12. Well. Got 16hrs OT during my first week employed 🤣🤣🤣 so that's FYI thst OT is everywhere
  13. You gotta understand, the amount of paper work and organization they gotta deal with is crazy they take care of new hires and current employers. If you didn't know, MTA is VERY VERY old school,. Everything is by paper. Surprisingly the medical questionnaire is on s pc lol. Just know Some work straight and don't take Lunch so It's a stressful environment , and yes they are rude but don't give up and don't let it get to you. Be persistent but keep your cool.
  14. Thanks for the fast reply. I definitely do not have pain on the ball of my foot, actually that's very comfortable with The boots, The pain and swelling im dealing with ( not sure the medical term of that location) is at the very end of my legs right before it curves to the top of my feet
  15. The only thing that's bringing me pain is the met guard hitting the top of my feet and bruising it. I tried loose, tight, my other pair felt better which brings me to believe there's some quality issues between every single shoe or an isolated issue with my both pairs. With thst said hopefully when the met guard ease up it'll bring me comfort. In the meantime I would have to deal with it cause I can't miss the training and stuff
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